1. Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Day!

    Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Day!

    Mark 22nd February on your calendars, because its nearly Walk Your Dog Day!

    Although as loving and responsible dog owners, we’re sure that every day features a dog walk of some nature, Walk Your Dog Day is a great opportunity to remind us all of why the daily dog walk is an integral part of your dog’s (and your!) overall health.

    Why is walking important?

    Cardiovascular health

    For many of us, walking is the easiest, cheapest and most accessible way to exercise and imp

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  2. Beat the January Blues Together

    Beat the January Blues Together

    After the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year, January arrives and snaps us back to a harsh dose of reality. Low levels of sunlight, cold temperatures and taking down Christmas decorations – it’s not difficult to understand why January is commonly known as the most depressing month of the year, with "Blue Monday" commonly known as the most depressing day of the year (hang in there and keep reading… we’ll perk up in the next paragraph, we promise!).

    But rather than wallow in the pity of the January Blues, we thought we’d highlight some happy and positive ways that you and your pets can team up and flip the narrative on Blue Monday – with a little help from exercise, nutrition and (best of all) cuddles!

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  3. Thank you for being part of our charity story!

    Thank you for being part of our charity story!

    One month, one mission…

    23,353 meals donated!

    Together we care <3


    Last month we asked you to fill your darling’s bowl to fill a rescue’s bowl, and your response has been phenomenal!

    We are delighted to announce that a grand total of 23,353 Nutriment meals have been raised!

    These meals will be delivered throughout 2024 to dog and cat rescues across the UK, just like Animal Rescue Cumbria.

    So, a big thank you to you, our wonderful customers for being part of our charity story.

    From all of us and the hundreds of dogs and ca

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  4. Moving house with your pet

    Moving house with your pet

    Moving house with your pet

    Moving house is often considered one of the most stressful events in life. The planning, organisation and expense of moving house is often considerable, and even more so when children and pets are added to the mix.

    After a Nutriment pack member recently moved house, with their 7-year-old Labrador in tow, we thought we’d take the opportunity to discuss the topic of moving house with pets and give some advice on how to make the process as smooth as possible.

    So at least that’s one thing on your to-do list that you don’t have to worry about!

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  5. Together we care - Be part of our charity story!

    Together we care - Be part of our charity story!


    Fill your darling's bowl to fill a rescue's bowl.

    Be part of our charity story!

    For every 10kg of Nutriment purchase in November 2023, we will be donating a Nutriment meal to charities such as Animal Rescue Cumbria.

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  6. The ultimate dog coat guide

    The ultimate dog coat guide

    The dog coat 101: prepping for winter

    The ultimate dog coat guide

    Winter is coming. We repeat – winter is coming! We don’t know about you but we’re shivering at the thought of it. But whilst it may feel like we’ll never see the sun again and the sight of the smart meter totalling up our heating bill cost is starting to give us nightmares, here’s one thing you don’t have to worry about this winter – your dog’s coat.

    We’re giving you the ultimate dog coat guide. The when, what, why and how of the canine coat world, to answer questions like ‘Is my dog warm enough?’, ‘Do I need to keep my dog’s coat long in winter?’, ‘Does my dog need an actual coat?’, ‘What should I do when my dog gets wet in winter?’ and ‘Will my dog ever stop shedding his coat??’ (just kidding on that last one, the answer is of course no, never truly, you just have to embrace it).

    The UK Kennel Club currently recognises 222 pedigree dog breeds, most of which

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  7. World Mental Health Day

    World Mental Health Day

    Today is World Mental Health Day - a day where communities worldwide come together with the aim of raising awareness about mental health and driving positive change.

    Good mental health shouldn’t be a luxury: it’s something that every person should have access to regardless of their demographic or location. That’s the theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day - Mental health is a universal human right.

    Animals and mental health

    There is much research that demonstrates how and general contact with animals and nature has a positive impact

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  8. A dog owner's guide to a cosy night in...

    A dog owner's guide to a cosy night in...

    Get cosy with your dog this RAWtumn with Nutriment!

    “Look how dark it is already!”

    Come on… admit it, we’ve all said that at least once so far this autumn, haven’t we?! As a nation we are pretty obsessed with seasonal changes. As the weather changes and evenings get darker, we automatically reside ourselves to our diminishing vitamin D levels and counting down the weeks to December 25th (don’t worry, we won’t say the ‘C’ word just yet!).

    However, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom. As autumn settles in, we’ve got lots to look enjoy and look forward to, including colourful, snuggly autumnal walks, piled-high roast dinners with all the trimmings on a Sunday, and who doesn’t love a cosy night in?

    Here at Nutriment, and for many of the humans in our pack, our pet dogs are very much part of the family. So, it goes without saying that they are included in our autumn cosy night in plans. We’ve put together the ‘ultimate cosy night in’ plan to keep

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  9. Mud, Glorious Mud!

    Mud, Glorious Mud!

    The benefits of getting letting your dog get muddy!

    Mud. Seemingly one of the WORST elements of dog ownership. Yes, dogs are cute and cuddly and great listeners… but the mud?! It’s the one thing we dread as the season’s change and the rain starts to pour (even more!)... unless you’re a dog of course!

    But did you know that there are actually some benefits to letting your dog go wild in the mud? In this blog post, we’ll explain the positive effects of mud for your pup, and give you some tips on how to deal with the aftermath.

    What is mud?

    It might seem obvi

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  10. The Power Of Pumpkin

    The Power Of Pumpkin

    Benefits of pumpkin: the super squash

    There’s so much more to pumpkins than their doorstep status at Halloween! So, we’re giving pumpkin its long overdue time to shine by showcasing just how much natural superpower this super squash truly has.

    Pumpkin is one of over 100 types of squash. It’s distinctive shape and variety of colours (green, yellow, red, white, blue and tan), make it instantly recognisable compared to its lesser-known cousins (the pattypan or crookneck squashes for example).

    Pumpkin is one of our carefully selected, biologically appropriate ingredients here at Nutriment. We double grind our pumpkin (and other raw veg ingredients) to make sure the nutrients are more readily available. You’ll find pumpkin in a variety of Nutriment Raw recipes, such as all of our core range, Liver Support, Lamb Dinner

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  11. It's Game Season!

    It's Game Season!

    Seasonal game meat and its benefits for dogs and cats

    It is widely considered that eating seasonally (meaning eating foods that are naturally available according to the seasons), is the most healthy, nutritious and sustainable way to consume food. Seasonal food is less likely to contain preservatives to keep it fresh, it is less likely to have had to travel far, and it is likely to taste better as a result.

    Autumn is the best time of year to enjoy the great taste and nutrition that traditional game meat has to offer. Whilst some varieties of game are enjoyed all year round, such as rabbit and pigeon, game meats that are ‘shot’ when shooting season starts in early autumn, such as pheasant and partridge, are best sourced and enjoyed ‘in season’.

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  12. Keeping your dog safe in autumn!

    Keeping your dog safe in autumn!

    Staying safe on autumnal walks

    Autumn is definitely one of our favourite times of year here at Nutriment. The warming, vibrant colours of nature that appear at this time of year make dog walking a beautiful task (especially if the autumnal sun is shining!). It’s usually cooler, which makes walking more comfortable for both pup and parent, and it’s the perfect excuse to grab a hot chocolate to accompany you and keep you toasty.

    As with all seasonal changes, it’s smart to refresh your memory on the best ways to stay safe in adjusting temperatures, light levels and hazards that are weather-dependent. We’ve summarised some key points in this blog post to help keep you safe and happy on your dog walks this autumn.

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  13. Back to Raw Feeding School

    Back to Raw Feeding School

    September means one thing - Back to Raw Business!


    It feels like we’ve blinked and summer is over – although whether it actually began is up for debate! As we get ready for a fresh start this September, we’re preparing to get back to school, back to work, and back to a routine with holidays a somewhat distant memory.


    That considered, we wanted to do a refresh on common questions we get asked here at Nutriment HQ. A ‘Back to Raw Business’ FAQ to support you back into the 9-5 of life… 

    What raw food should I start with?



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  14. From Jungle Gym to couch kitty

    From Jungle Gym to couch kitty

    When we think of cats, whether prowling the savannas or curled up on our laps, an undeniable air of mystery and grace surrounds these enigmatic creatures. From the iconic lion to the sleek domestic tabby, cats have captivated our hearts and ignited our curiosity. Lets uncover some of the intriguing similarities that bind wild cats and their domestic counterparts, shedding light on the deep-rooted connections that make these feline creatures so captivating, nutritional needs, as highlighted by us at Nutriment.

    Ancestral Threads: The story of domestic

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  15. Benefits of bone broth for your pup!

    Benefits of bone broth for your pup!

    Bone broth – the superfood that is truly SUPER!

    Bone broth has become somewhat of a superfood in recent times, with nutritionist and health enthusiasts promoting the extensive list of benefits bone broth can provide. Bone broth is a stock liquid made from slowly cooking meat bones at a low heat for an extended period of time. Simmering the ingredients releases their nutrients into the water in a form the body can easily absorb. It is packed in essential nutrients such as protein (including collagen), calcium, magnesium, vitamins A and B, and minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium and selenium, which all support a multitude of bodily functions.

    Luckily for our pets, bone broth is not a human-only health booster – dogs can enjoy the delicious benefits of bone broth as well.

