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High Meat Content Cat Food

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In recent years, there has been a trend in the pet food industry with owners seeking high meat content cat food. Many cat owners have been making the switch to companies like Nutriment for raw cat food that is made from fresh ingredients right here in the UK. The health benefits of raw feeding and high meat content food to our furry friends cannot be overstated.

Cats have much shorter digestive systems than humans do, meaning they thrive on foods that are absorbed easily into the body. Unfortunately, due to the lack of the digestive enzyme amylase, cats and other animals cannot easily digest carbohydrates, such as grains. Dry kibble and many commercial cat foods are high in grains, causing the pancreas to work much harder. Cats also need a moisture-rich diet. Dry kibble will actually absorb the moisture inside your cat's system as it is digested, in some cases causing dehydration.

These two issues alone can cause serious health issues for your pets. Things from bouts of diarrhoea to long-term bowel problems can be a result of a poor diet. Nutriment High Meat Content Cat Food formulas provide the moisture-rich and grain-free raw food that your cat not only craves but truly needs to keep their bodies and in the best health possible. Cats, after all, are obligate carnivores, meaning they thrive on meat-based diets.

Why is a high meat content food for cats so important?

The BARF diet is designed to simulate the natural dietary needs of cats and help your feline companion digest and utilise their food more efficiently and healthily. Nutriment’s raw food formulas are created following the principles of a BARF diet, including grain-free formulas that consist of fresh raw meats and non-processed vegetables from the UK.

Many commercial cat foods on offer are a dry kibble. Besides many of these being high in grain, these dry foods can actually absorb the precious moisture our cat companions use to digest their food properly. This can lead to a number of health issues from diarrhoea to long-term feline bowel conditions as well as kidney and urinary issues.

Are there any other benefits to a raw feeding diet?

The healthiest way to give your cat a high meant content diet is through a raw feeding system. Nutriment’s High Meat Content Cat Food formulas are packed with fresh meat and offal that give your feline friend a whole host of health benefits.

Allergy Relief

A true trend with our pets has been the increase in signs of skin allergies and intolerances. There can be a number of causes and factors that can increase the issues and symptoms associated with skin complaints. This causes your pet to scratch and itch severely, which leads many vets to prescribe antibiotics or steroids.

The underlying causes can be related to their diet and the foods they eat. Many commercial cat foods contain grains, fillers, dyes and preservatives that can culminate in skin allergies and intolerances. Different types of protein and even cooked meat could be causing the skin issues for your little one. Raw meat and superfoods, that have not been treated or mixed with foreign chemicals, have the best chance of not causing allergy issues for your pet and are carefully selected to promote health.

Better Coat

We want our pets to look their best. This means paying attention to what their coats need to stay healthy. A cat with a healthy coat will have a silkier, softer, and shinier coat with a few weeks of switching to a raw food diet.

By feeding Nutriment products you can be assured you are feeding a well-balanced food, manufactured with human-grade quality ingredients and no chemicals. As a result, you will notice less of a smell coming off their fur and skin (and the litter tray!). This is because our pets often detox through their skin, and those less-than-ideal ingredients can bring out a greasy, smelly coat. Raw food diets like Nutriment can result in a much cleaner coat and better smelling feline friend.