Raw Kitten Food

Raw Kitten Food

Nutriment's innovative portfolio of raw, natural kitten food is created from high-quality ingredients and is packed with essential nutrition and great tasting flavour. Unlike commercially available kitten food, our natural kitten food features biologically appropriate ingredients, specifically formulated for growing cats. This means it's comfortable and safe for kittens to digest and also includes all of the macronutrients, amino acids and vitamins needed for healthy development.

Whilst cats can switch to a natural, raw, BARF diet at any stage of their life, it is always first choice for a kitten to receive biologically appropriate, raw food from the weaning stage. Optimal nutrition is essential for growth and development. A natural, biologically appropriate diet is the best way to ensure that your kitten receives the best nutrition for the very best start in life.

All of Nutriment’s raw, natural kitten and cat food is free from biologically inappropriate ingredients such as carbohydrates (grains and fillers), as well as artificial ingredients such as additives and preservatives. These ingredients, common in commercially available kitten and cat foods, are not easily digested and can cause unpleasant side effects, which are not ideal for a growing cat. Ensuring that your kitten consumes only appropriate, digestible ingredients, which contain essential nutrition, is imperative in a cat’s formative years for optimal development and good health.

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How to wean onto to raw kitten food

Kittens tend to begin the weaning process at around week four of their life. This process tends to last around three weeks, so by week seven they should be on a ‘solid’ diet. Kittens can be weaned straight onto raw food, and it is recommended to offer variety of raw foods to encourage your kitten to explore different tastes and textures. It can help to mix our raw, natural kitten food with the mother’s milk at the early stages of weaning to help with the transition. As a general rule, kittens require 4-6% of their bodyweight in raw food.

Kittens can also be given Nutriment’s raw kitten treats, so encourage your kitten to develop their taste buds by exploring this range.

Nutriment also provide raw feeding solutions tailored to specific dietary requirements. If your kitten shows symptoms of a sensitive stomach, Nutriment’s raw cat food for healthy digestion may be suitable. For kittens who suffer from allergies or intolerances, you can choose to feed Nutriment’s hypoallergenic cat food. Further to this, if you wish to feed your kitten a strictly grain-free diet, Nutriment’s gluten-free cat food and grain-free cat food is the ultimate solution.

What benefits does Nutriment’s raw kitten food provide?

Diet is a hugely important contributing factor for the overall health of animals, especially young, growing animals. As they grow, kittens are continuously undergoing physical and mental changes and developments. It is essential that kittens receive all of the high-quality nutrition that they require in order to support and promote this growth.

Supports digestive health

Nutriment’s natural kitten food contains only ingredients that kittens are naturally designed to eat. This means that they are more easily digestible and produce less waste than commercially available kitten foods. This has a huge impact on a kitten’s overall health, including the immune system, and contributes to a kitten’s optimal weight.

Supports overall health of the eyes, skin, ears, bones and coat

Our protein-rich natural kitten food contains all of the essential protein, amino acids, fats and vitamins and minerals to contribute to the optimal health of all parts of your kitten’s anatomy, including their eyes, skin, ears, bones and coat. Feeding a kitten a raw diet can help promote mobility and joint health and reduce allergies.

Fewer vet visits

With your kitten’s overall health being optimised through their raw diet, you will notice that you have less requirements to visit the vets. Our priority is animal health and happiness, and we are committed to promoting optimal health in animals through raw feeding and the BARF diet.