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  16. Let your dog forage this summer!

    Let your dog forage this summer!

    To ‘forage’ means to search for wild food resources, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular activity to obtain natural, flavourful and eco-friendly ingredients for culinary experiments.


    In the canine world however, foraging is intrinsic to a dog’s hunter and scavenger nature and works wonders for their mental health. Dogs use their superpower sense of smell whilst they forage and scavenge, which is an incredibly powerful form of mental exercise and can be just as effective at using up energy as a dog walk itself.


    The modern domestic dog has little need to exercise their hunting and scavenging natures: their food is bought for them, and usually served to them in a bowl. This can sometimes leave your pet pooches a little under-stimulated and in need of some additional mental exercise. Summer foraging is a great way to help this.

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  17. Our top 10 essentials for your dogs holiday!

    Our top 10 essentials for your dogs holiday!

    Going away without your dog can be just as hard on your dog as it is for you, here is out guide on how we like to make that process a little easier for you both!

    Pre portioning

    Pre portioning is an easy way to help your pet sitter out with your dog’s raw diet – which can be intimidating to someone who isn’t accustomed to feeding raw!

    Our raw trays are easy to partially defrost and portion into separate containers, however if this is not ideal for you then we also have meatballs, which are a great alternative to the trays as ea

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  18. Helping your dog recover after exercise!

    Helping your dog recover after exercise!

    How to provide your dog with recovery support after intensive exercise

    Although daily walks and regular exercise are both essential for a healthy and happy dog, sometimes intense or new exercise can leave them a little bit out of sorts.

    Perhaps they’ve exercised in a way that they’re not necessarily used to (for example an agility class, an extra-long hike or a big swimming session), or they’ve recently been poorly and their fitness levels have deteriorated, or maybe they’re just getting a little bit older and struggling to fully recover from exercise like they did before – in any case, here’s some great ways of replenishing your dog’s nutrients, restoring their energy levels and getting them back to their happy and healthy selves.

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  19. Picnicking with your dog!

    Picnicking with your dog!

    How to have the pawfect picnic for the whole family this summer

    Ahh summer – the gift that really keeps on giving. What better way to spend a nice summer’s day than enjoying a picnic with the whole family.

    And the family dog doesn’t need to miss out!

    Follow our handy guide on dog-friendly picnic foods, grab the picnic blanket and your dog’s favourite ball, and make memories to treasure forever this summer.

    Let your dog enjoy! ✔️

    ✔️ Fruits

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  20. Nutriment Raw achieves official certification under the Raw Pet Food Certification Scheme

    Nutriment Raw achieves official certification under the Raw Pet Food Certification Scheme

    Camberley, Surrey, June 2023 – Nutriment Raw, a leader and innovator in the field of raw pet food, has been officially certified under the UK Pet Food’s Raw Pet Food Certification Scheme following an intensive audit undertaken earlier in June.

    The scheme is a new standard for raw pet food manufacturers in the UK. Developed by independent certification scheme experts, KIWA, and launched in late 2022, the standard provides industry-leading quality and best practice to support the safe production of raw pet food within the UK. The scope of the scheme – which is the first and only i

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  21. Safety Tips when travelling with your dog!

    Safety Tips when travelling with your dog!

    Safety tips when travelling in the car

    If a family driving trip is on your agenda this summer, it’s important to consider how to keep yourself and your dog safe both when travelling in general and in the car.

    According to a study carried out by Volvo in the USA in 2019, drivers are more 2.6 times more likely to become distracted from driving by an unrestrained dog than a restrained dog in the car. The risk that this poses to both yourself, your dog and third parties is serious.

    Appropriate harnesses and restraints

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  22. Dog breeds in the summer heat

    Dog breeds in the summer heat

    The importance of your dog’s breed and beating the heat this summer.

    We should all know the dangers of hot weather for our dogs by now, and how important it is to keep our four-legged friends cool and safe during the hotter summer months (if not, take a quick read of this blog post). However, we wanted to do a bit of a spotlight on specific breeds that may need a little extra attention paid to them as temperatures soar.

    Unfortunately, some breeds of dog are more prone to suffering with heatstroke and heat exhaustion due to the nature of their build. If your dog falls into any of the below categories, please take extra care with them whilst this glorious weather is upon us. Remember – just an increase of a few degrees can have a major impact on your dog’s ability to regulate their temperature.

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  23. Did you know your dogs can eat berries?

    Did you know your dogs can eat berries?

    Did you know your dog can eat berries?

    We often get asked about what fruit and vegetables are safe for dogs to eat. As advocates of a raw, fresh and biologically appropriate diet, we encourage the feeding of safe fruits and veggies as a way to boost nutrient intake, vary tastes, textures and flavours, and keep your dogs happy and healthy in the most natural way.

    It’s common knowledge that grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs, but you may be less of aware of other fruity dangers, and just as importantly, fruity delights that your dog should and should not enjoy.

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  24. Nutriments 10th Birthday Timeline

    Nutriments 10th Birthday Timeline

    Happy birthday to us!

    Nutriment started back in June 2013 as the brainchild of entrepreneur Suzanne Brock, who wanted to establish a premium-yet-accessible raw pet food brand that stood strong on the grounds of quality, nutrition and ethics.

    Fast-forward 10 years, and Nutriment is a leader in its field, having innovated 98 raw food products, stocked in over 700 pet stores, and operating with a 52-strong team of animal enthusiasts.


    And it feels like it’s only the beginning!


    So how did we get here? What’s been the key to Nutriment’s popularity and success? Well other than our fantastic, loyal customers (both the two-legged and four-legged variety!), we believe that Nutriment has had such as incredible first decade due to our founding principles.


    Nutriment is the raw pet food brand that perfectly balances quality, innovation, technology, the environment and the community, ensuring all aspects of input and outp

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  25. Nutriments 10th Birthday

    Nutriments 10th Birthday
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  26. Nutriment Turns 10 - our 10 year story!

    Nutriment Turns 10 - our 10 year story!
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  27. Preparing your dog for summer holidays

    Preparing your dog for summer holidays

    By Roz Pooley, Canine Behaviourist, The Mutty Professor

    Dogs owners often enjoy taking their dogs on holiday with them, and the vast majority of dogs enjoy their holidays too. However, some dogs may require extra consideration towards making their family holidays stress free and safe for all.

    Here are some suggestions on how we can help prepare ourselves and our dogs for their holidays:

    Sleeping Arrangements

    Before going away, you should find out whether your chosen accommodation requires your dog to be crated or not,

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  28. Picking the right supplement for your dog

    Picking the right supplement for your dog

    71% of UK adults take a food supplement today,  which is a 19% increase since a similar survey was carried out back in 2019. Unsurprisingly, the supplements market has grown at an unprecedented rate in recent years, as our awareness of, and appreciation for, our health has grown.

    Of course, this growing trend of health and wellness has spread to our household pets. As members of the family, we want our pets to live long, happy and healthy lives, and high-quality supplements certainly have a role to play in this.

    As a pet nutrition brand dedicated to helping pets lead active, comfortable and enjoyable lives, we have introduced a range of supplements to our portfolio to add that extra boost of targeted nutrition for pets. But which supplement is right for your dog?

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  29. Keeping cool, the traditional way

    Keeping cool, the traditional way

    It’s been a long time coming but dare we say it – summer is FINALLY here!

    As temperatures creep up and we start to spend more time outdoors getting that all important vitamin D, it’s the time of year to start being conscious of your dog’s body temperatures.


    As we know, overheating and heat exhaustion can be incredibly dangerous for dogs. Sadly, of all heat related illnesses presented at the vets, approximately 15% end fatally. The problem with dogs and heat is that when unacclimatised, dogs struggle to keep themselves cool. A sudden increase in temperature – even by just a few degrees – can have a serious impact on your dog’s health.

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  30. Why do our dogs forage?

    Why do our dogs forage?

    Scavenging is considered an undesirable behaviour, often for fear the dog will eat something that’s dangerous for them or will make them ill.
    Excessive scavenging can also lead to dogs becoming unresponsive to their owners and roaming too far if off lead, in their quest for finding food.

    As a species, dogs are scavengers first and foremost. Studies on free ranging dogs have less frequently recorded observations of them predating on animals, although they may predate when prey are in abundance and when perhaps resources are hard to find through scavenging.

    Dogs have b

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  31. What is self control training?

    What is self control training?

    Impulse control is a term we use alongside ‘self-control’.  It’s where we are asking dogs to control their motivation to do something they want to do, unless prompted by us. The idea is, that by helping dogs slow down and consider whether what they are looking at or thinking of doing is more reinforcing than what we have on offer- we can help keep them safer.

    When we do self-control training we can use a range of reinforcement. Of course, we can use treats, praise and play- but we can also use access to the very thing the dog wanted as their final reward.

    For example;

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  32. 5 foods for healthy canine joints

    5 foods for healthy canine joints

    According to the RSPCA , canine arthritis is the most common cause of chronic pain in dogs and affects four out of five older dogs. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints which causes pain, discomfort and stiffness. Cartilage within the joint can change and become damaged, making it less ‘smooth’ and causing the bones to rub together. This creates even more pain.

