Raw Bones & Chews for Dogs

Within Nutriment’s range of raw dog treats are our raw meaty bones for dogs & puppies, and natural chews provides a great selection of delicious treats that can be used as a healthy supplement to a well-balanced diet. Suitable for all breeds and sizes of dog, the extensive selection of succulent meat covered bones offers both great flavour and additional nutrition. From liver chews and turkey necks to antler bars and moo tubes, there is something to suit all tastes, ages and breeds.

This range is made from nothing but the best quality natural ingredients to ensure they are free from potentially harmful additives and bulking agents. Unlike some artificially flavoured products, these snacks are similar to what canines would eat in the wild when they would hunt for food. Whether you want to reward good behaviour, give your dog’s teeth a good clean or just spoil your pet, try one of our raw, meaty bones. For dogs, this kind of snack is a great way of exercising their primal instincts, rather than just eating from a bowl- chewing also releases endorphins! Though pets must be supervised with bones, chewing on natural snacks like this can help strengthen their teeth and gums.

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Showing 1–16 of 22 results

Why Feed Raw Bones for Dogs?

Primal Instincts

Before dogs became domesticated, they were hunters. Chewing on the bones of animals was one of the ways they would get their dose of protein and other essential nutrients. Allowing them to gnaw on something with a more substantial, firm texture than standard dog food means they can connect with their primal instincts and enjoy a different eating experience. Holding food with their paws also helps with strength and coordination.

Variety and excitement

Dog owners know their pets will generally eat most things that are put in front of them, but it can be good to offer something a little different to the usual daily diet. If you’re out for a long walk and you want to keep energy levels up, offering a tasty little treat while you have a little break can be a great way of spending a little quality time together.  Some dogs can also be a little bit too fond of their food and offering a tasty bone can be a good way of giving them something that you know is going to be healthy and full of nutrients.

Training Aids

Animals are motivated by food, which means that using healthy training treats can be a great way of making sure you have your dog’s attention. When training young dogs or even older animals who may need to give their behaviour a little attention, using high value treats as an incentive can be a great way of speeding things along. Dogs are often more likely to respond to commands when they know there is a tasty incentive as a reward, so teaching common actions such as sitting, lying down or walking to heel while on a lead can be much easier when you can provide a treat for added motivation.

Sensation and texture

Gnawing on something firm and having the feeling of something substantial between their paws provides dogs with a different sensation to eating food from a bowl. This releases endorphins and can also help with tooth and gum development. Though dogs must always be supervised with bones, many animals love to take treats like this back to their beds or another private space where they can enjoy them in comfort.

Stronger teeth and gums

Anatomically dogs are well equipped to eat meat from the bone. Whilst this is usually more of a treat than an everyday occurrence it is a great idea to give bones occasionally. Canine teeth are designed to tear through raw meaty bones, and their strong jaw is able to crunch through it. Nutriment’s bone-based treats helps promote healthier teeth and gums in dogs, whether you opt for a tasty duck neck or a recreational marrow bone. Our marrow bones are for gnawing on, rather than breaking pieces off, so if you have a stronger jawed dog then Lamb ribs or Turkey necks are a great alternative.