Sensitive Stomach Cat Food

Sensitive Stomach Cat Food

One of the most common cat issues we find are those with sensitive stomachs. The reasons for this can be varying, but the key is to look at what your cat is eating. If you are feeding your pet commercial cat food or dry kibble there could be a number of issues that you may not even realise. When making dry kibble and most other commercial cat foods, even single-protein products can have by-products that can negatively affect your cat's sensitive stomach.

Switching to a BARF model raw food diet is one way to help eliminate many of the issues associated with sensitive stomachs in cats. Nutriment Sensitive Stomach Cat Food is made with raw meat, offal and superfoods sourced right here from the UK. All ingredients are human-grade and sourced fresh to ensure the best product for our feline friends.

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What causes sensitive stomachs in cats?

The truth is, there are a multitude of things that could be causing your cat's sensitive stomach. Gastrointestinal issues are fairly common in cats and usually don't require a lot of work to manage. In most cases, a simple change of diet is sufficient to help your feline companion.

What Symptoms Should You Watch Out For?

When cats have sensitive stomach issues, there are multiple obvious signs that something may be wrong. If these things happen over and over again, it may be time to switch make the switch to our Sensitive stomach Cat Food products.


Another common sign of sensitive stomach issues in cats is diarrhoea. Short bouts of diarrhoea are not serious and can be an indication of something gastrointestinal-related that could require something as simple as a switch in diets. Luckily, raw feeding with Nutriment’s cat food for sensitive stomachs brings in a lot of extra nutrients, vitamins and minerals help ensure your cat absorbs the nutrients with minimal waste.

Are there any other benefits to Nutriment Sensitive Stomach Cat Food?

With grain-free formulas packed with fresh ingredients sourced right from the UK, all Nutriment cat food formulas can offer your feline companion a number of added health benefits.

Better Coat

Your cat's coat is one of the first improvements people see. Make sure you are putting your cat's best paw forward by providing a healthy diet that ensures her coat is always shiny, silky, and soft. Raw feeding diets like the Nutriment formulas provide vitamins and essential fatty acids necessary for a healthy coat, but they also allow your cat to detox through their fur and skin and without leaving a smelly, greasy coat behind.

Less Poop

Raw feeding systems that follow BARF diet principles allow your cat to more efficiently and effectively digest and process their food. This leads to smaller stools and less waste due to their body actually using a lot of the food they are eating. Faeces may be less odorous and easier to clean up, as well.