    There are many things that can make arthritis and joint paint more severe for dogs, including obesity, cold weather, hard walking surfaces and food allergens. With inflammation being the main culprit for the development of arthritis and unhealthy joints, it’s important to try to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods in your ageing dog’s diet, to reduce the risk of joint damage and the development of joint diseases such as arthritis.

     In this blog post, we take a look at different foods and ingredients that can help to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and keep joints supple and healthy.

    Our top 5 nat

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  33. The importance of feeding a variety of proteins

    The importance of feeding a variety of proteins

    Why should I vary my dog’s protein source?

    When you buy a 15kg bag of kibble, chances are your dog is going to be eating the same type of protein (e.g. chicken, beef, lamb etc.) meal after meal, day after day for as long as 6-8 weeks. Yes, it certainly seems convenient for the human, and most pups will give a bowl of biscuits a taste, but is it really in their best interests?

    Whilst there are many reasons why kibble isn’t the most nutritious choice of food for a happy and healthy pup, we want to talk about one thing specifically in this post – and that is the risks associated with single protein-source diets.


    Protein allergies

    While grain allergies are the most common seen in dogs, they can and do develop allergies to specific proteins in their diets.


    Dogs are not born with protein allergies; these develop as a result of constant exposure to the same protein. Repeated exposure to a single protein

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  34. How to give your dog a ‘Spring Clean’ naturally – from the inside, out!

    How to give your dog a ‘Spring Clean’ naturally – from the inside, out!

    After a long, dark, cold and muddy winter, we’re all starting to get into that spring spirit. And it wouldn’t be spring without a traditional ‘spring clean’. We recently highlighted ways to spring clean the home in a pet-safe way, and so it’s only right that we now look at ways that we can give our beloved pups a good spring clean, both on the inside and out.

    Keep your dog clean is not only essential for their own health and happiness, but it’s beneficial to you (and your home!) as the owner, and it’s a great way to bond with your dog and show that you really care.

    A good spring clean for the inside

    1) Raw food for optimal digestion

    As we well know, raw dog food

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  35. Does diet affect behaviour in dogs?

    Does diet affect behaviour in dogs?

    by Roz Pooley, The Mutty Professor

    Every behaviour we do and every process in our body relies on energy obtained through diet. It would be foolish for us to think it does not affect dog behaviour.

    Nutrition is a big can of worms to open, especially when it comes to dogs! The field of research around pet dog nutrition is ever-growing. For the sake of this blog, I will loosely refer to established information and research on nutrition but will largely draw on my own experience in working with dog behaviour on a clinical level. I may cross reference between species, but please do note that extrapolating from research on another species is common practise within science, especially when there are similarities- such as being mammals!

    Fussy Eaters

    Fussy eating can affect dog behaviour in many ways.

    I have noticed a link between ‘fussy’ dogs who show excessive ent

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  36. Why you should let your dog play with their food this Easter

    Why you should let your dog play with their food this Easter

    Easter is one of those special times of year where food becomes even more fun than usual for the humans in the household! Egg-stravagant chocolates, egg hunts, and treats from the Easter bunny – children and adults alike can revel in the fun that Easter brings.

    So why not get your beloved dog involved as well? Minus the chocolate of course!

    Easter is the perfect time to start making food a little more fun for your pups.

    Introducing food play time!

    What is food play time?

    Essentially, food play time is anything that involves feeding your dog in a fun and playful way. This could incorporate all of their meals and snacks, or could just be limited to snacks if you are set on feeding meals from a bowl. There are so many benefits to making food times fun for our four-legged friends, and we just know that they’ll love you even more for it!

    Benefits of food play time

    Energy exp

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  37. Pet-safe ways to Spring Clean your home!

    Pet-safe ways to Spring Clean your home!

    Ahhh Spring – it feels nice to be finally thawing out from a long, cold winter!

    As we welcome warmer days and lighter evenings, we might be getting that urge to pull out all the furniture and give the house a good ‘spring clean’.

    Where did "Spring Cleaning" originate from?

    There are many thoughts on where the term ‘spring clean’ first originated from, with historical references found in the Iranian Nowruz (the Persian New Year), the Jewish springtime festival of Passover and the Catholic holiday period of Easter. But regardless of where the phenomenon first started, most of us partake in the tradition.

    With that in mind, we thought we’d take this opportunity to remind all of you responsible and loving dog owners of the potential dangers that can crop up when it comes to spring cleaning and our pets.

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  38. Ticks, tick bites and Lyme disease – everything you need to know to keep yourselves and your dogs safe

    Ticks, tick bites and Lyme disease – everything you need to know to keep yourselves and your dogs safe

    As the weather (hopefully) starts to warm up, and we begin to spend more time in the great outdoors, it’s an ideal time to learn more about tick bites, and find out how to prevent them, treat them and what to look out for when it comes to Lyme disease.

    Both dogs and humans can pick up ticks. Ticks latch onto the skin by biting, and begin to feed on the host’s blood. The real problem lies in the infection of the tick with borrelia bacteria, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. 

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  39. Mental exercise for dogs: its benefits and activities that can help

    Mental exercise for dogs: its benefits and activities that can help

    We’re all well aware that physical exercise is essential for happy and healthy dogs: it supports cardiovascular, joint and muscle health, and helps maintain a healthy weight. But do we know just how important mental exercise is for them? And how do we go about mentally stimulating our pups?

    Dogs are extremely intelligent animals and want to use their brains to satisfy their intrigue. The average dog can learn around 165 words, understand and react to social cues, show empathy, interpret emotions, and can think rationally. That’s impressive for something so cute and cuddly, isn’t it?!

    It’s quite incredible how much we rely on a dog’s intelligence for a multitude of jobs including disability assistance, explosive detection and search and rescue missions. However, a dog’s mental capacity to learn and engage should not be ignored just because they’re a family pet: it’s essential that mental stimulation is a part of their daily routine whether they’re out in the service fi

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  40. How much sleep does your dog need?

    How much sleep does your dog need?

    Whether they’re stretched out in the sunshine, curled round your feet under the desk or sprawled over their (or your!) plush bed, you might feel envious of how often your pooch naps throughout the day.

    But how much are they actually sleeping? How much sleep does a dog tend to need? And how can we help a dog get the right amount of sleep?

    First of all, we need to go back to sleep basics…

    There are three types of sleep pattern: monophasic, biphasic and polyphasic. Adult humans tend to follow monophasic patterns i.e. sleeping once in a 24-hour period. Adult dogs are

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  41. 5 surprising ways your dog shows that they love you!

    5 surprising ways your dog shows that they love you!

    A 2020 survey found that 47% of us in the UK have a dog for love and affection and thanks to scientific studies on oxytocin (the ‘love hormone’), we know that dogs definitely DO feel love back for us. Phew!

    Unfortunately, they can’t tell us this in human language (as much as we would all love to hear our dogs say those three little words), but there are plenty of ways in which they show us with their body language and actions.

    Here, we’ve summed up 5 of these ways, so that you can feel the love from your four-legged best friend this Valentine’s Day (and a few tips on how to show them some love back!).

    1. Look into their eyes

    A Japanese study

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  42. Is raw feeding really that 'tricky'?

    Is raw feeding really that 'tricky'?

    One of the biggest concerns we hear when talking to those considering a raw food diet for their pets is that it’s too ‘tricky’, ‘confusing’ or ‘difficult to switch’. Ok – we admit it – pouring a cup of kibble into a bowl is quick and requires little consideration. If this is what you’re used to when it comes to feeding your pet, then you will find that raw feeding requires a just a little more energy…


    We want to banish all the misconceptions that pet owners have around raw feeding. The ‘mess’, the ‘bacteria’, the rigmarole of defrosting and serving – it’s time to ditch whatever you’ve heard and start afresh on your journey to raw. Afterall, feeding Nutriment is as simple as defrost, portion, and serve!

    How do I balance a raw dog food diet?

    Dogs require a nutritionally complete and balanced diet in order to obtain all the essential protein and nutrients that they need

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  43. 5 scientifically proven benefits of walking your dog

    5 scientifically proven benefits of walking your dog

    We all know that a key aspect of dog ownership is committing to regular dog walks. But do we know why these are so important and just how beneficial they are to both pooch and parent?

    With the average British dog being walked six times a week, for an average duration of 48 minutes per trip, we are totting up some serious miles on a yearly basis (around 750!). In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the incredible benefits that every single step provides us.

    1. Cardiovascular fitness

    Walking is a free and flexible method of exercising, which is hugely beneficial for both you and your dog’s heart health. In fact, according to the British Heart Foundation, dog owners actually have a lower risk of death due to cardiovascular dis

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  44. New Year, New Trick! Teach your dog "spin"!

    New Year, New Trick! Teach your dog "spin"!

    It's a new year, so why not start the year with a brand new trick, with guidance by Roz Pooley!

    Teach your dog to spin!

    A nice little party trick to teach your dog! Teach your dog to spin clockwise and/or anti-clockwise on visual or verbal cue.

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  45. Resource Guarding in Dogs: Understanding, Prevention & Management

    Resource Guarding in Dogs: Understanding, Prevention & Management

    by Roz Pooley, The Mutty Professor

    Resource guarding, in some contexts, is a totally normal canine behaviour. It serves the function to maintain access to resources, which would be crucial for the survival of a free-ranging dog or wild canid.

    However, in pet dogs, this behaviour has the potential to escalate significantly and can sadly become dangerous to other dogs or humans and stressful for all involved, including the dog who does the resource guarding.

