Low Fat Cat Food

Low Fat Cat Food

Nutriment's low fat cat food is specially formulated with fresh ingredients and manufactured right here in the UK. For cats who are already overweight or under-active, our range can help reduce the unwanted weight gain that higher fat foods can promote. Our gluten-free raw cat food formulas give your cat just the right fats in just the right amounts to help keep her fit and healthy.

While there are many differences between cats and humans (besides that adorable tail), there are also many things that we all have in common. In cats, much like humans, having too much of the wrong fats, especially without proper exercise, can have serious negative effects on a number of their organs and bodily functions. There have been cases of pets that can have adverse effects to high fats in cat foods. Issues such as diarrhoea or gastrointestinal problems can occur when feeding pet food that is higher in fat than your cat may need.

In some cases, switching from a commercial cat food to low fat cat food from Nutriment can actually be beneficial for specific feline health conditions. It can help pets with pancreatitis or diabetes, but you should always speak with a veterinarian about any health concerns first.

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Why is a low fat diet important for cats?

Most domesticated cats in the world are overweight, with many of them even being labelled as obese. There are ways to tell if your cat may be overweight. If you can barely feel your cat’s ribs (or can’t feel them at all!) you may have an overweight cat. Noticing things such as a round belly and no visible waistline can also be indicators of an overweight cat. Being overweight can cause serious health issues for your feline companion.

Added weight means there is extra force on the body. Joints and muscles are required to work even harder in order to maintain balance, jump and run. Over time, this extra force can begin to wear down these body parts, causing pain to your cat or more serious health issues. Extra fat in the chest area can make it tough for your cat to breathe and play.

There are some diseases that your cat may be more susceptible to due to complications from being overweight. Overweight cats are more at risk for issues such as urinary tract infections, constipation, and skin fold pyodermas. High blood pressure and diabetes mellitus can also be results of excess weight on your cat.

How to switch your cat’s food correctly

It has taken your cat a little bit of time to get to where he is. It’s going to take some time to get them back on track. There are dangers to simply fasting your kitty in order to lose weight. In addition to being at higher risk for diabetes mellitus from being overweight, fasting or crash dieting can also increase the risk of disease in felines.

Instead, it is suggested that you focus on changing your cat's diet to a low-fat raw cat food formula from Nutriment. As our products are easily digested and contain digestion-supporting superfoods there is no need to wean from your current food. Opting for the lower fat varieties is a great place to start with all cats. Simply pop the food down and allow your cat to enjoy.

What other benefits come from using Nutriment Low Fat Cat Foods?

There are a number of benefits to a cat’s health raw food can offer:

Arthritis and Bone Disease

In some cases, arthritis and bone disease in animals are genetic, but there are often times when it can simply come down to a matter of the right nutrition. Excessive fats can contribute to weight gain (although a healthy level of fat in the diet is necessary for cats with bone disease and arthritis). By feeding lower fat foods weight management is much easier. A leaner cat naturally has less strain on the joints, in some cases actually preventing arthritis later in life. By feeding a high-quality protein source you will be promoting stronger muscles, which in turn gives more joint stability.

Fewer Vet Visits

Preventive care and proper feeding is the best way to keep your cat healthy. More often than not, this will result in far fewer vet visits over your pet's life.