Low Purine Dog Food

Low Purine Dog Food

Nutriment's extensive portfolio of raw, natural dog food is formulated by in-house canine nutritionists whose fundamental aim is to produce the highest quality raw pet foods to support a healthy and happy lifestyle. For breeds and types of dog who require a more tailored diet with regards to purine levels, Nutriment’s range of nutrient-rich, raw low purine dog food is a great choice.

Made from all-natural ingredients, specifically chosen to support optimal canine health, our range of low purine dog food is formulated by in-house canine nutritionists with carefully selected, high-quality meat, fish, vegetables and superfoods which are naturally lower in purine. All of our ingredients, across all of our products, are completely natural and free from any artificial additives, chemicals, flavours, colours or bulking agents.

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What are the benefits of low purine dog food?

Purine is a natural substance which is commonly found in food from both plant and animal sources. Purine is a normal part of the diet. When purine is broken down, it creates uric acid which is naturally processed by the kidneys and disposed of as a waste product. In some animals, including humans, an excess of uric acid has the potential to cause a number of health problems such as urolithiasis (urate stones), pancreatitis and impaired kidney function.

If your dog breed is suffering, or prone to suffering, from urate stones or pancreatitis, it is recommended that they are fed a low purine diet (otherwise known as a dog pancreatitis diet). Because red meat, game and organ meat can be particularly high in purine, our raw low purine dog food features a reduced quantity of these protein sources and boosted with nutrients from other biologically appropriate vegetables and superfoods. 


Improved mobility

An excess of uric acid can cause issues in the joints of the body which can potentially lead to significantly reduced mobility. Deposits of crystallised acid around the muscles and bones can make it more difficult for dogs to enjoy daily exercise and general movement. Nutriment’s low purine dog food still provides all the essential nutrients your dog needs to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, without the risk of developing joint related health problems such as arthritis or painful fluid build-up.


Supports kidney function

Low purine dog food can be beneficial for older animals or those who are prone to infections or conditions such as kidney stones. When the kidneys are overworked (i.e. when filtering uric acid from the system), small, painful stone like build-ups can form, which makes life very uncomfortable for dogs and can also lead to a number of other serious health problems. Lowering the purine intake can significantly reduce this build-up and ultimate support appropriate kidney function.


Pancreas friendly

Nutriment’s low purine range is the perfect choice of dog food for pancreatitis (the inflammation or swelling of the pancreas). Responsible for helping to digest food and regulate blood sugar levels, dogs who suffer from pancreas related issues or concerns need veterinary assistance and a diet review. Although some breeds are more prone to suffering from canine pancreatitis, one of the main triggers is a diet high in fat. Nutriment’s high-quality, raw low purine dog food is naturally low in fat due to the protein sources featured and alleviates pressure on the surrounding organs with regards to the filtering or uric acid.


Reduced risk of urinary infections, urinary crystals and bladder problems

A normal urinary pH is 5.5 – 7 for both dogs and cats. Generally, when urinary pH becomes too acidic, there is the potential for oxalate stones to form. If it becomes too alkaline, then struvite stones may form. Symptoms of this stone formation include frequent urination, painful or bloody urination, bladder infections, kidney inflammation and sometimes complete blockage of the urinary tract. Some breeds are more susceptible to forming stones, such as Dalmatians, Miniature Schnauzers, Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzus. By feeding a diet naturally low in purine to these breeds, you will be offering a diet that supports your dog nutritionally, whilst maintaining optimum health.


More energy and improved sleep

When switched to a low purine diet featuring Nutriment’s low purine dog food, your dog will be relieved from the discomfort they may be experiencing from excess purine levels. This will contribute to the health of their internal organs, bodily functions and will support energy levels and quality of sleep.