Raw Benefits in Depth

Feeding your cat or dog a raw diet, benefits are quickly seen, here are some of the most common benefits in depth…

Cleaner Teeth

We have all seen dogs and cats with plaque and bad breath but we may not have associated this with their diet of kibble and/or canned food. People generally believe that because their pets have to chew their kibble, they are cleaning their teeth at the same time. This approximates to us feeding our children hard biscuits and looking for the benefits!!

It is a fact that around 80% of domesticated cats and dogs suffer from periodontal disease requiring veterinary intervention at an early age. Recreational bones will give your dog an enjoyable time, but provide no benefits to removing plaque. Your dog should be eating raw meaty bones that he has to chew through, thus scraping the plaque from the teeth and providing a gum massage which increases circulation.

Nutriment’s adult range contains finely ground bone (apart from the beef and Just Tripe) and this acts like a scourer in removing any built up plaque.

Any dog or cat that exhibits the signs of periodontal disease, i.e., commonly known as ‘dog breath’ is in danger of this causing systemic problems in the body due to the constant presence of bacteria in their system. You will be truly amazed at the difference in your pet’s oral health after trying Nutriment for a few weeks.

Better Digestion

Unlike humans, dogs and cats have a very short digestive system which deals with their food intake quickly and effectively, greatly reducing the threat of bacteria. Thus, when we feed the heavily processed meat, grains and fillers, the dog’s digestive system is not built to deal with this. They do not have the digestive enzyme amylase which is required to digest grains. The pancreas is then put under a huge strain, working overtime to break down the foods the body is not designed to deal with.

Because dry food absorbs the moisture from the gut this can lead to diarrhoea and long term bowel problems. Chronic dehydration from years of eating a dry diet can contribute to crystals and kidney disease. By feeding a species appropriate diet of raw meat, bones and organs, the digestive system works with the food they are designed to eat and does not become worn out by years of over-exertion.

Less Poop

Because raw meat, bones and pureed vegetables are digested more completely than cooked grains and meat, this means less waste. The stools will be smaller, fewer and harder as well as being chalky in texture. When left out in the sun for a few days, they will generally turn to dust.

Pets that are fed a commercially made kibble diet, will have extremely offensive smelling faeces.

Your Pet’s Coat

The difference in your pet’s coat will show within two weeks on a raw diet. It will become softer, shinier and very silky. Animals will often detox through their skin, culminating in a greasy, smelly coat. On a raw diet, this noxious smell will disappear.


It is a sad fact that in recent years, more and more pets are showing signs of skin allergies. The grains, fillers, dyes and preservatives in a commercial dry diet can culminate in this type of allergy. Pets may also become allergic to different types of proteins as well. However, it is possible that they may be allergic to a cooked meat, but not in the raw form.

Many pets suffer with severe itching all their lives and will then be treated by their vet with antibiotics and steroids, when a cure may be as simple as switching to a biologically appropriate diet.

Arthritis and Bone Disease

Arthritis and bone disease can be caused by genetics, but in the main, are largely due to an inappropriate diet, high in carbohydrates and low in essential fatty acids. It has been found that diets high in essential fatty acids and omega fatty acids, decrease the inflammation and ease the pet’s suffering. Raw diets are full of these nutritional benefits.

Bone disease begins with puppies and kittens. When puppies are grown too fast, they will begin to experience structural problems. Many kibble diets are often too high in calories and certain minerals which can cause rapid growth spurts and uneven growth. This can potentially lead to joint disease such as hip and elbow dysplasia. Your dogs fed a raw biologically appropriate diet tend to grow more slowly and steadily without the growth spurs and uneven bone growth.


By giving your pet raw meaty bones to chew, you are providing great exercise for the jaw, neck, forearms and shoulders. It will keep your pet’s teeth clean and white with no plaque build-up and the exercise the dog receives will be very relaxing and is a great stress reliever.

Visiting your Vet

This is probably the most notable benefit. Preventative medicine is a common phrase these days, nutrition being the cornerstone to health and vitality for every species.

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