Dental Cat Food

Dental Cat Food

Promote healthy teeth with our dental cat food


Are you concerned about your cat's dental health? Luckily, at Nutriment, we have the perfect solution to promote healthy teeth in your feline companion. Our dental cat food is specially formulated to keep your cat's teeth strong and clean, ensuring they can enjoy a lifetime of good oral health. Say goodbye to dental problems and hello to a happy, healthy cat with our dental cat food.

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Try dental cat food from Nutriment

If you are looking to promote healthy teeth in your furry feline friend, look no further than Nutriment's dental cat food. We understand the importance of maintaining good dental health for cats, and that is why our dental cat food is packed with essential nutrients and ingredients that help reduce plaque and tartar build-up, freshen breath, and support overall dental health.


We offer a range of formulas specifically designed to support cats’ oral hygiene, formulated with ingredients that promote healthy teeth and gums, helping to prevent dental issues in cats. You can get anything from beef to chicken, making it easy for you to choose your cat’s favourite flavour. With a variety of flavours to choose from, you can find the perfect option that your cat will love while maintaining their oral health.


What are the benefits of dental cat food?

We love our pets and want to do everything we can to keep them healthy and happy. While we do a lot to help take care of a number of our cat's health needs, there is one area that most cat owners tend to overlook. Dental health is important to the overall health of cats, yet too often, it seems that cat owners underestimate the importance of dental care for cats.


Dental health for cats is one of the most overlooked health issues for pet owners. Many cats might experience some stage of periodontal disease that may require the help of a veterinary professional. If left unchecked, it can cause serious and persistent health issues. By choosing the right nutrition for your cat, you can help your cat avoid such health issues.


Left to their own devices, cats would catch their own prey, tear off the meat and crunch through the bone, which will naturally clean their teeth. In domesticated life, cats don't have that same luxury of simply eating their way to good dental health. Most dental cat foods claim to clean their teeth using hard kibble or unique shapes. This is meant to simulate that natural teeth cleaning action, but it rarely does.


Luckily, Nutriment's dental-supportive cat foods help ensure your cat's pearly whites with essential vitamins, amino acids, and macronutrients. The fresh ingredients contained in our raw cat food are specially designed to help promote strong teeth, gums, and overall feline health. To help battle plaque build-up, our range includes finely ground bone to act as a surface scrubber.


The importance of your cat’s dental health

Poor dental health in cats can cause several minor and serious health issues. Many of these begin with periodontal disease, the most prevalent oral health issue in domesticated felines. As your cat eats, bits of food and bacteria are left behind. Over time, these bacteria form plaque around the gum lines, then hardening into tartar.


If left untreated, plaque and tartar build-up can begin to cause oral health issues such as loss of teeth and painful inflammation. If left to reach your cat's bloodstream, these dangerous bacteria and inflammation can cause serious damage to the heart, liver, and kidneys. And for this reason, dental health is extremely important.


Additional benefits to raw feeding

In addition to promoting dental health, raw feeding offers many other benefits for cats. First and foremost, raw diets provide cats with a biologically appropriate diet that closely resembles what they would consume in the wild. This means no artificial ingredients, fillers, or grains that can cause digestive discomfort.


Nutriment’s raw food is highly digestible and bioavailable, providing essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for optimal nutrition. It can improve digestion, coat condition, energy levels, and immune function. For example, with raw meats and natural superfoods, your cat's body is able to digest and use more of the food, leading to less waste and a harder stool with less of a smell that can be easier for them to pass and for you to clean up. Raw feeding can also alleviate allergies, intolerances, and digestive issues by eliminating additives and common allergens.


Furthermore, raw diets support the vitality of pets, ensuring they receive a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients. Hypoallergenic raw food is also available for pets with allergies, and by avoiding grains and gluten, raw feeding can eliminate the risk of allergies altogether. Raw diets can also benefit pets with sensitive skin and stomachs, as they are free from potentially irritating ingredients.


Try our natural treats for a complete raw diet

In addition to our dental cat food, Nutriment also offers a wide range of natural treats for cats that can help provide a complete and balanced raw diet to support their oral health.


Our natural treats, such as liver chews, lamb puffs, and much more, are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients that also help promote strong teeth and gums. These treats are free from artificial additives and fillers, ensuring that your cat receives only the best nutrition for their dental health. Treat your cat to our natural treats and give them the complete raw diet they need for optimal oral health.