500g Charity Tub Donation



Donate a tub in your order, and we will send it to a rescue charity to ensure a cat or dog is fed a nutritious meal this winter!

Each purchase of a tub will be matched by us, meaning every tub you buy will mean two tubs are donated!

It is our mission this Christmas to help feed less-fortunate dogs and cats in rescue centres with our Enhanced Raw Formulas.

  • Each tub and each chubb will be sent to a rescue in order to ensure many animals are given optimum nutrition this Christmas.
  • Every tub and chubb donated will be matched by us, doubling your donation!
  • Simply add your selection to your order, or order separately, to help us feed as many rescue animals as we can.

PLUS every donation will be entered into a prize draw to win a month’s supply of food!

Donations are now being collected until 31st December 2019

Thank you for your generosity!


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