Raw Treats for Cats

Raw Treats for Cats

Dehydrated cat treats from Nutriment offer cats better nutrition in between mealtimes while adding texture and taste variety into their everyday normal feeding routine. Made only from the most natural and wholesome raw cat food ingredients, these tasty treats have been carefully designed to offer biologically appropriate options in a feline's natural diet. These nutritious raw cat treats contain no harmful additives or preservatives.

Owners can be assured that their pet has something delicious to eat that's still packed full of essential nutrients to keep their bodies strong and in the best of health.

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Why Choose Raw Treats for Cats?

Made More Like a Cat's Natural Diet

The premium cat treats by Nutriment are strategically made to be more like a cat's natural diet should the cat be living in its natural lifestyle. Cats by nature are hunters, and they enjoy stalking their prey like small birds, rabbits, mice and other small creatures. Our selection of dehydrated cat treats include feline favourites.

The Baa Tube is 100% lamb tracheas great for keeping your feline's teeth clean and strong. These treats are fun for cats to play around with like they normally do when stalking prey. This is an excellent natural source of glucosamine, an ingredient ideal for keeping older cat's bones and joints in good condition.

Terrific Health Benefits

Cat owners often become frustrated when searching for healthier treats for their pets. Nutriment is proud to offer a wealth of healthy treats that are truly good for felines without the unnecessary fillers, preservatives and harmful additives many commercial pet treats often contain. These treat choices not only are fantastic for overall health, they help to naturally clean your pet's teeth and are easier to digest. Pet owners can feel good about offering these nutritious treats available to suit cats of every breed, activity level and size.

Adds Extra Nutrition

In order for cats to stay healthy, active, happy and ready to take on the world, or at least ponder those possibilities from their favourite window perch, cats need the right balance of the essential nutrients, fat content and energy-giving proteins in their day to day diet. Having some of these delicious bite-sized cat treats on hand allows pet owners to pamper while adding a boost of energy-building nutrition that cats truly love.

Variety of Cat-Approved Textures & Tastes

Just like humans, cats too prefer different tastes and textures in their meals. Owners will find a nice mix of both tastes proven to delight cats along with different kinds of textures like crunchy fish bits, smooth and meaty chicken hearts, meaty chicken necks with cartilage and the chewiness of lamb trachea treat options.

Provides Fun & Feeding Time Variety

Keep your lively cat entertained and engaged by giving him a few delectable treats somewhere in his regular weekly feeding routine. Choose healthier varieties like treats from Nutriment to maintain healthy weight and ensure proper nutritional balance too. The entire treat experience for your feline can be "purr-fect" and enhanced by mixing different flavours and texture styles. Allow time for your kitty to play with her treat for the ultimate snack that'll keep your cat busy and content for as long as they desire.

Your cat deserves to live the best life possible. Consider stocking up your cat’s favourite treats from Nutriment.