    Examples of resources are;

    food (in their bowl), chews, treats, toys, found or dropped (out of place) items such as socks and rubbish, a human (because they are associated with resources) and locations (doorways, resting places and areas associated with other resources).

    Resource Guarding Behaviours can include;

    freezing/tensing up over the resource, looking at the challenger (dog or

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  46. How often should I feed my dog?

    How often should I feed my dog?

    This is a common question for both new and seasoned pet owners alike. Whilst there are no strict rules – and it’s best to feed your dog in whatever way that’s right for them – the general recommendation for healthy, adult dogs is twice a day (morning and night). Of course, puppies, older dogs and dogs with certain health requirements need feeding outside of these guidelines.

    How often should I feed my puppy?

    Smaller stomachs need smaller but more frequent meals. Their rapid growth needs lots of nutritional support, so you’ll find they eat a lot in their first few months, and just like human babies, they can be fed on demand. Young puppies (under 6 months) should be fed at least 3-4 times a day, older puppies (6 months+) should be fed twice a day. Explore Nutriment’s puppy food, including weaning paste and specialist puppy formulas here for further information.

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  47. Do dogs get Seasonal Affective Disorder?

    Do dogs get Seasonal Affective Disorder?

    By Roz Pooley, The Mutty Professor

    The cold, dark winter months can feel pretty doomy and gloomy for many people, even bringing on symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in some.

    Does SAD affect dogs?

    Scientists aren’t yet sure if they suffer from SAD in the same way humans do. However, many owners do report a change in behaviour, including lethargy and a depressive-like state in dogs. This change in behaviour could be for a few reasons.

    1. The clocks going back.

    Most dog owners are likely familiar with the challenges in getting their dogs used to their new routine with many asking for dinner an hour earlier than usual or waking up too early. The change in time and subsequently, reduced daylight may affect your dog’s circadian rhythm, which may affect their behaviour.

    2. Reduced Exercise & Mental Stimulation

    It may be harder for some owners to motivate themselves to

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  48. 6 Christmas gift ideas for the raw feeder

    6 Christmas gift ideas for the raw feeder

    Whether your tree has already been up for weeks, or you’re refusing to know it’s Christmas time at all, the truth is that there are less than 4 weeks left until Santa Claus comes to town, and present buying time is running out.

    For many of us, some of our best friends have four legs, and it’s only right that they get to enjoy one of the best parts of Christmas with the rest of the family – receiving gifts!

    To take some of the pressure off, we’ve compiled a list of the must-have gifts for raw feeders this year. So, all you have to do is choose which one(s) your pup would love and watch them jump for joy on Christmas morning.

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    1. Are all dog walks created equal? Absolutely not!

      Are all dog walks created equal? Absolutely not!

      If your dog’s daily walk is the same length and route, in the same location, stimulating the same senses each time, it may not be fulfilling your dog’s walking needs. Just like humans, dogs need a variety of different movements and environments in order to remain fulfilled.

      We’ve outlined four different types of walk in this post that are essential for a well-walked, happy and healthy pup. Try and incorporate all four into your weekly walking routine.

      Exercise walks

      Just like humans, dogs need exercise to maintain their physical health. Particularly for dogs who aren’t raw fed, exercise is essential for ideal weight maintenance. Brisk walks and runs that elevate a dog’s heart rate (duration dependent on age, breed and fitness levels of each individual dog), are great types of exercise for dogs. If you’re concerned about your dog’s weight, you can speak to one of Nutriment’s in-house canine nutritional advisors to discuss which of our raw food formul

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    2. What Is My Myoglobin?


      Do you pour away the red liquid leftovers at the bottom of your pup’s bowl or Nutriment raw food tray? Then STOP! That stuff is liquid gold!


      You may assume that it’s blood and that it should be discarded, but it’s in fact nutrient-dense myoglobin and water. It makes a fantastic nutritional addition to your pet’s natural, raw diet.


      What is myoglobin?

      Myoglobin is a dark red iron and oxygen-binding protein that is found in the cardiac and skeletal muscles of mammals. It is responsible for storing oxygen so that working muscles can contract and work effectively.

      Myoglobin is also rich in bioavailable iron, taurine (great for cats!) and B vitamins, making it a nutrition powerhouse that your pets should enjoy.


      Did you know? Diving mammals such as seals and whales are able to swim underwater for extended periods of time because of the large amounts of myoglobin in their muscles!


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    3. Caring for your dog, naturally

      Caring for your dog, naturally

      A Long, Healthy, and Happy Life Through Daily Dog Care

      By Aniforte

      Support your dog with the proper care for eyes, ears and paws. With our natural care products you are perfectly equipped and can really nourish your dog in everyday life and after muddy walks.

      Especially during autumn and winter, the paws, eyes and ears of our dogs are often affected by external influences such as rain, snow and cold than

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    4. 10 Top Tips For Pets & Fireworks

      dog infront of fireworks

      Firework season, including Bonfire Night, can cause a lot of stress in our pets; many of us find it heartbreaking and simply don’t know what to do. This is why we have 10 Top Tips for you. Being prepared for the bangs and the sudden flashes which turn cats and dogs into scared and nervous wrecks is key. Hopefully, some of these tips might help you make it less stressful for your cat or dog. 

      h themselves.
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    5. Helping your puppy settle into the home

      Helping your puppy settle into the home

      by Roz Pooley, The Mutty Professor

      Incoming puppy! How exciting!

      But it can also nerve-wracking. There’s a plethora of advice out there, and it can be challenging for owners to sift out the helpful advice from the inaccurate and at times, even dangerous suggestions.

      I’ve noticed that many owners are feeling under increasing pressure to have the perfectly behaved dog. Of course, we all want our dogs to turn into well rounded and well-behaved individuals. But owner’s putting themselves and subsequently putting their puppies under pressure to fit lifestyles and i

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    6. 3 Easy recipes for your dog that uses left over pumpkin!

      3 Easy recipes for your dog that uses left over pumpkin!

      Are you wondering what to do with left over pumpkin this Halloween?

      We have 3 delicious recipes for you to try! You can use stuff-able toys for these tasty treats - or make them Halloween themed by using moulds. You can give these as treats (if your dog gives you a trick!) or as a topper for their dinner to make it that little bit more special.  

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    7. Staying safe in autumn

      Staying safe in autumn

      And just like that, summer seems to have bid us farewell for another year.

      Temperatures are starting to fall, evenings are starting to darken and we’re begrudgingly digging out the coats, thick socks and brollies for our dog walks. Autumn is certainly upon us!

      Whilst there’s no denying the beauty of this season’s burnt oranges and golds, it’s always super important to be mindful of the fresh dangers that autumn can bring for our pups. We’ve put together a list here of the main things you should be wary of this autumn.


      Conkers are everywhere at this t

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    8. 5 reasons why you may want to consider feeding supplements to your pet!

      5 reasons why you may want to consider feeding supplements to your pet!

      5 reasons why you may want to consider adding supplements for dogs and cats to mealtimes

      In July 2022, a YouGov survey showed that 47% of Brits take regular dietary supplements and multivitamins. This figure has increased by a substantial 10% since January 2020 and is only set to increase further as people’s awareness of health and their desire to protect it grows.

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    9. What does healthy dog poop look like?

      What does healthy dog poop look like?

      What does healthy dog poop look like?

      Dog poo – it’s not exactly the highlight of dog ownership, but your dog’s stool can actually tell you a lot about what’s going on inside their body. Your dog could have a food intolerance, be dehydrated, have worms or be losing blood, and their poo can tell you.

      Dog poo will differ dramatically depending on their diet. In this blog post, we take a look at what’s right, what’s wrong, and how you can help your dog pass waste in peace.

      But first, what is poo?

      Poo is the waste product of the food that animals (including us!) eat. O

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    10. How to keep your dog calm at the vets

      Your Pet, the Vet and Getting Upset

      “The vets”. Two little words that can make even the bravest pup run for cover. Needless it say, it can be a hugely stressful time for both pet and owner, but visiting the vet and managing a pet’s physical health is a crucial part of pet ownership. Nearly half of UK dog owners report their dogs as being fearful of the vet and behaving problematically as a result. Why are dogs scared of the vets? And what can we do to help?

      Well firstly, vet fear is completely natural and understandable. After all, 48% of us humans suffer from mild to severe anxiety over visiting the dentist, 10% of us have trypanophobia (an intense fear of needles), and many more of us are scared of hospitals or faint at the sight of blood. Of course, we are able to rationalise the need for confronting our fears for the sake of our health in most cases.

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    11. 6 Healthy Dog Food Toppers

      6 Healthy Dog Food Toppers

      6 Healthy Dog Food Toppers– for all types of dog food, whether BARF, dry, homecooked or wet!

      Feeding the same meal every single day can be repetitive and boring, leave your dog feeling unsatisfied or even reluctant to eat. Adding a BARF friendly healthy topper to dog food is a great way to spice up mealtimes, keep your dog enthused and add additional essential nutrients to the bowl!

      Here are our top 6 healthy toppers for dog food – suitable for all types of dog food!

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    12. Separation Anxiety in Dogs

      Anxious dog by the door

      Separation anxiety in dogs is a common problem behaviour, causing both dog and owners immense stress.

