Raw Bones for Cats

Raw Bones for Cats

Nutriment offers a wide selection of raw bones for cats. Adding bones to your cat’s raw food schedule can be very beneficial. Cats, although domesticated, have a natural urge to hunt their prey and tear the flesh from the bone. While your cat won't be out in the wilds hunting, you can help satisfy that instinct with meaty raw bones and treats.

When your cat chews on bones, she will be helping to keep her teeth and gums clean by scraping off surface plaque that can cause serious dental issues. The chewing motion can also massage the gums for added oral relief and health. Each meaty bone is packed with a wealth of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

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Can My Cat Eat Raw Bones?

Yes, it possible for your cat to eat and fully digest raw bones. Actually, it has health benefits too!

Offering raw bones for cats with your regular raw feeding schedule will support good oral health with bones while adding new textures to the diet.

By feeding raw bones, and a raw diet, you are avoiding any processed ingredients, grains and starches, and additives and preservatives. These kinds of ingredients tend to stick to your cat's teeth, giving the bacteria that cause oral disease a place to sit and breed. Raw meaty bones for cats are carbohydrate-free, reducing the chance of food sticking to the teeth.

Feeding a Variety of Proteins

We have talked about the benefits of chewing on a bone for your cat, but there are a number of benefits that can be harnessed right from the actual meat itself. We offer a variety of raw bones for cats from different animals, so if your cat doesn't enjoy one kind right away, don't give up.


Chicken is one of our more popular and traditional meats available. Raw chicken meat, when handled properly, is safe and healthy for your feline friend. Cats need protein to help maintain optimum health. Protein is used in all sorts of areas, like helping to grow hair, make new skin, and help repair tissues and muscles.


Another popular meat in our bones for cats is lamb. As a red meat, lamb provides a different set of nutritional benefits for your cat companion. Lamb is a great iron source and due to being biologically appropriate all micronutrients are easily absorbed. There are plenty of B vitamins in lamb meat, which supports a healthy immune system in cats along with nutritional levels of zinc. Finally, your cat will enjoy the omega-3 fatty acids found inside raw lamb meat. These anti-inflammatory fatty acids are involved in a wide range of functions, like cognitive function, skin and coat health, and joint function.