Core Cat Range

Nutriment’s award-winning raw core cat food range is revolutionary in the feline raw feeding sector. Specially formulated to promote health and wellbeing in all ages and sizes of cat, Nutriment’s core raw cat food contains high-quality, biologically appropriate ingredients which are flavourful, energy dense and easily digestible.

As part of our commitment to quality, we only use 100% human-grade quality meat in all of our enhanced raw cat food formulas, with added superfoods for an extra boost of nutrition. Free from grains, additives, preservative and artificial ingredients, our raw cat food contains all the essential nutrition a cat needs to live an active lifestyle, including proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The superior nutritional profile of our products will support all aspects of health including digestive, oral, reproductive, bone, heart and much more.

Cats have a particularly high requirement for protein and its building blocks, amino acids. Not only does protein contribute to the creation and repair of muscle, tissue, enzymes and hormones, but it is also a cat’s primary source of energy. They have no biological need for carbohydrates (or sugar) and due to their relatively short intestine, they do not digest plant-based ingredients, such as grains, very well. Nutriment’s core cat food range features high-quality complete protein sources and is free from biologically inappropriate ingredients.

Nutriment’s raw, core cat food is nutritionally appropriate for all breeds, size and age of cat, including both in-kitten and neutered, indoor and outdoor.

Why choose raw cat food from Nutriment?

Nutriment’s premium raw cat food contains all the essential nutrition that your cat needs to live a natural, energetic and happy life. The high-quality, 100% human-grade quality raw meat that we use in all of our recipes contains the optimal nutritional profile for cats.

Cats have high requirements for protein and the amino acids that protein is made of. Specific essential amino acids such as taurine and arginine, and fatty acids such as arachidonic acid, are imperative for a cat to consume in their diet. These nutrients can only be found in meat.  Carbohydrates, including grains and vegetables, are not naturally part of a cat’s diet, and so cats are not biologically designed to consume or digest these ingredients. All the nutrition a cat requires can be found in raw meat.

How does Nutriment’s raw core cat food range benefit cats?

Supports oral health

Our raw cat food feature high-quality meat which contains ground pieces of bone. This helps to keep teeth clean and breath fresh, which is ideal for optimal oral health. The omission of biologically inappropriate ingredients means that our raw cat food is easily digested, which means there are no nasty side effects which can impair your cat’s breath, teeth and gums.

Supports overall health of the eyes, skin, ears, bones and coat

Our protein-rich raw cat food contains all of the essential protein, amino acids, fats and vitamins and minerals to contribute to the optimal health of all parts of your cat’s anatomy, including their eyes, skin, ears, bones and coat. Feeding a cat a raw diet can help promote mobility and joint health, reduce allergies and intolerances and reduce shedding and hairballs.

Supports the immune and digestive systems

Cats are natural carnivores and their digestive systems are perfectly designed to efficiently and effectively break down raw meat and absorb nutrients from it. Nutriment’s raw core cat food contains only ingredients that cats are naturally designed to eat. This means that they are more easily digestible and produce less waste than commercially available cat foods. This has a huge impact on a cat’s overall health, including the immune system, and contributes to a cat’s optimal weight. A cat that can effectively digest their food will have more energy and be able to enjoy an active lifestyle.

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