Training Treats

Training Treats

Explore our puppy training treats (suitable for adult dogs too!)


Are you looking for a healthy dog treat? At Nutriment, we are completely dedicated to the health and happiness of animals. Our in-house canine nutritionists and animal experts are highly knowledgeable about animal behaviours and health. And for that reason, we can passionately advocate our natural and raw puppy training treats.

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Reinforce good behaviour with puppy training treats

Great-tasting and packed with essential nutrients and health benefits, our puppy training treats are the ideal reward to reinforce positive behaviour. Most puppies are incredibly food-orientated, and for that reason, dog treats can be very beneficial for your puppy training sessions.


As part of our committed approach to raw feeding, our dog training treats are 100 percent natural, with no fillers, additives, cereals, or preservatives. We use high-quality protein sources to create well-textured dog treats which are very high value and receive a great response from dogs. Our healthy dog treats are suitable for all breeds, ages and sizes, and they provide the perfect training reward solution for all dogs.


Why give your dog natural, raw puppy treats?

Natural, raw dog training treats are a vital component of any dog’s diet, as they offer a flavourful incentive to learn and mentally develop. Introducing new flavours, textures, and smells appeals to your dog’s varied senses, which helps stimulate their brains and makes them more receptive to your training efforts.


As with our whole portfolio, our dog training treats feature a very high meat content, a healthy balance of fats, and they are packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and macronutrients. They are naturally dried with no preservatives or fillers and are specifically designed to stimulate the smell and taste senses.


At Nutriment, we are wholeheartedly committed to raw feeding and the numerous health benefits a biologically appropriate diet provides animals. With an uncompromising approach to high-quality, premium ingredients, and a passion for enhanced, complete raw meals, Nutriment’s raw food products and crunchy treats are the optimal solution for supporting your dog’s health and happiness.


Unprocessed foods, free from artificial or unnatural ingredients, support your dog’s digestion, oral health, coat and skin health, immune system, behaviour and general well-being.


Puppy training treats for hypoallergenic dogs

Some dogs have allergic reactions to ingredients found in commercially produced dog treats. However, feeding them natural and raw dog training treats made from offal, turkey, fish, and venison can help avoid allergic reactions, keeping your four-legged friend healthy, happy and symptom-free.


Nutriment’s training treats are free from artificial ingredients, cereals, fillers, and preservatives, which are commonly found in commercially available dog food and treats and can cause problems for your dog’s digestive, oral and skin/coat health. With our selection of puppy training treats, this will not be an issue.