Working Dog Food

Nutriment's fundamental priority is the health and happiness of animals, with in-house canine nutritionists dedicated to formulating raw food which contributes to an animal’s overall wellbeing. Optimal nutrition contributes hugely to the health and performance of working dogs in particular, who are highly active, alert and spend a great amount of time outdoors. Working dogs require a carefully balanced combination of energy-giving nutrients and vitamins to ensure they can cope with the demands of their daily lives.

Our premium, high-quality raw dog food is concentrated on high quality raw meat sources, nutritious vegetables (such as butternut squash and broccoli) and health-boosting superfoods (for example salmon oil and spirulina), making it a natural, complete and super healthy form of nutrition for dogs. Our working dog range includes salmon, lamb and beef varieties more, all containing everything your hard-working dog needs to keep them full of energy throughout the day.

We are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that our raw dog food products contain only high-quality, biologically appropriate and natural ingredients which boost the nutritional profile of our products. All of our ingredients, across all of our products, are carefully selected to ensure they are completely natural and free from any artificial additives, chemicals, flavours, colours or bulking agents.

Why give Nutriment working dog food?

Working dogs are highly active and spend a great amount of time working outdoors. This means that they have specific needs to support their health and wellbeing, as well as optimising their performance. Nutriment’s raw working dog food contains the optimal nutrition to support working dogs and all aspects of their health.


Supports bones and teeth

Working dogs are often more susceptible to injuries as they frequently come in to contact with other dogs, livestock and game. They can also spend more time in heavily wooded or overgrown areas where injuries are more likely to happen. Nutriment’s raw working dog food features easily digested calcium, vitamins and fats to support optimal bone and teeth health. Overall oral health is also promoted with a raw diet due to the biologically appropriate ingredients and texture which a dog is naturally designed to be able to chew and eat.


Supports skin and coat health

A strong coat and healthy skin contribute greatly to a dog’s overall wellbeing. Working dogs spend a great amount of time outdoors, which means they are exposed to varieties of weather, other wildlife and varying conditions. The essential fats, acids and vitamins contained in Nutriment’s raw working dog food range can help to support coat and skin health, keeping fur glossy, thick and shiny. Dogs also detox toxins through the skin, however without any artificial or biologically inappropriate ingredients, Nutriment’s raw working dog food does not require any ‘skin detoxing’, further supporting skin health.


Energy and stamina

Expectedly, working dogs require a steady, long lasting supply of energy. Nutriment’s raw working dog food is packed full of high-quality raw meat and offal, featuring essential fatty acids, that help fuel the body during periods of activity. This means your dog is supported with a steady flow of energy which will sustain them throughout the working day.


Resilience and immunity to infections

A healthy immune system is the key to fighting infections and avoiding illness. As working dogs frequently come in to contact with other animals, they are often at a higher risk of picking up diseases and other issues that can cause potential health problems. Nutriment's raw working dog food contains all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients busy working dogs need to stay healthy and free from unnecessary health concerns.

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