      Signs of Separation Anxiety in dogs

      Dogs who suffer from home alone distress may pace, whine, bark and howl when left alone. In some instances, they can become so distressed that they defecate and urinate. 

      Not all dogs with home alone distress will become destructive, but when they are it is often around exit points within the home, such as scratching and chewing at door and window frames. They may also chew items that are

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    13. 3 Ice treat recipes to keep your dog cool!

      dog licking ice cream

      As temperatures soar, you may be wondering how to cool down your dog down during the summer months. Here we provide you with 3 easy recipes you can give to your dog and help cool them down. You can even enjoy them yourself too!

      You will need:

      • Fresh ingredients as listed below
      • Ice lolly moulds , or ice cube trays (perfect for adding to meals!)


      Please note: Do not leave your dog unattended with any treats. If using an ice lolly mould with a stick, hold onto the stick and allow your dog to enjoy the lolly. Do not allow your dog to ingest the stick and safely dispose of after use.

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    14. How do you choose healthy dog food?

      dogs confused with question marks over their heads

      We all want our dogs to be happy, healthy and to live if possible. The best way to make this happen (other than bucketloads of cuddles and letting them on the sofa!) is to feed them a healthy and nutritious diet.

      But what does healthy even mean? And what dog food is healthy?

      It can be so difficult to cut through the noise and determine what is ‘healthy’ for any of us, two legs or four. For us humans, one minute we’re told we need to cut out fat, then we need to remove sugar. One week gluten is the enemy, the next we’re at war with red meat.

      What is clear however, is that the more natural the diet, the better. Processed foods, artificial ingredients, added sugar and nutritionally void foods, coupled with reduced physical activity, has been proven to cause a wide range of health problems, including obesity, which is a worldwide epidemic today.

      Obesity just doesn’t exist in the same way in the animal kingdom (other than our pets, because we control their die

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    15. Give tripe some hype

      A cow with tripe slogan

      What a load of [hugely nutritional for dogs] tripe!

      What is tripe?

      Tripe is the name for the edible lining of the stomach of a grazing animal. This is usually cow, but can be sheep, deer, ox, and even antelope. It is hugely popular in Italian cooking, and can be found in dishes from Mexico, India, Portugal and others. It’s flavour is described as ‘mild liver’, but we’ll let you be the judge!

      Tripe for human consumption is cleaned to make it safe to eat. ‘Green tripe’ on the other hand, is completely natural, and has not been cleaned or bleached, which can damage the nutritional profile of tripe. Green tripe is the type of tripe that is perfect for a raw dog food diet.

      Is tripe good for dogs?

      A cow’s digestive system is complex, as their stomachs have four chambers which systematically break down grass with digestive enzymes, gastric juices and amino acids. These enzymes, gastric juices and amino acids are ver

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    16. Are Dogs Colour Blind?

      picture of dog with example of what colors dogs can see.

      Are dogs colour blind? It’s turns out the answer isn’t quite so black and white…

      For a long time, people believed that dogs could only see in grayscale, but studies in the late 1980s dispelled that myth. Today, a dog’s vision is commonly described as ‘colour blind’.

      Colour blindness in humans is a complex condition which can be inherited or acquired. Most people have colour vision that is trichromatic, meaning that they see the three colour variations (red, blue and yellow/green). There are lots of variations of colour blindness, of which one – known as dichromatic vision – is how dogs also see.

      A closer look at the eye

      The eye sees colour via a series of white light absorption and reflection. For example, blue objects absorb blue wavelengths of white light and reflect the rest. The reflected wavelengths reach the retina at the back of the eye. The retina contains two types of light-sensing cells: rods, which detect motion and vision in l

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    17. Beat the heat! Safe summer enrichment activities for you and your pup pal

      dog running under sprinkler

      Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind

      AND time to play some fun games and do some stimulating activities with our pooches!

      Summer means more outdoor time, more vitamin D, and a chance to get active – what’s not to love?! We’ve made it very clear in a recent blog post that overheating and heat exhaustion are both very dangerous conditions for dogs. That considered, we wanted to pull together some more helpful ideas for loving owners to keep their dogs’ days enriched and happy, even when the hot weather makes walking problematic.

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    18. Summer strolls & staying safe

      dog sitting holding lead in mouth

      Aside from companionship, love and never being able to go to the toilet alone, one of the best parts of having a dog is the summer walks you get to enjoy together. The lighter, longer days and warmer air make dog walking a true pleasure and provide many health benefits for both pooch and parent. However, summer walks can pose a few additional dangers than normal, so we wanted to quickly shine some light on these to help owners and pups stay safe this, and every, summer.

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    19. Excited Wee... Or Appeasement Behaviour?

      dog sitting In front of door

      You asked: “Why does my dog wee when they greet myself or my guests when we come home, or when they meet unfamiliar people? How do I stop them doing it?”. Here Roz Pooley, Canine Behaviourist from The Mutty Professor, answers your question!

      It can be embarrassing when dogs urinate as they greet people, especially if the urine goes all over the person! It can also be frustrating to constantly have to clean up after them.

      This behaviour is often termed ‘excitement weeing’. However, this isn’t a particularly helpful label, as it gives the impression the dog is happy, which may not always be the case. Another term used is ‘submissive urination’, which is a little more accurate. Although, in clinical animal behaviour we tend to prefer the word ‘appeasement’ to ‘submissive’.

      Appeasement Behaviour

      Appeasement behaviour is the term used to describe a range of non-aggres

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    20. The Rise of the Staycation

      dog on beach

      The rise of the ‘staycation’ during and since the Covid-19 pandemic has been a great boost to UK tourism and has encouraged holidaymakers to explore the beautiful sights of the UK rather than travelling abroad. Around half of holidaymakers are looking to stick to the UK this summer, citing comfort, ease, and less stress as reasons for avoiding the airports in 2022. An added bonus of choosing a staycation as a dog owner, is the option to bring your pup along and avoid hefty kennel and dog sitting fees. Whilst international travel with pets is a possibility thanks to pet passports, long journeys (especially involving air travel) can be costly and hugely stressful for everyone involved, and there are various inoculations and restrictions to adhere to in order to pass border controls.

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    21. Signs of Dog Pain

      dog in pain

      by The Mutty Professor

      All animals have evolved to hide pain well. Appearing to be in pain can make an individual vulnerable to predation, driven away by members of their social group or targeted by a rival individual or group.

      Furthermore, activities that generate a lot of adrenaline and cortisol mask pain, causing dogs to appear to be, in the moment, pain-free. This can lead to dogs being inappropriately exercised which may lead to delayed recovery or long-term physical damage.

      A whopping 80% of dogs over 8 years old experience arthritis and worryingly, up to 35% of dogs under this age may suffer too. Poor breeding practice (including some of the extreme breed standards we see today) has resulted in structural abnormalities in many breeds and also in mixed breeds. The very sad reality is that these days,

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    22. Be wise to overheating – keep your dogs safe this summer.

      happy dog, with mouth open wearing sunglasses

      Overheating and heat exhaustion are serious summer risks for unacclimatised dogs. British weather can be unpredictable at times, and sudden heatwaves where temperatures exceed 25°C can become dangerous for dogs that are used to cooler climates.

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    23. Jasper's 30 Days to Raw Food

      sausage dog sitting down

      Raw Food Diary

      Meet Jasper, a 6 year old Labrador retriever, who lives with Abi, as they document their first 30 days on raw. From ordering, to delivery, to storage, handling and feeding, Jasper and Abi talk about their experiences are a complete newbie to raw feeding. Ever wondered what transformation your dog could go through just by feeding raw for 30 days? Wonder no more!

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    24. Dog Recalling Training Tips

      dog running and jumping

      by The Mutty Professor

      Training a reliable recall is hard work but a duty we have to uphold as responsible dog owners. Keeping our dogs under control not only keeps them safe or preventing them being a nuisance to others, but it’s also the law!

      Here are my top ten recall training tips:

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    25. Sizzle in Safety this BBQ season

      dog with sausage on a fork

      As a nation obsessed with the weather, we’re often very eager to dust of the BBQ and stock up on grilled goodies as soon as the weatherman predicts highs of 16°C. It certainly wouldn’t be a proper British summer without firing up the BBQ, overcooking some sausages, and rushing inside when the weather turns to rain.  

      Whether you’re an absolute carnivore, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, or anything else in between, BBQs are the ultimate social event for Brits once we’ve all thawed from winter. And impressively, many Brits sharpened their BBQ skills over the 2020/ 2021 Covid-19 lockdown periods, as reported by The Independent, and so summer 2022 promises to be an absolute feast!  

      With animal welfare always at the forefront of our minds here a

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    26. Father’s Day gifts that will have dog dads barking for joy

      dog kissing their human dad

      Father’s Day gifts that will have dog dads barking for joy

      They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, so what better way to celebrate that special bond than to get the dog dad in your life a special gift from the pup this Father’s Day.

      Taking place this year on Sunday 19th June, we’ve put together a list of gift ideas to help inspire you!

      • You can’t beat a good pair of socks (as long as you don’t let doggo near them!). But did you know you ca
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    27. Sniffing is a dog’s superpower

      Keep their nose to the ground sniffing dog

      Let’s face it, dog walking is a lot more enjoyable when the sun is shining. As much as we love our pooches, trudging through the rain and mud in the darkness isn’t always the highlight of our winter days. However, when When days start to become lighter and longer (around March time), we often feel a lot more inspired to get out into the fresh air to keep our pups - and ourselves - fit and healthy. 

