Dental Cat Food

Unlike other pet foods that promise to clean your pet's teeth with shaped foods or dry kibble, Nutriment's Dental supportive Cat Foods help ensure your pet's pearly whites with scientifically proven vitamins, essential amino acids, and macro nutrients. The fresh ingredients contained in our raw cat food are specially designed to help promote strong teeth, gums, and overall feline health. To help battle plaque build-up, our range includes finely ground bone to act as a surface scrubber.

Approximately 80% of pets will suffer from some stage of periodontal disease that may require the help of a veterinary professional. Oral smells can be a sign of periodontal disease. If left unchecked, the constant presence of dangerous bacteria in your pet's system can begin to cause serious and persistent health issues.

Why is Dental Cat Food so important?

We love our pets and want to do everything we can to keep them healthy and happy. While we do a lot to help take care of a number of our cat's health needs, there is one area that most pet owners tend to overlook. Dental health is important to the overall health of our pets, yet too often it seems that pet owners underestimate the importance of dental care for pets.

Dental health for cats is one of the most overlooked health issues for pet owners. With approximately 80% of pets facing some form of periodontal disease that requires veterinarian assistance at some point in their lives, it is important that we work to take a more proactive approach to the condition of our pets' oral health.

Left to their own devices, cats would catch their own prey, tear off the meat and crunch through the bone which will naturally clean their teeth. In domesticated life, cats don't have that same luxury of simply eating their way to good dental health. Most dental cat foods claim to clean their teeth using hard kibble or unique shapes. This is meant to simulate that natural teeth cleaning action, but it rarely does.

Nutriment's Dental Cat Foods do not use starchy carbohydrates. Instead we use a scientific approach that includes all-natural raw foods that are high in essential amino acids, macronutrients, and vitamins that promote oral health in cats. In addition, our food contains finely ground bone that act as a scrubber for your cat's teeth to help scrape surface plaque and tarter away.

The importance of your cat’s dental health

Poor dental health in cats can cause several minor and serious health issues. Many of these begin with periodontal disease, the most prevalent oral health issue in domesticated felines. As your cat eats, bits of food and bacteria are left behind. Over time, these bacteria form plaque around the gum lines, then hardening into tartar.

If left untreated, plaque and tartar build-up can begin to cause oral health issues such as loss of teeth and painful inflammation. If left to reach your pet's bloodstream, this dangerous bacteria and inflammation can cause serious damage to the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Are there any additional benefits to raw feeding?

The BARF diet is designed with animals' unique needs and concerns in mind. By bringing the best of nature indoors, Nutriment Dental supportive Cat Food also boasts several other health benefits for your cat.

Better Digestion

Cats flourish with diets that are moisture-rich and grain-free. Unlike their human friends, many animals lack the digestive enzyme amylase which is required to digest grains. Forcing processed foods that are usually high in grains can cause increased stress on their pancreas. Processed foods can absorb moisture from your cat's gut and cause diarrhoea and long-term bowel issues.

Better Stools

It may seem a little odd, but raw feeding will actually give your cat better poop. Since they have a hard time digesting and processing the grain-heavy commercial cat foods, your cat's stools can be odorous and often. With raw meats and natural superfoods, your cat's body is able to digest and use more of the food, leading to less waste, and a harder stool with less of a smell that can be easier for them to pass and for you to clean up.

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