Hypoallergenic Cat Food

Hypoallergenic Cat Food

Nutriment’s absolute main priority is animal health and happiness. Our team is dedicated to formulating recipes which will support your cat’s nutrition and enable them to live long and active lives. Cats can suffer from allergies in the same way humans can, with uncomfortable and irritable symptoms which can develop into more serious health issues. Nutriment’s range of hypoallergenic cat food is ideal for cats who suffer from allergies and intolerances. Featuring carefully selected, biologically appropriate ingredients, including 100% human grade quality raw meat, our hypoallergenic cat food is a natural raw feeding solution for optimal health and wellbeing.

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Commercially available, processed cat foods often contain biologically inappropriate ingredients, such as grains and artificial additives, for use as fillers and preservatives. These are often allergens to cats, who are not designed to be able to easily digest these types of ingredients and they can cause unwanted side effects. Suitable for all sizes and ages of cat, both neutered and in-kitten, indoor and outdoor, our hypoallergenic cat food range contains only high-quality, natural, raw ingredients made with simple processes to support your cat’s health and nutrition, whilst minimising the risk of allergic reactions.


Understanding what hypoallergenic means

The common term ‘hypoallergenic’ refers a product being much less likely to cause or exacerbate allergic symptoms. Some common allergic reactions include rash, skin itchiness, flaky dry skin, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, fur loss and digestive issues to name a few.

Food allergies and intolerances can be common in cats, who can be allergic to certain grains, food additives, preservatives, dyes, flavourings and some meat (beef and chicken intolerances are most prevalent). Other food items include dairy products and nuts.


Sometimes, food labels refer to ‘novel’ proteins as being hypoallergenic. This simply means that cats usually have not eaten it before and therefore have not developed common intolerances. Venison and rabbit are two types of meat that cats with allergies might tolerate better than chicken or beef, for example.


Why is Hypoallergenic Cat Food Important?


Improves quality of life


To ensure the comfort of your cat, make sure you aware of common behaviours that might indicate an allergy. These may include excessive scratching in one location, chewing legs/paws, development of sores, raised bumps, rashes, loss of fur, runny eyes/noses, loss of energy or behavioural changes. Keeping your cat on a hypoallergenic raw diet (including raw hypoallergenic cat food and treats) can improve your cat’s comfort and overall quality of life.


Supports skin and coat health


Many allergies can affect your cat's fur as well as their skin. For owners, this can mean frequently cleaning up masses of shed hair and dander. Switching to a food that is free from allergens will drastically reduce the risk of problems such as excessive loss of hair or rashes on the skin.


Boosts energy and stamina


Just like humans, when cats don’t feel very well, they are less likely to want to engage in any kind of physical activity and may even become aggressive or withdrawn. Avoiding ingredients which your cat is allergic or intolerant to will enable them to feel healthy and well, so that they can enjoy their day-to-day lifestyle. When your cat is fed hypoallergenic ingredients, the body digests them much more easily and effectively, leading to an increase in energy and stamina levels. This results in healthy activity levels, which encourages strong bones and muscles.

Helps prevent further serious illness


Health problems which can develop from allergies can range from mild to severe and in the worst cases, can even reduce an animal's overall lifespan, especially when left untreated. The use of hypoallergenic cat food can contribute to the relief of allergies and intolerances, which reduces the risk of developing further health issues. The more natural, raw ingredients your cat consumes, free from allergy-causing additives, the less their allergic symptoms will affect their health.