Beef Bones for Dogs

Beef Bones for Dogs

High-quality raw bones are a highly beneficial part of raw feeding which supports your dog nutritionally, physically and mentally, whilst appealing to their primitive nature. Dogs are natural hunters, and although domesticated dogs may not need to hunt for food, they still have an instinctive craving to chew and gnaw, which releases endorphins and promotes feelings of comfort and ease.

Nutriment’s natural beef bones for dogs are high-quality and 100% British. Free from fillers, preservatives and grains commonly found in commercially available dog bones, our raw beef bones for dogs perfectly complement the fundamental principles of raw feeding. Recommended by our in-house canine nutritionists, these nutritional and enjoyable raw beef bones are perfect as occasional treats and training aids. Each bone is covered with succulent raw beef meat to allow your dog the chance to rip, tear and gnaw the meat directly from the bone to keep them entertained and nourished.

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Can dogs eat beef bones?

Biologically appropriate foods, treats and bones are always first choice when it comes to canine health. Synthetic, processed dog chews and bones can contain potentially harmful and artificial ingredients and preservatives, and risk splintering which can cause serious harm to your dog. Raw, natural beef bones for dogs provide great mental stimulation, contribute to optimal health and are a low-fat, lean source of protein and other nutrients. Raw bones are much softer than cooked alternatives. When cooked, the structure of bone itself changes and becomes brittle, leading to increased incidences of splintering. Because of this, you should never feed your dog cooked bones.

 You should always supervise your dog with any type of bone.


What benefits do raw beef bones provide your dog?

Our raw beef bones for dogs are made from 100% British beef with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, which contribute to optimal canine health, whole raw bones promote a happy and healthy life for your dog.  

Nutritious raw beef bones

Your dog needs specific nutrients in order to truly thrive. Nutriment’s natural, raw beef bones for dogs are packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals that contribute to the optimal function of your dog’s body. This contributes to building muscle tissue, growing healthy hair, providing energy, supporting the immune system and much more.


Add some variety to life

Dogs get great pleasure from gaining different sensory experiences from their food, and a varied diet ensures that dogs remain interested in their meals and treats. As well as being greatly stimulating, dogs purely enjoy the challenges of gnawing bones and the different textures of specialty treats like raw beef bones for dogs. Further to this, the act of chewing and gnawing releases endorphins, meaning that your dog’s mental and emotional health are also supported.

Fun for all ages

Raw beef bones for dogs are perfect for dogs of any age, size or breed. As well as being an instinctive behaviour, chewing also releases endorphins in dogs. Puppies and young dogs are constant chewers, from teething through to stress relieving, which raw beef bones are ideal for. Older dogs benefit from chewing raw bones due to its natural teeth cleaning and mental stimulation properties. You can even make bone broth for an even bigger boost of nutrients for your dog.

Supports oral health

Dental care is incredibly important for dogs. Poor oral health can lead to painful symptoms and diseases that can require serious medical intervention. A raw, biologically appropriate diet is most suited for dogs and will promote optimal oral health. Canine teeth are designed to tear off meat from bone, and their strong jaw is able to crunch through bone; Nutriment's raw beef bones for dogs help to promote healthier teeth and gums in this way.

Supports digestive health

Grains and other biologically inappropriate ingredients are often used as fillers in commercially available dog bones and treats. Dogs cannot digest grain in the same way many humans can, and this can often lead to unpleasant side effects. By offering raw beef bones, you are providing a biologically appropriate dog treat which will not upset their digestive systems and will provide great stimulation whilst being highly nutritious. 

Supports skin and coat health

Due to the richness in vitamins, minerals and nutrients available in raw dog food, treats and bones, you'll notice a difference in your dog's coat in its shininess, softness and manageability when combing or brushing. Dogs detox a lot of waste through their skin, so the artificial additives, preservatives, colours and dyes that are common in many processed dog foods can cause skin irritation. Nutriment’s raw foods, bones and treats contain no added, biologically-inappropriate ingredients meaning less scratching, rashes and skin irritation for your dog.