Grain Free & Gluten Free Dog Food

Grain Free & Gluten Free Dog Food

Try our gluten- and grain-free dog food

Are you looking for healthy and nutritious food for your dog? Nutriment Raw offers a gluten- and grain-free alternative for your best friend so your dog can get the best. Our food is made from all-natural ingredients ensuring the finest quality regardless of whether you are using your dog for work or are trying to find the right food for your dog.

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Try gluten- and grain-free dog food from Nutriment Raw

Is your dog gluten intolerant and in need of wheat-free dog food? Or do you simply wish to avoid dog food that contains artificial and biologically inappropriate ingredients? Nutriment Raw offers a healthy alternative that focuses on raw feeding and biologically appropriate raw food - what we refer to as BARF. This means that we avoid ingredients that in any way can be harmful to dogs, and instead, we use ingredients that the animal was naturally designed to eat. 

Just like humans, dogs can be allergic or intolerant to some types of food and ingredients. And just like humans, dogs too can experience discomfort and pain after consuming a certain type of food. Although we highly recommend that all dogs should avoid gluten, grains and wheat in their diet, some dogs are particularly sensitive.

Some of the ingredients that are typically added to dog food or treats can cause your dog to develop such an intolerance or even food allergies. These ingredients might include grain, wheat and gluten, and that is why we wish to steer clear of these at Nutriment. Instead, we want to offer a gluten- and grain-free diet for your dog. 

At Nutriment we strive for absolute quality, which means that we use premium British ingredients whenever possible. With raw meats and fish, biologically appropriate vegetables and superfoods such as spirulina powder, we can offer essential and nutritious raw food to our canine consumers - regardless of whether your dog prefers a turkey dinner or a chicken meal. 

What does gluten- and grain-free mean? 

But what does gluten- and grain-free food actually entail? Grain-free dog food means that we avoid grains such as rice or corn. These grains usually ensure the carbohydrates for energy in the food, however, dogs do not need carbohydrates for energy, and instead get their source from fats. 

Some dogs may require a gluten-free diet, which means that they are allergic or intolerant to eating the protein called gluten, which can be found in rye, barley etc. Wheat protein and protein from corn are easy ways to make sure that dog food is nutritionally balanced, but we believe that a raw diet based on natural ingredients such as animal protein from beef, chicken, duck and much more is the best way to secure your dog’s health and happiness. 

Grain-free and gluten-free are not synonymous even though it may sound that way. Gluten-free dog food might not contain grains with gluten such as wheat and barley, but it can still contain other grains. And grain-free dog food can contain other hidden sources of gluten. However, our dog food is free from both. 

Choosing the right food for your dog 

Nutriment offers high-quality dog food for all kinds of dogs. We have food for puppies of just three weeks that need to be weaned off milk from mum as well as nutritious dog food for the mature dog. 

Puppies and adult and senior dogs have very different needs when it is feeding time. A puppy grows fast, and it needs just the right nutrition in order to develop organs, build strong bones, teeth, muscle and much more. Add to this the energy that the puppy needs for playing and learning. Therefore, a puppy needs a certain amount of vitamins and calories for the most optimal growth, and our puppy food will ensure that.

Instead, adult dogs need to maintain their bodies. For that reason, their dog food has other requirements in order to be nutritionally complete. It is also important to take your dog’s daily activity level into account. If you use your dog for working or hunting, for example, his or her energy requirements will increase. 

Nutritious food makes a happy dog 

Though most allergies and intolerances are not life-threatening, in some cases, they can have severe consequences for your dog's long-term health. Animals that suffer from poor digestion, reduced mobility or feelings of lethargy and sluggishness will generally have a reduced quality of life. Using grain- and gluten-free dog food can support the overall wellbeing of your dog as it reduces the chances of unpleasant digestive issues such as bowel inflammation, gas, or cramps.

At Nutriment we believe that a balanced and nutritious diet will give you a happy dog. Our raw feeding options promote optimal health for your dog, and a healthy dog is able to play, learn and explore to the fullest.