Dehydrated Dog Treats

Dehydrated Dog Treats

Nutriment’s dedication to raw feeding involves innovative raw feeding solutions such as dehydrated dog treats. Healthy, nutritious and convenient to feed, our dehydrated dog treats are a perfect complementary snack to your dog’s core raw diet. Nutriment's team of in-house canine nutritionists ensure every treat in our range provides high-quality nutrition as well as the great tasting flavours and textures that your dog deserves. 

Dehydration involves removing moisture from the meat, whilst remaining raw. Every bite provides a flavourful, nutrient-dense mouthful that your dog will enjoy tasting and benefit from eating. One of the benefits of dehydrated treats is the fact that they don't require refrigeration. This makes them perfect for on-the-go snacks whilst walking or travelling.

Dehydrated dog treats are part of the biologically appropriate raw feeding approach that we advocate and are so passionate about here at Nutriment. The meat may be dehydrated, but it's dried naturally, without chemicals or preservatives. Your dog gets all the nutrition, flavour and texture, in a convenient, long lasting snack pack.

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Why feed your dog raw dehydrated dog treats?

As well as high-quality nutrition, consuming food is also about enjoyment. Dogs tend to be hunters and are carnivores by nature; they get great enjoyment from experiencing foods such as dehydrated dog treats and dried dog chews. Chewing and gnawing are behaviours that naturally release endorphins and gives your dog a satisfying feeling which is great for their mental health.

Many commercially available dog treats are packed with grains, fillers and artificial ingredients, which your dog's body cannot easily digest. That means your dog's body will need to work a lot harder than it should, overworking the digestive tract and potentially leading to a variety of unpleasant problems. Dried dog treats which are free from biologically inappropriate ingredients are great for supporting your dog’s digestive system. This means your dog gets all the nutrition it needs to live an active and happy lifestyle. When a dog is able to digest its food as it was originally designed to do, this reflects on their oral health and the health of their skin and coat.

Raw feeding and a natural diet

A dog’s digestive tract is naturally designed to obtain nutrients from meat, offal and bones. When you look at many commercial diets for dogs, you may see the main ingredients are grains, animal by-products and artificial ingredients. These ingredients don't have the rich macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to the health and wellbeing of a dog. Raw food replicates the diet that dogs are specifically designed to eat, being biologically appropriate and nutritionally complete.

Dehydrated dog treats come in many flavours and textures and will become firm favourites once your dog is introduced. Beef organs are dense and rich with nutrients, dried tripe sticks are at the top of the list for the fussiest of dogs and for those that like the taste of the sea, our dried fish twists and bites are the answer. Venison is another favourite amongst those with a taste for game; we even have venison chews loaded with glucosamine for joint health, perfect for older dogs.

Getting started

The best way to introduce your dog to dehydrated dog treats is to offer your dog a variety and learn which one(s) he/she prefers. Start with small portions and work up to a full snack for special occasions. Most of our dried treats break apart easily to appropriately feed smaller dogs or to be used as training treats for larger ones.