Senior Cat Food

Senior Cat Food

Nutriment’s complete, natural senior cat food is an enhanced raw formula, specifically formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of your aging cat. Our senior cat food contains 100% human grade quality raw meat and nutrient-dense superfoods, which means it’s packed full of essential nutrients and is perfect for cats as they get older. All of our cat foods are highly-digestible and flavourful, meaning that you can support your aging cat’s lifestyle and happiness with their diet.

Generally, senior cat food should be considered for cats over the age of seven years old. At this time, cats start to experience body composition changes and can be particularly susceptible to various health issues such as arthritis, weakened immune system and obesity. This can be managed and supported with a specially formulated senior cat food such as Nutriment.

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Why is senior cat food important for aging cats?

Between the ages of seven and twelve, cats experience changes to their metabolism, immune system and body composition. They can also develop various health concerns such as arthritis, obesity, dental problems, intestinal problems, loss of muscle mass and deterioration of their skin and coat. They may develop mobility issues, such as restrictions in movement, they may become less active and they may gain weight.

A natural, raw diet packed with proteins and essential nutrients is an ideal way to promote a healthy lifestyle for older cats. Nutriment’s senior cat food features high quality raw meat which is an optimal source for the protein and essential amino acids that cats require to support the majority of their bodily functions. The essential fatty acids, calcium and glucosamine featured in our raw senior cat food will also promote healthy joints which is important for aging cats, as their mobility decreases.

Are there any other benefits to raw feeding my cat?

Raw feeding is important for cats of all ages, however aging cats require specific nutritional support to promote a healthy lifestyle, and Nutriment’s senior cat food is packed with all the nutrition that your older cat needs for optimal health and wellbeing. 


Supports the immune system

Like humans, aging cats experience changes to their immune system, making them more susceptible to illnesses and infections. The essential nutrients that Nutriment’s senior cat food contain are ideal for supporting all bodily functions, including the immune system, to promote optimal health for older cats.


Supports oral health

Our natural, raw senior cat food feature high-quality meat which contains ground pieces of bone. This helps to keep teeth clean and breath fresh, which is ideal for optimal oral health. The omission of biologically inappropriate ingredients means that our senior cat food is easily digested, which means there are no nasty side effects which can impair your cat’s breath, teeth and gums.


Supports the digestive system

A cat’s digestive system is biologically designed to consume and digest high quantities of raw meat. It does not digest carbohydrates very well (which are often found in commercial cat food), and side effects of carbohydrate consumption can include bloating, irregular bowel movements and weight gain. When a cat is able to easily digest their food, they can utilise the nutrients in a much more effective manner, meaning they can harvest energy and goodness which supports their overall health and wellbeing. There is also very little waste from raw cat food, meaning that cats tend to produce less poop.


Fewer Vet Visits

Even in later years, preventive care should always be a priority. When you ensure your cat is appropriately fed with high-quality, raw and biologically appropriate ingredients, you are promoting optimal health and wellbeing. This will result in less need for vet intervention, which can cause unnecessary stress to your cat.