Breeders Scheme

At Nutriment, we love to support our breeders and the new owners of their puppies and kittens. If you are a breeder whose litters are registered with The Kennel Club or The Governing Council of Cat Fancy/The International Cat Association, you may want to apply for our breeders scheme.

This is an online offer only. As a member of this scheme you will be entitled to;

  • 20% discount on all Nutriment branded products, which means you can ensure all your breeding animals can be fed on the best, most natural food on the market. This doesn't include shipping and may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts. The discount will automatically be applied to each product's price once you log in to your account.
  • Unique puppy/kitten gift certificates and raw feeding information for all of your new puppy/kitten owners (this must be requested with your order using the shipping notes at the checkout)

When applying to be a member of the scheme you agree to;

  • Keep your unique breeder account for your sole use only.
  • Provide us with the litter’s date of birth, the mother's name and number in the litter to claim certificates
  • Certificates may only be claimed with an order for food (minimum 5kg)
  • Registering litters is your sole responsibility
  • The vouchers for new owners are for puppy or cat food only and may not be changed or substituted
  • Only the new owners may redeem the voucher provided for that puppy or kitten
  • Link our website to your Facebook and/or web page

We have to reserve the right to discontinue the use of this discount if we have reason to believe it is being used by someone other than the registered user or the terms of the scheme have been exploited. This discount is applicable to online orders only. Should your account become inactive, your profile will revert to standard pricing and you may need to re-apply to the scheme should you begin ordering again.

We love to see your puppies and kittens! Please feel free to post videos and photos of your wonderful animals on our social media and keep us updated of their progress.

Breeders Scheme Request

Please ensure the details are full and correct to ensure your application does not incur delays.

The breeders scheme is open to existing Nutriment customers who breed. If you are a new customer, please first create an account and then submit your application. To do this, click here.

Applications may take up to 7 days to process.