      This is obviously great news for our dogs! Instead of dragging them along in the rain and discouraging any sniffing breaks, spring and summer walks are understandably a bit more relaxed and this allows dogs to do something they absolutely love – stop and sniff! 

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    28. Loneliness & mental health

      lonely dog lying down

      This year’s Mental Health Week – taking place 9-15th May – is centred around the concept of loneliness. According to the Mental Health Foundation, who established this annual event 21 years ago, “Loneliness is affecting more and more of us in the UK and has had a huge impact on our physical and mental health during the pandemic. Our connection to other people and our community is fundamental to protecting our mental health and we need to find better ways of tackling the epidemic of loneliness.”

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    29. Allergy Awareness Week

      dogs holding a sign about allergy
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    30. Diet and health in cats and dogs

      dog and cat eating out of food bowl with text on it saying "our diet matters"

      Diet and health in cats and dogs

      The development of processed human food over the last 100 years has had undeniable detrimental effects on human health. Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease rates have never been higher, food intolerances and allergies are rife, today, one in two people will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime, and poor mental and behaviour health have strong associations with diet – it seems to be an undeniable truth that many people are only just starting to acknowledge.

      Read the World Health Organisation’s position on the importance of nutrition.

      Every single reputable animal professional, institution and charity agree that just like humans, an animal’s diet directly effec

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    31. Dangers of Chocolate

      dog wearing easter ears next to chocolate eggs

      The first word that springs to mind when you hear ‘Easter’ is almost definitely ‘eggs’! A symbol of new life and rebirth, eggs have long been given and received at springtime festivals, to welcome the new season and celebrate the most important date in the Christian calendar.

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    32. Meet Roz Pooley

      roz pooley with a group of dogs

      My name is Roz Pooley, and my primary role is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist, focusing on dogs. This means that I work alongside veterinarians via veterinary referral to address behaviour problems in dogs. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour and I am a full CAB member of The APBC and a registered CAB with The ABTC.

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    33. Pet Grief Awareness Week

      paw prints in sand on beach

      Sadly, grief is something we all experience at one point or another in our lives. The loss of a loved one is often a harrowing and highly emotional time, with many difficult feelings and processes to digest. For most pet owners, our two- and four-legged friends are one of the family.

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    34. Crufts 2022 Hero Dog Award!

      man lying next to dog

      Bob, and a wider team of lifesaving Newfoundlands led by Pete Lewin, have been announced as the winners of The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award at Crufts 2022.

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    35. Does daylight savings affect our dogs?

      dog with clock infront of him

      Many of us use the start of British Summer Time (or Daylight Saving Time) as a sign that winter is officially over! Happening this year on Sunday 27th March, it means longer, lighter days, brighter starts, and hopefully some warmer, drier weather.

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    36. Get the Crufts look: A Beautiful Shiny Coat!

      This Season's Must Have: A Beautiful Shiny Coat

      Shiny, healthy coats are the biggest, showstopping trend this (and every!) season. If your dog’s coat is a bit more ‘tramp’ than ‘lady’, then you’re probably wondering…how do you get a shiny coat on your dog?  

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    37. 5 Acts Of Kindness To Show Your Pet

      Cat and a dog sitting next to a sign highlighting it's 'Random Acts Of Kindness Day'

      Celebrating its 27th year in 2022 – ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ Day is perhaps the most positive day in the celebration calendar! RAK Day is an entire 24 hours dedicated to kindness, care and consideration for everyone we may come across, with an aim to encourage this spirit throughout the rest of the year.

      Did you know that being kind to others actually makes you feel great? It boosts serotonin and dopamine levels, which give us feelings of satisfaction and well-being, and causes the pleasure/reward centres in our brains to fire into action.

      Studies show that pets can have a similar uplifting effect on our moods when it comes to serotonin and dopamine. This is great news, as according to the

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    38. 6 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your dog

      dog wearing a heart

      What’s your usual type? Short hair? Long legs? Well groomed? Loyal? Great with kids? Lovely cuddler? With over 300 breeds of dog now recognised by the World Canine Organization, it’s never been easier to find the perfect match for you. Canine companionship is proven to positively effect our lives. According to a study carried out by The Independent, nine in 10 owners believe their pet is good for their health and wellbeing. So with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to prioritise the real loves in our lives – our gorgeous pups!

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    39. 2022 The Year of the Tiger

      Cat in a Tiger outfit

      A cat is a tiger that is fed by hand – Proverb Chinese New Year, which occurs in early February, marks the start of the ‘Year of the Tiger’. According to the Chinese Zodiac, people born this year are said to be brave, competitive, unpredictable, confident and display great levels of willpower – just like the majestic tigers themselves! Tigers are amongst 12 different animals used in the Chinese zodiac, which is derived from folklore. Tigers are traditionally found in a wide range of habitats, from rainforests to savannahs, in countries including China, India, and Russia. They’re the largest of the wild cats, and have a lifespan of approximately 30 years.

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    40. You CAN teach old dogs new tricks with this handy guide!

      A dog learning new tricks

      They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but here at Nutriment we know that is definitely not true! Dogs are loyal, intelligent and loving animals who strive to please no matter what age they are. Training and teaching tricks are both highly effective ways of mentally stimulating your dogs, boosting their happiness, and reinforcing the bond between you and your dog. It is also great fun for everyone involved.

      There are a few things to consider when embarking on a training journey, so we’ve compiled some ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ to help you and your dog along the way. Follow our advice and they’ll be rolling over, shaking hands and bowing on command in no time!


      The magic words: Positive Reinforcement

      All qualified and experienced dog trainers will tell you that positive reinforcement is the only way to train your dog. Dogs respond fantastically to treats, rewards, positive words and general feelings of positivity.

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    41. Too cold to walk? Boredom busters to keep pups happy this winter!

      Dog wearing warm clothes

      Going for a walk is undoubtedly the best part of your dog’s day (other than dinner time!). Keeping your dog safe whilst on walks is obviously hugely important, and it is vital to consider weather conditions as part of this. We are all aware of how dangerous hot weather can be for unacclimatised dogs, but are you aware of the dangers of cold weather? Extreme cold weather poses the same risks for dogs as humans, including the risks of frostbite and hypothermia. As a general rule, any temperature below -10°C is too cold for any dog to be walked. Of course, a dog’s size and coat type will determine the exact temperature that is appropriate for it individually. Other winter-related dangers include snow and ice, grit and anti-freeze products, and increased darkness.

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    42. Keeping your pets happy and safe at Christmas time

      Cat and dog in seasonal outfits under a Christmas tree

      The festive season means for many of us frantic activity! Lots to do and often also lots to forget unfortunately. In particular keeping your cats and dogs safe from these seasonal, and often forgotten, dangers; vine fruits such as grapes, raisins, sultanas, currants (in any shape; breads, wine etc) chocolate alcohol coffee & tea (the caffeine in both

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    43. Seasons Greetings from Team Nutriment!!

      dog sniffing Christmas present

      Getting Ready for the Festive Season with our Charity Christmas Scheme, Delivery Dates, present ideas and more!

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    44. The Best Way To Give Your Pet The Nutrition It Needs

      news letter on the best way to give pets nutrition

      Nutriment features in Business & Industry Today

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    45. Nutriment is leader of the pack on ‘All About Dog Food’ supersite

      nutriment product on dog food supersite

      Established in 2011, All About Dog Food’s creator, David Jackson, intended to create a one-stopshop platform for dog owners who want to know more about their dog’s food. It is completely independent and provides reviews, tips, advice, information and more to its 90,000-a-month visitors. Following a career in canine nutrition, David’s primary objective is to ensure that dog owners across the country are able to make the most informed decision when it comes to the food they give their dogs.

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    46. What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

      four dogs sitting still

      Something that is ‘hypoallergenic’ is something that is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. There are certain foods which are known to be the most common when it comes to allergies and intolerances for dogs, such as grains, chicken and beef. Generally those proteins that are labelled ‘hypoallergenic’ are actually ‘novel’ proteins – ones that the dog has been

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    47. 2019 WAO Team Events

      WAO England team

      The Team Event runs like a Pentathlon; two agility runs, two jumping runs, finished by a speed-stakes team relay. Each country selects from its pool of handlers and dogs to run 3 dogs of different heights in each of the first four runs, before selecting one dog of each height to run in the relay. But these decisions are made on the mornings of the competition having less than 15 minutes to analyse the course maps and make the best selections.

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    48. 2019 World Agility Open (WAO) Championship Results

      England WAO team

      The 2019 World agility open WAO has now finished, and the England team produced some amazing results, this year 38 countries attended the event and the level of skills on show from both dogs and handlers was truly breath taking. The WAO competition has the following 4 elements, individual pentathlon, biathlon and games, plus team pentathlon. Each height division 300,400,500,600

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    49. We care about… World Food Safety Day

      assortment of raw dog food

      At Nutriment, we only promote good food safety and hygiene practices. We want all our Nutriment Dogs and Cats to be happy and healthy. Here are some of the ways we keep your canines and felines in tip-top condition. Raw materials The very first step in the process of producing a safe raw pet food is to have the very

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    50. A Day in the Life of Milo – WAO Team England

      dog lying down

      am, There’s that same tune again that mum plays every morning. It’s getting boring now, I wish she would choose another one. However I just cannot help myself, it is quite catchy after all, so I have to burst into tune just before I make my way over to mums bed to poke her with my wet cold nose, and lick her ears and eyes. WAKE UP, I want my breakfast!!!

