Raw Puppy Treats

Raw Puppy Treats

Choose raw puppy treats from Nutriment

At Nutriment, you can get delicious raw puppy treats that are full of essential nutrition for your dog. Regardless of your choice of flavour, our selection of treats is biologically appropriate, easily digestible, and supports your puppy’s health.


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Treat your dog to raw puppy treats 

Passionate about animal nutrition, our in-house canine nutritionists ensure that our raw puppy treats consist of only the highest quality, natural ingredients so they are free from potentially harmful additives and bulking agents. Unlike some artificially flavoured products, these treats are biologically appropriate and appeal to the instincts of dogs and puppies. 

Whether you want to reward good behaviour, give your puppy’s growing teeth a good clean, or simply treat your dog, our raw puppy treats are the perfect solution. Natural and raw puppy treats also contribute to optimal overall health and release endorphins when chewed, contributing to great mental and emotional health. 

Why are raw puppy treats a great choice?

Whether you want to spoil your dog or you use raw treats for training purposes, Nutriment has something for your puppy. Training treats are meant to motivate and encourage your dog so that you can enforce desired behaviour, but there are several other benefits to using raw puppy treats: 

Experience a variety of tastes and textures

The world is an exciting and adventurous place for young dogs and puppies, and their primary way of exploring is with their mouths. Chewing, gnawing, biting, and nipping are natural and instinctive behaviours for puppies in an attempt to understand the world around them. 

Bones, chew sticks, and meaty snacks like turkey hearts allow young dogs to get accustomed to these behaviours, whilst also experiencing different flavours and textures in the form of a healthy snack.

Puppy treats are good for training aids

Training a puppy to obey basic commands can seem daunting in the beginning. However, feeding your puppy natural, raw puppy treats is a fantastic way to increase motivation during training, without encouraging unnecessary overfeeding or weight gain. 

Our natural, raw puppy treats are great for positively reinforcing good behaviour as puppies can be very food driven and thrive by receiving a high-value treat as a reward.

They soothe teething and support oral health

Puppies teethe in a similar way to humans, and the process can be uncomfortable and sore. Natural, raw puppy treats can provide a point of focus for chewing and gnawing, which can be more prevalent in teething dogs. It can also provide some soothing relief when teeth are sore, especially when food is offered frozen. 

Nutriment's range of raw puppy treats also help to promote healthier teeth and gums by supporting overall nutritional health, whether you opt for a tasty chicken neck or an omega-rich Sprat.

Raw puppy treats enhance motor skills and coordination

Allowing puppies to enjoy natural, raw treats like our bones and chews can help them develop strength in their legs and paws. Holding treats still while they gnaw on them will help to develop their motor skills and coordination whilst providing them with a great-tasting and nutritious raw puppy treat. 

The raw puppy treats are also great for jaw exercise and mental stimulation, and they encourage good sleeping patterns as the pup uses a significant amount of energy when focusing on the task.