High Meat Content Dog Food

Protein is an essential component of a healthy and balanced canine diet. Responsible for a multitude of bodily functions, including muscle and tissue formulation and repair, hair growth and skin cell formulation, it is imperative that your dog has a high-quality source of protein in their diet.

Nutriment’s dedication to raw feeding ensures that every dog food product has a very high meat content, which is naturally high in quality protein. Formulated by in-house canine nutritionists, our high meat content dog food is free from artificial ingredients, fillers, bulking agents or grains to ensure that it is easily digestible, packed with nutrients and as close to a dog’s natural diet as possible. Supplemented with nutritious, low-carbohydrate vegetables and nutrient dense superfoods, Nutriment’s raw high meat content dog food is a fantastic choice of dog food for all breeds, sizes and ages to support overall health, wellbeing and vitality.

Proteins are made up of building blocks called amino acids. For dogs, there are 22 amino acids which are used to form proteins; of which 10 need to be obtained through the diet. These are referred to as ‘essential amino acids’ and are known as histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, valine and arginine. A protein source is referred to as ‘complete’ if it contains all 10 of these essential amino acids. In general, red meat, poultry and fish are considered as complete proteins. Nutriment carefully selects protein sources to ensure they are 100% British, responsibly farmed and the highest of quality for our raw high meat content dog food.

Why do dogs need quality high meat content dog food?

Muscle mass and maintaining a healthy weight

Many commercially available, lower meat dog foods contain an abundance corn, ash or grain to bulk out the food. Though this may satisfy your dog’s hunger, and still provide a certain amount of nutrition, there is no replacement to high-quality, natural and raw protein from complete protein sources. It’s important that dogs consume all 10 of the essential amino acids to contribute to their healthy bodily functions. This may not be possible with the bulking ingredients that some dog food manufacturers use.

Strength and resilience

Similarly for humans, protein is one of the main elements that contribute to a dog’s muscle and tissue formulation and repair. Without it, dogs may be prone to muscle atrophy and wastage which will affect their strength and daily life activity. Further to this, the building blocks of protein – amino acids – are essential to the repair and formulation of skin cells all over the body, including organs and systems which contribute to immunity. Consuming quality protein from Nutriment’s high meat content dog food will provide all the protein and nutrients to support optimal health and wellbeing.

Supports coat and skin health

Protein is also responsible for hair and skin cell growth. This means that when a dog is consuming all the essential amino acids it requires, it will be able to function in an ideal way to maintain optimal skin and hair health. Skin acts as a barrier to harmful substances, and as a method of detoxing for dogs, so healthy skin is absolutely imperative to the overall health of a dog. A dog’s coat is made almost entirely of protein. Should a dog’s protein intake not be sufficient, hair can become brittle, dry and hair loss can occur.

Energy levels and exercise

To maintain an active lifestyle, dogs need an adequate supply of protein which they use as an energy source. Choosing a natural, raw, high-quality protein which can be found in Nutriment’s high meat content dog food range will ensure that your dog is able to easily digest their food, so that all nutrients, including protein, are adequately broken down, absorbed and utilised within the body.

Lower in carbohydrates

Some commercially available varieties of dog food can contain a high carbohydrate content, which while still a potential source of energy, isn't something most dogs need in large amounts. The source of this carbohydrate can also be concerning, as dogs aren’t usually able to digest grain or wheat easily. Nutriment’s high meat content dog food provides a biologically appropriate, natural and raw source of protein, vegetables and superfoods to ensure that your dog has the right amount of energy and vitality to fulfil their daily activity.

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