Natural Dog Treats

Nutriment’s versatile portfolio of raw, natural dog treats provides dogs with high-quality nutrition in a flavourful and stimulating package, perfect for an occasional snack or as a reward during training. Our range of delicious natural dog treats contain absolutely no artificial ingredients, fillers or cereals which can often disrupt your dog’s digestion. Instead we use 100% raw meat, offal and bones for your dog to thoroughly enjoy. Meat, bone and offal contain a mixture of vital nutrients that give your dog the energy and vitality to fulfil a healthy, active lifestyle.

Endorsed by our in-house canine nutritionists, the smell, flavour and texture of Nutriment’s raw, natural dog treats excites your dog’s primitive nature and supports optimal mental health. Even though dogs can digest carefully selected vegetables and superfoods, their bodies are naturally designed to consume, digest and process biologically appropriate raw meat. Commercially available and mass-produced dog treats can contain potentially harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients which do not contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Raw, natural dog treats from Nutriment support your dog’s health and wellbeing, complementing their core, raw natural diet.

Why Raw Feeding?

Raw feeding – otherwise known as Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding (BARF) – is an approach to animal nutrition which involves feeding pets in a similar fashion to how they would naturally feed. This means raw, natural ingredients with not a grain or pellet in sight. Our premium, high-quality raw food is concentrated on pure meat sources, nutritious vegetables and health boosting superfoods, making it a natural, complete and super healthy form of nutrition for pet dogs and cats.

By feeding your dog a raw diet, you’re supporting their healthy and happy lifestyle. Many owners report a healthier, happier dog after just a few days on a raw diet. Benefits of raw feeding include, but are not limited to:

  • Improved health
  • Better digestion
  • Cleaner teeth and better breath
  • Enhanced stamina and vigour
  • Shinier, healthier coats
  • Calmer demeanour


Benefits of natural dog treats

Raw, natural dog treats are part of the revolutionary raw food movement that we advocate here at Nutriment. Our dedication to animal nutrition means that we ensure every treat is of the highest quality. It is counterproductive to commit to a main diet of raw feeding, but then to provide commercially available treats which contain unhealthy or artificial ingredients. Our portfolio of chicken necks, dried venison or marrow bones are natural dog treat options which are packed with flavour, nutrients and contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The benefits of raw feeding are extensive. Not only does raw feeding support a healthy lifestyle for dogs in terms of oral health, digestive health and skin/coat health, but it also provides practical benefits to owners as well. Our raw foods are digested more efficiently and completely than commercially made foods like kibble which means there is less waste (i.e. poop).

As is the case for humans, diet is fundamental to good health and wellbeing. Choosing a biologically appropriate, raw diet based on high-quality meats, vegetables and superfoods ensures that your dog receives the complete nutrition needed for maintaining optimum health. Our absolute main priority is your pet’s health and happiness. We take an uncompromising approach to the quality and nutritional profile of our recipes and ingredients to ensure that they are as beneficial as possible for your pets.

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