Testing Team

Meet our dogs and cats!

At Nutriment we make sure that our products are properly “tested” by our testing team, with a delicious pay packet included!

Buffy & George


Buffy (right) is a Chihuahua x Mini Daschund who loves nothing more than sunbathing in the beam of light through the office window, and of course Liver chews!

George (left) is a Chihuahua who is always wanting to snuggle up with Buffy. He loves coming into the office to see his friends and enjoys a good chew on a pizzle.

George and Buffy live with our MD, Suzanne.

Ramsey & Rebel


Ramsey (first) the Staffordshire Bull Terrier loves nothing more than diving, swimming and shredding Nutriment boxes! His favourite has to be our meaty lamb ribs. Check out his Facebook page, here!

Rebel (second) the working Staffordshire Bull Terrier is from Holland. She competes all over Europe in Stafford Athletic Sports and also Bikejoring. Her favourite snack from the Nutriment Menu are frozen Sprats.

Ramsey and Rebel live with Jason (Front of House)

Jerry-Lee, Colin & Hero


Jerry-Lee (left) is a brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescued as a puppy from a flat. He is a typical sociable and adventure loving staffie, always happy to go for a lovely walk with friends old and new. His favourite food is Rabbit & Turkey and it suits his sensitive digestion really well. He loves tennis balls and the seaside and showing off all his tricks for a Little Fish!

Colin (right) is a Shihtzu/Maltese mix who was rescued from pretty dire conditions. Has he landed on his feet or what?! Colin’s nickname is ‘HRH’ and he sure lives up to it. He’s really keen on meaty bones and partial to a wing tip or two which keep his teeth lovely and clean. He likes to be comfy and cosy and loves nothing better than snuggling on the sofa after a nice walk.

Hero (centre) is a French Bulldog who loves nothing more than a snuggle on the sofa. In his spare time he likes to go on long walks in the woods with his friends. His favourite dinner is Rabbit formula, although he won’t refuse anything as he loves his food! If he had to pick his best treat he would always go for a pizzle.

Hero lives with Rhiannon in our Accounts department.

Rocky & Holly


Rocky (right) is a Heinz 57 “When I first arrived I had to learn dogs weren’t for fighting, but friends. I now have lots of friends. My hobbies including chasing anything that moves, and being a sun worshipper. My favourite food is Venison and Chicken formula, and for a treat I love a good marrow bone to sink my teeth into (just ask my Mum about the lamb leg I ate!)”

Holly (left) is a Miniature Schnauzer – “When I first came to my mum and Rocky as a rescue I had to learn how to be a dog- how silly is that? Now I love nothing more than getting messy out running, (to my mum’s digust, rolling!!!) and eating! My favourite food? Well, everything, but Chicken and Lamb is my absolute most favourite. As for treats, I will dance for an Insect Snack or 2!

Rocky and Holly live with Nikki (Trade Team)


Beans & Cassian

Beans is a French Bulldog who is a huge attention seeker and will demand a fuss from everyone he bumps into. When not being cuddled or playfighting with Cassian, Beans is fast asleep. There is no middle ground! He is currently fed on a DIY basis, with his favourite food being Just Turkey.

Cassian is a Maine Coon Crossbreed and is best friends with Beans. When not chasing Beans around the house, Cassian will be found roaming outside making friends with everyone from local school children to pensioners. Cassian is a classic “dog-cat” as will sit and perform simple tricks for snacks, in fact he is obsessed with Nutriment treats and has been known to raid cupboards, climb shelves and steal from bags to get to them! His favourites are little fish and chopped Lamb Puffs.

Beans and Cassian live with Zoe (Customer Care Team Leader & Nutritionist)