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    51. Meet Ashleigh Butler – WAO Team England

      woman guiding dog over hurdle

      Firstly I would like to thank Nutriment for giving me a forum to write this brief introduction to me and my dogs, but also for being the best food sponsors out there! My name is Ashleigh Butler and I am going to be competing with two dogs, Sullivan a 6 year old crossbreed, and Eliza, a 5 year old Bearded collie at the World Agility Open for Team England.

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    52. 2019 marks Nutriment’s most successful year at Crufts® to date.

      nutriment team Infront of nutriment stand

      Camberley, Surrey, March 2019 – Nutriment, an award-winning industry leader in the innovation and formulation of premier, raw dog food and raw cat foods, has reported fantastic success at this year’s Crufts®: the world’s largest dog show. Now in its 118th year, the four-day international event welcomed 27,000 dogs, from 44 countries, to the NEC in Birmingham earlier this month

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    53. WAO Team England 2019 – An Introduction – Part 2

      England team member supported by nutriment

      The object of agility is to negotiate a full course of equipment performed in the correct order and direction defined by a set of numbers. An electronic timing system records the speed the dog completes the course. The fastest dog to complete the course without error, wins.

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    54. WAO Team England 2019 – An Introduction – Part 1

      England team wearing kit with nutriment logo

      In May 2019, 17 handlers, 22 dogs, 2 Team Managers and their supporters, will travel out to Ermelo in The Netherlands to compete at the World Agility Open Championships. The Team are very proudly sponsored for the second year by Nutriment Raw, who provide an optimum raw dog food diet to support the canine athlete. Without this support, the team who work hard all year to be at the very top of their sport, would not be able to compete at such a prestigious international event. We are all incredibly grateful to Nutriment for continuing to support us this year.

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    55. Nutriment ‘Support’ range wins at PATS Sandown New Product Awards 2019

      nutriment team holding award

      Camberley, Surrey, February 2019 – Nutriment, a multi-award winning leader in the innovation and development of premium, raw canine and feline nutrition products, has proudly added to its accolades following this year’s PATS Sandown. Winning the New Product Award in the Dog Food Product category, the Nutriment Support range was championed due to its local ingredient sourcing, great packaging and ability to bring safe, raw feeding solutions to dogs with more specific needs and support requirements.

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    56. Nutriment reinforces its position as lead innovator in the marketplace with expansions to the portfolio and brand.

      nutriment low purine and phosphorus support dog food

      Camberley, Surrey, November 2018 – Nutriment, a multi-award winning leader in the innovation and forward thinking of raw canine and feline nutrition, has announced an exciting expansion of its portfolio and brand over 2018 and 2019. This investment comes in response to consumer demands for further high quality, uncompromising raw feeding solutions for dogs and cats from Nutriment.

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    57. Charity Starts Here – Charity Christmas Scheme

      dog in Santa had, surrounded by presents

      Over the last years, our generous customers have donated over 5 tonnes of dog and cat food to help feed the less fortunate in rescues throughout the year due to our Christmas Charity Scheme – you can make the difference!

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    58. Wicked Winner’s News

      dog jumping over hurdle

      Well it is difficult to know just where to start to sum up the performance of Wicked Flyball Club at this years British Flyball Associations Outdoor Championships (“The Champs”) at Catton Hall between 17th -19th August 2018 as it was, to say the least, pretty outstanding with 3 out of the 4 teams entered returning home as Divisional Winners. Each with a shiny shield to celebrate their success.

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    59. British Flyball Association Outdoor Championship 2018

      dogs running around

      The grass is mowed, the sun briefed and the humour ordered by the bucket load because on Friday 17th August 2018 the biggest event of a flyballer’s year will be getting underway with over 100 clubs giving it their all at the British Flyball Associations Outdoor Championship 2018 event at Catton Hall in Derbyshire.

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    60. Dog-friendly Gardens: a Place of Enjoyment for You & Your Dog

      dog lying down in garden

      To an excitable pooch, your garden presents an endless source of fascination and adventure. An exuberant dog will happily dig up a flower bed, snack on a compost heap and lap up pond water. But what if the flower bed contains poisonous spring bulbs, the compost is laden with toxic mould and the pond water is rich in bacteria?

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    61. Nutriment sponsors of Winning Team England at WAO

      winning team at WAO

      I think we have all just about come back down to earth following the World Agility Open Championships 2018. It was an amazing experience being part of an event with top dogs and handlers from 33 countries competing across 4 events.

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    62. Nutriment Sponsoring Team England at World Agility Open Championships

      nutriment team England items

      The object of agility is to negotiate a full course of equipment performed in the correct order and direction defined by a set of numbers. An electronic timing system records the speed the dog completes the course. The fastest dog to complete the course without error, wins. Agility is suitable for many types of dog, but is physically demanding and requires thoughtful training to promote understanding and fitness. The correct nutrition is a critical part of ensuring dogs can compete at the highest level and to the best of their abilities.

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    63. The Wicked Mischief’s – There may be Trouble Ahead

      4 dogs sitting down

      Let us introduce you to our Band of Brothers. From left to right we have Boba Fett, JJ, Ripple, and Sabre. (JJ is the only one who won’t be competing in the Mischiefs, but we expect we will bump into him during the season as he is owned by Kevin and Christine Riley from another flyballing family) Now we know we may be a little biased, but we really think that Wizz and Jango produced some stunning pups. You can certainly see the similarities even though they are very different colours.

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    64. Our response to Dutch Raw Research

      dog next to raw dog food

      Understandably we have had a number of calls questioning the various articles in the national newspapers over the weekend, regarding the recent study produced at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Before I go any further I would like to point out that this research was undertaken in a country with different legislation for raw dog food, and performed on a tiny sample. No numbers were given to say how many animals, if any, were reported as ill as a result.

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    65. Pet Hazards of Glorious Spring Time!

      dog in lavender

      Spring can be a very exciting, entertaining time for all pets, whether they be puppies, adults or seniors. There are, however, hazards lurking inside and outside in which responsible owners must be mindful of. When weather starts to warm up make sure you check for ticks and if you use herbal flea treatments then start

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    66. Autumn Adventures – Are you the winner?

      dog in autumn leaf's

      We have the result of our very succesfull Autumn Adventures competition, we have so many wonderful entries! Up for grabs was the marvellous prize of £100 worth of our organic Laverstoke Park Farm food and treats. Laverstoke Park Farm is spread over 2,500 acres of rolling Hampshire countryside near Overton. It is certified biodynamic by Demeter and

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    67. 5 Tips for Everyday Show Shine!

      dog with shiney coat

      Are you looking for compliments on your pets’ coat condition and shine, be honest – we ALL like to hear how well our pets look. Here are our top tips for getting that show shine for your pet! Coats are a very clear indicator of overall health and wellbeing in your dog, if he/she is not

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    68. 3 Autumn Freebies – foraging for you and your dog!

      dog infront of berrys

      Who doesn’t like a good healthy super food freebie! Well, you can get lots of great additional extras for yourself and your dog by foraging and taking a closer look at what’s around you on walks this Autumn. Dogs and their ancestors have been foraging for centuries and plenty of dogs love nothing better then

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    69. The Team Manager Blog

      a assortment of nutriment raw dog food

      The role of the Team England Coaches prior to the World Agility Open event is to organise venues and run training days for handlers and their dogs, setting courses that will be similar to the tests that they will encounter at the event itself in May. In particular handlers and dogs may be tested on slightly longer courses than in previous years. This is because the WAO 2019 will give judges the opportunity to set courses with 22 rather than 20 obstacles. This may not seem like a major change but it really does give the judge a lot more scope to test the skills of handlers and dogs .

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    70. Puppy Sales Ban: Nutriment being part of history

      Nutriment staff Infront of number 10

      On 22nd August the Government announced that it will ban the sale of puppies by pet shops, online dealers and third-party sellers. Michael Gove declared, at a speech at Number 10 Downing Street that “we will eliminate puppy farming”.

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    71. Wicked Flyball Club… an exciting year ahead!

      dog jumping over hurdle

      We are looking forward to an exciting year here at Nutriment as we are sponsoring Wicked Flyball Club, based from Overton in Hampshire, and we will be closely following and sharing with you their exploits throughout the coming months as they take part in Flyball Competitions across the UK culminating in the British Flyball Associations Outdoor Championship in August.

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    72. Puppies on Raw Diets

      puppy laying down looking into camera

      Getting your puppy on a raw diet is perhaps the best health investment you can make; both long and short term. It is of extreme importance to feed the correct nutrients in order to support healthy growth. For many, changing a puppy to a raw diet comes with questions; When can I feed a meaty bone?

