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Dehydrated Dog Treats

If you want a healthy, nutritious snack for your canine companion, our dehydrated dog treats are the way to go. Nutriment's team of qualified nutritionists ensure every one of our raw dog treats offers the high-quality flavours and textures your dog deserves.

Dehydration involves removing moisture from the meat. So, every bite offers a flavourful, nutrient-dense mouthful that your dog will enjoy tasting and benefit from eating. These treats will easily become your dog's favourites.

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Why Raw Dehydrated Dog Treats?

One of the benefits of dehydrated treats is the fact that they don't require refrigeration, like fresh raw treats do. This makes them the ideal snack to take out on a walk or a hike.

Dehydrated dog treats are part of the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet we advocate here at Nutriment. The meat may be dehydrated, but it's dried naturally without chemicals or preservatives. Your dog gets all the flavour and texture they’ll enjoy in a long-lasting snack pack.

Our customers love the benefits their canines enjoy with the raw diet approach and they want to ensure these health benefits are carried through to the treats they are feeding:

  • More enjoyment from the treats they eat
  • Better digestive health
  • Improved stamina and vigour
  • Better smelling breath and less tartar on the teeth
  • Shinier, healthier coat

Many commercially available dog treats are packed with grains and fillers, which your dog's body cannot digest easily. That means your dog's body will need to work a lot harder than it should. This overworks the digestive tract, leading to a myriad of potential problems. Avoid that problem all together by feeding your dog natural treats from Nutriment.

Natural Diet

A dog’s digestive tract is designed to obtain nutrients from meat, offal and bones. When you look at many commercial diets for dogs you may see the main ingredients are grains and animal by-products. These ingredients don't have the rich macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to the health and well-being of a dog. It's time to bring your dog back to the diet his or her ancestors ate. It's time to adopt the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet.

Dehydrated dog treats come in so many flavours and textures. It will be easy to find a few favourites for your canine companion. Beef organs are dense and rich with nutrients. Tripe and liver are at the top of the list for the fussiest of dogs. For those that like the taste of the sea, our dried fish twists and bites are the answer. Venison is another favourite amongst those with a taste for game. We even have venison chews loaded with glucosamine for joint health, perfect for the older dogs in your life.

Getting Started

The best way to introduce your dog to dehydrated treats is to buy a couple and see which one ends up the favourite. Start with small portions and work up to a full snack for special occasions. Most of our snacks break apart easily to feed your smaller canines or to be used as training treats for your larger ones.

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