Sensitive Skin Dog Food

Sensitive Skin Dog Food

Choose our dog food for sensitive skin

Nutriment's extensive portfolio of complete raw dog food is formulated by in-house canine nutritionists who aim to produce the highest quality raw dog- and cat foods to support a healthy and happy lifestyle for your pet.

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Get raw dog food in bulk 

At Nutriment, you can get grain-free, raw dog food concentrated on 100% human-grade ingredients in extra large packages. Our selection of raw dog food in bulk offers many delicious variants ranging from lamb to turkey, and you can get both weaning paste for puppies as well as food for adult dogs and working dogs. 

The large quantities guarantee that you have dog food for a long period of time or for many dogs. These bulk packs are ideal if you have a large number of mouths to feed, like a litter of puppies, for example. 

A natural choice for dogs with sensitive skin

Our premium, high-quality raw dog food is concentrated on pure meat sources, nutritious vegetables such as butternut squash and broccoli and health-boosting superfoods which include salmon oil and spirulina. These ingredients make it a natural, complete and super healthy form of nutrition for both puppies and adult dogs. 

Created from natural, raw ingredients, we include only the finest quality raw meat, offal and vegetables in each portion of our complete raw dog food products. Animals who are prone to bad skin can benefit significantly from a balanced diet that is free from commonly used additives and artificial ingredients. Rich in vitamins, essential fats and proteins, this range is suitable for all ages and breeds of dogs prone to issues such as eczema, dandruff, allergies, intolerances or flaky skin.

Nutriment's range of grain-free raw dog foods, that promote healthy skin, is ideal for dogs who suffer from allergies, rashes, intolerances or other health problems that manifest in the skin. 

These issues can be extremely uncomfortable for dogs, and in addition to this, the skin acts as a barrier to external hazards and detoxes the dog’s body from any harmful toxins. If the skin’s health is compromised, this can cause various secondary health concerns.

How does dog food for sensitive skin help?

Nutriment’s dog food suitable for dogs with sensitive skin can help your dog in different ways. For example, it can help with the following:

  • Fewer allergens 
  • Less scratching and biting 
  • A healthier coat 
  • An improved temperament 
  • A better immune system 
  • Yeast infections 

Fewer allergens

When animals are allergic or have intolerances to a certain element or ingredient in their food, they can display symptoms such as rashes, sores or flaking skin. Dander is produced in excessive amounts as a reaction to certain commonly used additives in many commercially available dog foods. Nutriment’s natural, raw dog food for sensitive skin has been created to be free from any potential irritants that can worsen skin conditions, and it can also help to improve ongoing problems related to food allergies or food intolerance.

Less scratching and biting

Dogs suffering from certain skin conditions frequently scratch or gnaw at patches of irritated skin and paws, which tends to make the problem much worse. When dogs are fed a biologically appropriate diet that does not contain any artificial ingredients, the risk of outbreaks of sore or itchy skin conditions can be significantly reduced. This results in less scratching, which makes your dog feel more comfortable and able to enjoy their everyday life.

Supports coat health

A shiny, healthy coat is usually a good indicator of a dog's overall health. Nutriment's natural, raw dog food suitable for sensitive skin, can support the condition of your dog's fur. Matted, greasy, dry, coarse or flaky fur often means an animal has an underlying health condition, and though this isn't always serious, it can still markedly reduce their quality of life. A biologically appropriate diet which includes raw, natural ingredients can promote the overall appearance of the fur and contribute to the reduction of dandruff or flaky skin. Skin concerns can also increase moulting, which can be very inconvenient for owners. Promoting healthy skin and coats is a great way to reduce excess hair shedding.

Improved temperament

When animals are uncomfortable, their temperament is affected as they can become less affectionate, potentially aggressive and lethargic. Itchy, painful outbreaks of dry skin can make life potentially very unpleasant for dogs. Nutriment’s raw dog food for sensitive skin contains essential nutrients which contribute to health and well-being. This naturally leads to a happier temperament that allows them to enjoy their daily lives.

Supports the immune system

When skin is raw or broken, it is far more susceptible to infection. In some cases of allergic reactions, eczema and other skin-related issues, open sores, wounds and scratches can turn septic or become infected after exposure to dirt or germs. 

Our natural, raw dog food for sensitive skin is created from ingredients that are free from potential allergens, such as grains, to lessen the severity of existing skin conditions and prevent newer ones from arising. This means regularly irritated patches of skin or fur are less likely to lead to nasty infections.

Yeast infections

Nutriment’s grain-free raw dog food for sensitive skin can support resilience to yeast infections. Yeast feeds off of sugars, which carbohydrates break down into. Our in-house nutritionists ensure that our raw dog food formulas only contain carefully selected, low-carbohydrate vegetables and absolutely no fruit (which are high in sugar) for yeast to thrive on. Any additional treats you feed should ideally also be extremely low in carbohydrates and sugars for yeast infection management.

If your dog persistently suffers from yeast infections, you should seek vet advice.