Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Since our establishment in 2013, we have taken great pride in the values that our business is built upon: quality, expertise and respect. Our founding values and principles are unwavering to this day.

We are wholeheartedly committed to revolutionising the world of pet nutrition with science-led raw feeding formulations that support ultimate animal health and happiness.

We uphold the highest of standards when it comes to our products, services and operations, and this approach extends across our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments. We understand that we have a duty of care to our staff, our animals and the environment when it comes to our impact on the world.

To us, value goes far beyond finances.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility and why is it important to us?

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the way in which businesses such as Nutriment can positively influence the world. This all-encompassing attitude considers the social, economic and ethical impacts of a business’ operations. In short, it is what really matters to us and our planet.

As a modern and innovative business, we recognise the impact that our business has, and we are active in our CSR strategy. It is our way of showing our partners and the wider public what really matters to us, and how we really want to make a difference.

We hold ourselves accountable.

Here at Nutriment, we continuously invest in our people and our operations in order to work as responsibly and sustainably as possible. Discover our CSR commitments and actions below.

  • Since our establishment in 2013, we have donated over 85,000 meals to rescue dogs and cats.

  • We sponsored and supported Pup Aid (and ‘Lucy’s Law’) regarding the abolishment of puppy farming.
  • We have established Nutriment’s Christmas Charity Scheme which supports numerous rescue charities.
  • We regularly donate and support charities above and beyond the aforementioned.

  • We provide adoption certificates to rescues to provide new dog owners with complimentary raw food.

  • We reward responsible breeders with discounts and vouchers for each new puppy owner.

  • We provide complimentary information and nutrition advice for raw feeding through consultation, social media channels and blog posts.

  • Our product packaging is made from recycled materials (product trays have up to 80% recycled materials) and is recyclable (please check with your local authority).

  • We regularly trial new forms of packaging for improved sustainability (from tape through to transport packaging).

  • We carry out research, testing and development for more eco-friendly packaging solutions on a continuous basis.

  • We utilise LED lighting in our warehouses to reduce energy consumption.

  • We provide staff with fresh, cool drinking water to discourage the use of disposable water bottles.

  • We employ a water reuse system at our production site.

  • Our waste service provider hand-sorts recycling.

  • We offer free of charge polybox returns for trade customers. The polybox packaging is then recycled into housing insulation.

  • We choose energy efficient freezer units for retailers.

  • We carefully choose couriers that are committed to environmental impact reduction.

  • We use quality ingredients that would be wasted from the human food chain (e.g. carcasses).

  • We provide staff apprenticeships and work experience programs.

  • Training courses are provided to employees in multiple areas for career development e.g., nutritional training courses for all front of house staff.

  • We fund language courses for staff whose native language is not English.

  • We provide physical therapy services for employees who do manual handling / physical work.

  • For safety purposes, we have a defibrillator machine (listed on the public register).

  • Nutriment does not discriminate against job applicants, employees or workers on the grounds of race, age, disability, gender, relationship status, sexual orientation, sex, pregnancy (and associated maternity/paternity status), religion, education or background.

  • Disability Confident Committed accredited

  • We are committed to fostering a safe, supportive and respectful working environment that encourages employees to feel acknowledged and comfortable with their true self.

  • We recognise that to be engaged, you must feel included and valued.

Nutriment’s Laverstoke Park Farm range of organic food produce goes above and beyond when it comes to ethical and sustainable farming, whilst providing nutritious and biologically appropriate food for pets. The benefits of organic farming are well-known:

  • Organic food products reduce pet exposure to pesticides.

  • Organic food is nutritionally different: Laverstoke Park Farm organic dog food is complete without the necessity to include supplements or vegetables.

  • Organic farming means the very highest standards of animal welfare are met. Organic animals are truly free range and are reared without the routine use of drugs, antibiotics or wormers.

  • Organic means working with nature, not against it.

  • Less greenhouse gas emissions are produced through organic farming.

  • Natural resources, such as fresh water and healthy soils, are protected with organic farming.

  • Organic farms are havens for wildlife – facilitating up to 50% more than non-organic farms.

As a business and as individuals, we strive for perfection. We welcome your honest feedback on your experiences with Nutriment and how we can even further improve our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

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