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Established in 2013, Nutriment has revolutionised the world of raw feeding. With complete dedication to Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) and a commitment to animal health and happiness, the team at Nutriment is unreservedly passionate about bringing raw feeding solutions to dogs and cats around the world.

Our fundamental principle is absolute quality, which is the highest priority for everything that we do here at Nutriment. From ingredient selection to recipe formulation, production processes to distribution and customer service, our stringent quality standards must be met at every step of our product journey.

We believe in sourcing premium British ingredients wherever we can, to deliver essential, high-quality nutrition to our canine and feline consumers. Our carefully selected variety of raw meats and fish, biologically appropriate vegetables, and nutrient-dense superfoods are innovatively combined in our recipes to produce uncompromising, high-quality and nutritious raw foods that promote optimal health for dogs and cats. Expertly designed by our in-house nutritionists, with consultation from industry professionals and veterinary partners, Nutriment’s premium raw food is the ultimate raw feeding solution

All of our food products are manufactured by hand with great attention to detail at Laverstoke Park Farm, our countryside production facility in Overton, Hampshire. With organic certification and ethical approaches to farming and sustainability, we are extremely proud to maintain this approach to the manufacture of our award-winning raw food products.

Nutriment’s extensive raw food portfolio for dogs and cats includes our core range of complete raw feeding solutions, raw treats for cats and dogs, and supplementary meal solutions for at-home recipe formulation and health support. We strive to tailor raw feeding to the individual needs of dogs and cats, to ensure that their health and happiness can be supported as much as possible with their diet.

We are committed to continually developing sustainable and environmentally-friendly policies here at Nutriment. We use recycled plastic in our packaging, ensure our shipping and logistics team operates efficiently and work with Red Tractor assured farming partners. We also promote community and charity work. Get directly in touch with us to find out more.

Since year 2017 Nutriment is proudly part of Voff Premium Pet Food. Voff is Europe’s leading producer of natural premium pet food.

Since its founding in 2014 Voff has continued to strengthen its portfolio across Europe, and today consists of nine strong main brands that are sold across Europe.

Voff believes in natural, premium pet food products and sells a wide variety of products - from raw pet food (BARF) to natural air-dried treats, pet supplements and high-quality bird food – across various channels, offline and online. Voff’s headquarter is in Stockholm, Sweden.

For more information on Voff, please visit; www.voff.pet  

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