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    73. Switching to a raw diet – the common questions

      dog next to dog food

      Switching to the raw diet for many raises quite a few questions. To make it go smoothly we are addressing some of these below for you. Switching to raw doesn’t need to be difficult at all but how you go about it can make a big difference. We suggest you make a straight switch to

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    74. The Organic Difference… Explained

      two cows

      Organic Foods can make a huge difference for dogs with allergies and intolerances, as how animals are reared and what they eat reflects the meat we feed in a huge way. So let’s have a look at what organic means and how it would impact on the health of your pet.The importance of species-appropriate

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    75. Spirulina – the sea vegetable no pet should be without

      powdered spirulina

      If there is one supplement you do not want your pet to miss out on it must really be Spirulina! We include spirulina in all of our Formulas (apart from the Just and Organic range) as this small algae is just so packed with important minerals and vitamins, whether you are thinking of boosting your dog’s

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    76. Why is my dog so itchy?

      dog itching itself, with flees flying off

      Itchiness is one of the most common complaints noted by dog owners; considering the skin is the largest organ in the body it perhaps should come as no surprise, digestive issues being the number one. It’s quite normal for dogs to have a good scratch occasionally however when this develops into licking, biting, chewing to the

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    77. Help! My dog won’t eat!

      nervous dog

      Dogs at times seem to go off their food. We help many people with this issue but often the reasons for it are quite simple. Dogs go through phases which can mean that food is left and there seems to be no interest. It’s even worse when you feel you need to resort to tinned

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    78. Vets & Diets – Agree to Disagree?

      cat looking at camera

      Raw meaty bones are often one of the scariest things to introduce when you start on a raw and fresh diet, it gives some trepidation however the benefits do outweigh the concern, and you do overcome it! Knowing your dog and wisely picking bones which suit your size of dog is important. Bone is essential

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    79. Which Raw Bone for Your Dog?

      dog eating raw bone

      Only around 4% of the dog and cat population are currently fed fresh and raw diets. This is still a tiny number, whilst it’s slowly growing, this also means that when visiting the vet most rawfeeders do come across misinformed veterinary professionals, be it vets or vet nurses. There are still plenty of fear-mongering myths that […]

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    80. 3 Free Herbs You Never Knew About!

      dog surrounded by herbs

      The idea that our pets are with us for a short time will no doubt fly through everyone’s mind… “are there any ‘recipes’ to longer and healthier lives, what can I do to make sure they live to the fullest, how do I keep my older pet healthy as long as possible etc.”… there are

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    81. 7 Steps for Healthy & Long Lives

      happy dog

      Many ‘herbs’ we totally overlook, instead, these poor cousins of herbs we know get branded as mere weeds! However much what can be found on your walks can be useful little additions to a great diet and have been used for centuries to help common issues. So instead of walking all over them, next time you

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    82. 8 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool

      happy dog with sun glasses

      With temperatures rising we do well to keep a close eye on our pets in the fur coats, as they do suffer with the heat and YOU can certainly make life easier and safer for them with our 8 tips for staying cool. Dogs and cats struggle with heat, not just because of all their hair

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    83. 3 Tips To Keep Your Dog At A Healthy Weight

      obese dog

      Obesity is the nations’ pet epidemic, it’s so important to fight the flab! Being overweight is a serious risk to your dog’s health; carrying too much weight impacts on joints, bones, spines and can greatly increase the risk in dogs who are more prone to develop diseases like diabetes and heart disease. It is important to keep our furry friends healthy and

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    84. Rawhides; are you still feeding these?

      dog with chew treat in its mouth

      Rawhides are still one of the most popular dog treats around. All dogs need to chew, it’s natural to them, it provides stimulation and can help relieve anxiety however these might not be the best chew to give to your dog! Firstly, whilst marketed often as an “all natural” dog treat, rawhide, is NOT raw

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    85. One of Biggest Pet Problems!

      dog looking up with mouth open

      Good dental health is vital for good overall health, not having this means that bacteria in the mouth are free to roam the rest of the body, causing issues elsewhere such as heart and kidneys, as well as long-term suffering for your dog or cat and huge vet bills for you. More than 80% of cats and dogs in the UK over three years old are in need of dental work.

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    86. Bullie Beating the Odds with Diet!

      dog aloofly to the side

      We see many miracle stories online, but it’s quite something else to be involved with one. Meet Roger, who was a 10 month old rescued bulldog with many extreme health problems and because of it was considered to be put to sleep as few solutions could be found. Roger… was diagnosed with the disabling spinal conditions of

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    87. Make your own: Dried Hedgerow Hearts

      hedgerow turkey hearts

      Make your own dried Hedgerow Turkey Hearts, these are really easy to make and your dog or cat will absolutely love you for it! You will need …a pack of Turkey Hearts and some sprinkles, for this recipe we used dried nettles and rosehip shells. Nettle is a great herb for both cats and dogs and can help

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    88. Nutriment Shortlisted for 3 Major Awards

      a couple holding two dogs

      This week Nutriment took another step forward for premium pet food when its founder Suzanne Brock was short-listed as a finalist (1of3) for this December’s prestigious NatWest everywoman awards, a high profile accolade with PM approval that seeks to showcase the very best female founder talent that Great Britain has to offer. As a single mother, Suzanne is only too aware of the significant challenges associated with juggling the needs of young children and launching a ground-breaking business.

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    89. In The News

      fake newspaper

      Latest Press coverage of Nutriment

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    90. Nutriment Brings An Extra Dash of Indulgent To The Party

      display of nutriment raw products

      With Wimbledon and the Ashes series just around the corner, Nutriment decided that the timing was perfect to freshen up the Nutriment portfolio with the arrival of a NEW, 4 strong Summer collection consisting of: Venison & Chicken, Lamb, Salmon & Turkey and Chicken & Lamb. Sitting resplendently in their new Nutriment sleeves, the four more indulgent flavours are welcome…

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    91. When ‘Just’ Really Is Enough (April 15)

      display of nutriment raw products

      Although Nutriment is no novice when it comes to dynamic, new product launches, bold range extensions and the bedding down of a dynamic, more upmarket brand identity which set this Camberley-based business apart from the rest of the RAW dog food fraternity; it’s fair to say that not even Suzanne and her team weren’t expecting the avalanche of rave consumer anecdotal and sales orders they secured for their recently revamped ‘Just’ portfolio at Crufts 2015.

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    92. Nutriment Launches Dinner For Dogs (Feb 15)

      display of nutriment raw dog food

      Perfectly proportioned, single portions of premium ‘raw’ style pet food sits at the very heart of what makes this latest Nutriment range so special. Although the phrase ‘dogs of leisure’ might be preferable to ‘non-working’ dogs, when describing the UK’s growing love affair with smaller, less active breeds; the fact remains that there’s a growing community of discerning, (some might say finicky) smaller dogs out there who crave the many taste and nutritional benefits associated with top-notch raw recipes made from human-grade meats and veg

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    93. Thoughtful Starter Packs Provide Nutriment With Perfect Launch Vehicle (October 14)

      display of nutriment raw dog food

      It’s been a manic yet hugely rewarding first 6 months for fledgling raw petfood provider Nutriment, the fast-moving family-owned business that not only outmanoeuvred a number of bigger, more established petfood producers to become the official sponsor of three-legged super dog Haatchi, but who also this year became the first super-premium raw dog food producer ever to be awarded an unrivalled 5 out of 5 stars by www.whichdogfood.co.uk.

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    94. Vaccination Guidelines – Puppy

      laying down puppy

      VACCINATION GUIDELINES FOR NEW PUPPY OWNERS The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has issued guidelines to veterinary surgeons and dog owners which aim to ensure that dogs are protected from infectious disease, while reducing the number of vaccines that are given routinely. Full guidelines are available at this link: http://www.wsava.org/guidelines/vaccination-guidelines

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    95. Vaccination Guidelines – Kitten

      group of kittens

      FELINE VACCINATION GUIDELINES Cat breeders have a critical role to play in assuring that the kittens they raise and sell are properly vaccinated and remain healthy. There are core vaccines that all cat breeders and owners should give to their kittens, starting as early as 6 weeks of age, but preferably waiting until 8 – 10 weeks of age. The…

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    96. 4 Bone Broth recipes!

      cute dog with tongue out

      4 Bone Broth recipes to get any cat or dog licking their lips!, Whether you are looking for a recipe for the old, the young, the sensitive soul or the hardworking pet, we have 4 great recipes to for your cat or dog to try. Broth can also be worthwhile if you have a reluctant

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    97. 10 Top Tips! Holidaying without your dog or cat.

      Tupperware with name and day

      If you are holidaying without dog or cat these are our Top Tips to make it easier! Whether your pet is staying with family members, friends, in boarding kennels or you have a pet sitter it helps to make things less stressful by being prepared.

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    98. Microchipping, Ear Tattoos and Insurance

      group of three cute dogs

      Dog Tags and the Law In the UK, the Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address (including postcode) of the owner engraved or written on it, or engraved on a tag. Your telephone number is optional (but we would recommend this).

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    99. Raw Feeding For Dogs - Nutriment Releases Its 2019 Consumer Survey Results

      raw dog food improvments

      Camberley, Surrey, August 2019 – Nutriment, an award-winning, market leader of premium raw pet food, has released the results of its 2019 consumer survey. Designed to provide insight into the dog food landscape as it stands today, the survey delved into consumer perspectives on dog food, nutrition and health.

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    100. COVID-19 Statement

      nutriment raw dog food

      Personal Statement from Suzanne Brock Managing Director Nutriment Ltd COVID-19

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