Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

Nutriment's sensitive stomach dog food has been created to be easily digestible, completely made from high quality, biologically appropriate raw dog food ingredients and free from any harmful additives that can cause potential problems with the digestive process. As a result, these complete meals can prevent stomach upsets, loose bowel movements or other problems like acid reflux. Each pack is custom made for dogs who will benefit from a diet that is easy to process but is still packed full of the essential proteins, fats and vitamins they need for a healthy lifestyle.

There is a wide variety of flavours on offer so dog owners who have dogs with particular diet requirements can choose from an extensive, versatile selection. All of our products are made to include nothing but simple, raw, naturally sourced ingredients. The Just range allows you to tailor each meal, if you choose to, and the Support range is designed for animals who may need that little extra nutritional support. Each portion contains essential vitamins and minerals that your dog needs and is free from any commonly known ingredients that can cause stomach upsets and other related health problems.

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How Can Dogs Benefit From Sensitive Stomach Dog Food?

When canines struggle to digest their food properly it can cause a host of potential health problems, some of which can be quite serious. If your dog suffers from a sensitive stomach, there are many benefits of switching from regular dog food to a raw diet that is specifically designed for animals with a propensity for digestive problems.

Healthy Bowels and Less mess

When the body struggles to digest food, stools can often be runny, smelly or unusually hard. This is extremely uncomfortable for dogs and often very unpleasant for the owner as well. Switching to Nutriment's sensitive stomach dog food suitable for sensitive stomachs can help aid digestion, which in turn promotes regular bowel movements and stools that are easier to pass, as well as being easier to clean up.

Fewer problems like gas and bad breath

If your dog is struggling to break down the food they are eating, they can suffer from chronic wind or bad breath from a build-up of gas in the stomach and bowel. In addition to the overall sluggishness and general discomfort this causes, the unpleasant smells can often make life far less enjoyable for both the dog and you. Choosing natural, raw food that won't upset your dog's stomach can significantly improve health issues like this.

Healthy gut

The health of the gut is extremely important in the overall well-being of your dog. Just like in humans, the microbiome in the gut can have a considerable effect on the rest of the body, which means that digestive problems can potentially lead to several more significant issues further down the line. Poor gut health is also a factor that can negatively affect your dog's overall mood and temperament. Our range of dog food for sensitive stomachs is made from ingredients that help to maintain the natural balance of bacteria in the gut, which in turn helps the body function at its best.

Vitality and Energy

The food animals eat is their main source of energy and if this is not being digested properly, there will inevitably be a reduction in activity levels. When the body is not processing food effectively nutrients are not absorbed into the body. With food that is specifically designed for easy digestion, the body doesn't have to work as hard, meaning that overall energy levels can improve.

Healthier organs

When the stomach breaks down food effectively, it can extract all of the essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrients that are needed to keep to the other organs of the body in healthy working order. Digestive problems caused by sensitive stomachs can mean that the pancreas, liver, kidneys and heart are not getting the elements they need to remain healthy. Switching to a sensitive stomach dog food that is designed to be easily digestible can be a good way of safeguarding against other, potentially more serious health issues.