Beef Bones for Dogs

Feeding dogs bones to chew has many health benefits and you can satisfy this demand with Nutriment’s Beef Bones for Dogs. Raw bones for dogs release endorphins, gives dogs a good workout as they can tear and chew at the bones and can aid optimum oral health. All meat is sourced directly from the UK.

Our beef bones provide hours of enrichment, a delicious and healthy snack, and a way to help keep their teeth shiny and gums healthy.

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Showing all 3 results

Raw Bones Are Packed with Benefits

Healthy Raw Beef On Each Bone

Your dog needs specific nutrients in order to truly thrive and be healthy. When you choose Nutriment’s raw beef bones for dogs, you are giving them a lot of these healthy nutrients in one fell swoop. Beef is packed with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that can actually help a number of your furry friend’s bodily functions:

  • Form new skin cells
  • Build muscle tissue
  • Grow healthy hair
  • Provides energy
  • Keeps the immune system strong

Add Some Variety to Life

Pets need to have fun. This should come in a lot of different ways, including toys and treats that give your dogs something to do and stimulate them. When you offer them raw beef bones and treats, you are giving them a chance to enjoy and play with their food in a way that traditional kibble, dog biscuits and many other treats simply don’t. Texture is another way that dogs need variety. Adding a raw beef bones to a dog’s diet once in a while is a perfect way to combat the food boredom.

Brilliant Pearly Whites

Believe it or not, your dog needs some proper oral health management. Since cleaning teeth with a brush often isn’t the most fun, you can help them by offering something for them to chew on, such as one of our delicious beef bones for dogs. Canines have incredibly strong jaws and teeth. The chewing of raw bones will help break away surface plaque and help keep teeth and gums clean and healthy.

All Ages Friendly Fun

The best part of any raw bone or treat is that they are perfect for pets of any age. Young puppies and dogs are constant chewers, from teething through to stress relieving, they always enjoy a good chew! Their older counterparts will benefit from natural teeth cleaning and mental stimulation. You can even make bone broth from our marrow bones. Any age dog will reap the benefits of chewing a suitable bone and often have a good sleep after!

No Grain Treat Are the Best

Dogs cannot digest grain in the same way many humans can. By offering raw meaty bones, you are giving your pets something that they can enjoy and you won’t have to worry about the bones upsetting their stomachs or causing any digestive issues. Instead, you give great textures and natural benefits of raw ingredients, free of grains and fillers.