Raw Dog Treats

Raw Dog Treats

Nutriment's extensive range of raw dog treats provides a variety of delicious, natural treats which can be used as a healthy supplement to a well-balanced raw diet. Suitable for all breeds and sizes of dog, our selection of succulent, meat covered raw dog treats, bones and chews offer both great flavour and an additional boost of nutrition. From liver chews and turkey necks to antler bars and moo tubes, there is something to suit all tastes, ages and breeds.

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Passionate about animal nutrition, our in-house canine nutritionists ensure that our raw dog treats consist of only the highest quality, natural ingredients so that they are free from potentially harmful additives and bulking agents. Unlike some artificially flavoured products, these treats are biologically appropriate and appeal to the instincts of canines. Whether you want to reward good behaviour, give your dog’s teeth a good clean or just treat your pet, our raw dog treats are the perfect solution. Natural and raw dog treats also contribute to optimal overall health and release endorphins when chewed, contributing to great mental and emotional health. Unsure of which raw treats to feed your dog? Check out our products below!

Why are raw dog treats a great choice?

Primal instincts

Before dogs became domesticated, they were hunters. Chewing on the bones of animals was one of the ways they would get their dose of protein and other essential nutrients. Allowing them to gnaw on something with a more substantial, firm texture than standard dog food releases endorphins and gives them a different eating experience to enjoy. Holding raw dog treats with their paws also helps with strength and coordination.


Variety and excitement

Dogs get great pleasure from gaining different sensory experiences from their food, and a varied diet ensures that dogs remain interested in their meals and treats. As well as being greatly stimulating, dogs purely enjoy the challenges of ripping meat off of a bone, working for the marrow inside and the different textures of specialty raw dog treats. Dog bones, chews and treats are also great for keeping up energy levels, bonding with your dog and boosting their nutrient intake.


Training aids

Feeding your dog natural, raw dog treats is a fantastic way to increase motivation during training, without encouraging unnecessary overfeeding or weight gain. Teaching a dog the standard commands (sit, down, stay etc.) can be a daunting task, however our natural, raw dog treats are great for positively reinforcing desired behaviour. Dogs can be very food driven and so really thrive by receiving a high value treat as a reward.


Supports oral strength and health

Anatomically, dogs are well equipped for eating meat from the bone. Whilst this is usually more of a treat than an everyday occurrence, it is a great idea to give raw dog treats, such as raw bones, occasionally. Canine teeth are designed to tear off meat from bone and their strong jaw is able to crunch through bone. Nutriment's range of raw dog treats help to promote healthier teeth and gums in dogs, whether you opt for a tasty duck neck or a recreational marrow bone. Our marrow bones are for gnawing on, rather than breaking pieces off, so if you have a stronger jawed dog then lamb ribs or turkey necks are a great alternative.