Our Packaging & Sustainability

Here at Nutriment, we’re proud of our commitment to animal welfare and sustainability. Every decision we make considers our environmental impact and we’re a very eco-conscious business (which can be explored in our Corporate Social Responsibility area).

One part of our business that we pay particular attention to is our packaging. We recognise that excessive packaging is unsustainable, and consistently revaluate our packaging policies to ensure they’re up-to-date and as environmentally friendly as possible.

What materials do you use in your packaging?

We use a variety of materials for our different product packaging – all of which have been thoroughly assessed for their suitability and sustainability profile:

  • The trays that our main raw food products are packaged in are made from rPET, which is an 80% recycled black plastic material
  • Trays are placed in a branded cardboard sleeve which is fully recyclable
  • Our 1.4kg chubbs are wrapped in a recyclable plastic casing
  • Our newly launched 1kg chubbs come in 80% less plastic film packaging than the tub format
  • Our treat bags are made from fully recyclable LDPE

But there’s more environmentally friendly options than plastic, right?

Well… this is definitely where things get interesting. Plastic receives a lot of negative press due to the global plastic litter issue, and yes, the phenomenal amount of plastic litter in our rivers and oceans is a very serious problem. However, when it comes to the LCA (life cycle analysis) and total environmental impact of materials, plastic is actually one of the most sustainable options.


Did you know, for example...?

that paper actually needs more energy, water and chemicals than plastic to make, and produces more CO2 emissions?

When used responsibly, and recycled where possible, plastic is a very sustainable packaging solution.

Wait a minute, black plastic is not recyclable, is it?


Black plastic can be recycled; however, some recycling plants use a laser detection system to separate plastics to be recycled, which don’t always detect black plastic. UK plastic recycling infrastructure is constantly improving, with more and more facilities to detect and recycle black plastic becoming available.

Black plastic itself is actually created from a mixture of recycled colour plastics, which would usually be sent to landfill otherwise.

Did you know...?

Our own waste collectors divert 70% of waste intended for landfill into recycling programmes? If customers wish to send their clean, empty tubs to our HQ address, then we can recycle them!

You use polystyrene boxes for delivery – isn’t that an unsustainable option?


Our frozen products need to be kept frozen until safely delivered and transferred to your freezers at home. This is to ensure raw food product quality and safety. After much research and experimentation, polystyrene boxes have proven to be the only packaging option that meet our strict requirements.

There are actually at least five different ways to recycle polystyrene, however these aren’t commonly available within the UK’s recycling infrastructure yet.

We do however offer a polybox collection service from our stockists, so you can purchase Nutriment products from any of our UK retailers if you wish to avoid our polystyrene packaging.

The boxes we collect from our stockists are recycled and used for housing insulation.

For more information please take a look at our Corporate Social Responsibility page, or feel free to get in touch with the team!