Raw Puppy Food

Raw Puppy Food

As new puppy parents you’ve got a lot on your plate right now: constant cuddles, house training, and protecting your favourite pair of shoes from tiny teeth can be very time consuming. That’s why we’ve taken the stress out of finding the best puppy food for your new fur-baby.

During these early days, it’s more important than ever for meals to be nutritious, flavourful and specially formulated to provide young pups with everything they need to thrive. Nutriment’s Puppy Formula contains all the nutrition that your puppy needs to grow into happy and healthy adults.

What makes Nutriment raw puppy food so different?

Our Nutriment Puppy Formula has been developed by in-house canine nutritionists who have sourced human-grade quality meat and carefully selected vegetables to create the base of our raw puppy food. We’ve added nutrient-rich superfoods, including Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Scottish Cold-Water Salmon Oil and Spirulina, that all have additional health-supporting properties. Every meal is balanced, meaning there’s no guess work or worry as to whether your pup is getting everything they need.

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Why choose Nutriment puppy raw dog food?

High-quality, natural and additive free

With raw feeding being our fundamental principle here at Nutriment, our puppy raw dog food is made from nothing but high-quality, raw, natural ingredients and does not contain any potentially harmful additives or chemicals. This is what puppies and dogs are naturally designed to eat, and so supports their bodily functions, overall health and promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Promotes healthy development

The first year of a dog's life is critical to their long-term development, and this includes their diet and the foods that they eat. Strong teeth and bones, shiny coats and bright, alert temperaments are just some of the signs that your puppy is getting all of the nutrition they require. By providing a raw, biologically-appropriate diet, rather than most commercially available foods, owners can help to promote healthy growth and protect their dogs from unwanted health side effects such as poor digestion, bad breath or greasy coats.


Supports digestive health

Similar to babies, when puppies are weaning and still getting used to solid food, they can occasionally suffer from digestive issues which can produce smelly, loose or unusually solid stools. A natural, raw diet, which conforms to BARF principles, is generally much closer to the natural eating behaviour of dogs, which means their bodies are less likely to reject it or have problems breaking it down. Appropriate digestion helps maintain energy levels and also promotes optimal oral and overall health.  


Naturally great tasting

In some commercially available dog foods, artificial flavour enhancers are used to mask the taste of low-quality bulking agents and additives. In our puppy raw dog food, the only ingredients we use are high-quality meat, biologically appropriate vegetables and nutrition boosting superfoods – all of which naturally taste great and appeal to the senses of dogs. This means the taste of the food will be something your dog loves, completely naturally.