Support Range

Support Range

Explore the renal diet for dogs (among our other support diets!)


Is your dog in need of a special diet, such as a renal diet? Nutriment’s award-winning Support-range is specifically designed to maintain and support specific areas of your dog’s health. With innovative recipes to maintain kidney, liver, and pancreas health, as well as varieties to support recovery and weight management, Nutriment’s raw dog food solutions deliver high-quality nutrition in flavourful and energy-dense portions. Explore our many variants and find the best fit for your dog.

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Get a renal diet for dogs at Nutriment (as well as supportive diets for other common health concerns)

Does your dog have kidney disease or other challenges with his or her health? At Nutriment, you can find a good selection of raw food that supports certain areas of your dog’s health. Our dedicated Support-range is available in six varieties:


  • Light Support
  • Kidney Support
  • Low Purine & Phosphorus Support
  • Liver Support
  • Recovery Support
  • Sensitive Support


These recipes are low in fat and highly digestible, and they are specifically designed to provide nutritional support for ongoing health concerns more prevalent to today’s dogs. Free from grain, fillers, and artificial ingredients, our Support-formulas are easy to digest, taste nice, and encourage feeding when it is most important.


Nutriment’s highly qualified team of nutritionists and keen dog lovers believe in a dedicated approach to producing enhanced raw food. Our in-house canine nutritionists have included specially selected, high-quality ingredients in our Support-recipes to ensure maximum nutrition is delivered when your dog needs it most. With raw meat, vegetables, and nutritional superfoods with functional properties, our highly digestible Support-range of natural dog food is flavourful, energy-dense, and packed with essential amino acids, vitamins, and dietary macronutrients. Each meal is manufactured by hand with care, attention to detail, and animal health and happiness in mind.


What is a renal diet?

A renal diet is a specialised diet that is ideal for dogs with kidney disease or other kidney-related problems. With kidney disease, some nutrients can build up and damage the organ instead of contributing to a healthy body.


The diet aims to reduce the workload on the kidneys by controlling the intake of certain nutrients, such as protein, sodium, and phosphorus. A renal diet typically includes foods that are low in these nutrients, and it also provides a balance of other essential nutrients to maintain overall health.


This type of diet can help manage your dog’s kidney disease, prevent further complications, and improve his or her overall quality of life. It can also help maintain pancreas and liver health.


What can my dog eat on a renal diet?

If your dog has kidney-related problems, there are other demands for his or her diet. You should be very careful about what kind of human food you feed your dog with, as you need to make sure it has a lower level of protein. Moreover, you should avoid phosphorus and sodium.


Vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, and green beans, are safe to feed dogs with kidney-problems, and chicken and rice is also fine. However, if you want to be completely sure that you do not feed your dog with anything that is bad for him or her, you should choose a diet from Nutriment that targets this specific challenge. We have done the work for you and made sure that all ingredients in our Support dog food for kidney-related problems are safe and good for your dog with kidney disease.


The same goes for our other Support-recipes. These formulas have also been targeted towards one specific challenge, such as support for healthy liver functions. Therefore, you will only find ingredients that are ideal and supportive for this type of health problem.


Nutriment offers carefully selected, high-quality raw ingredients

At Nutriment, we are dedicated to Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, also called BARF, and the concept of raw feeding. Providing your dog with a biologically appropriate raw diet - i.e. what they are naturally designed to consume and digest - supports their overall health, well-being, and happiness.


Nutriment’s Support-range of raw dog food is versatile, high quality, and specifically formulated by in-house canine nutritionists to provide the most optimal nutrition for your dog.


Unfortunately, in some commercially available dog foods, the ingredient list includes flavour enhancers, bulking agents, and artificial and biologically inappropriate ingredients that are of a lower quality and create an overall inferior product. Our Support-range of raw dog food undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. You will only find the absolute best ingredients in our food, and we pride ourselves on including 100 percent human-grade quality raw meat, chicken, turkey, fish, and offal in our products.


At Nutriment, we pay great attention to detail regarding ingredients. By carefully selecting only nutritious, biologically appropriate, and natural ingredients, we ensure that our Support-range is full of essential nutrients that will help maintain your dog’s energy throughout the day while being great-tasting and enjoyable for him or her. When it comes to your dog’s diet, quality is definitely more important than quantity.


Like humans, dogs require a healthy and balanced diet to maintain their overall well-being and vitality. Nutriment understands this need, and we offer a variety of raw and natural dog food options that are suitable for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages, including puppies and senior dogs. By providing dogs with nutrient-rich food, Nutriment helps to ensure that they receive the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to support their health and energy levels.