Hygiene & storage


Please bear in mind these simple points when handling any raw meat, to keep your family healthy

  • Always use separate utensils for raw meat and cooked foods;
  • Keep raw meat covered and store it at the bottom of the fridge;
  • Open and dispose of packaging carefully;
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat;
  • Always wash your pet’s food bowl in hot soapy water after each meal;
  • Never leave raw meat where it can become warm – always defrost somewhere cool or in the fridge overnight.


All our foods and treats are frozen, and should be kept frozen until you are ready to use.

For Best Before date, please see the label or side of the pack.

To defrost the product, we suggest leaving somewhere cool (not warm) overnight.  If you forget to take food out to defrost, you may place a tub or chubb into a sink of warm water.

If the food is still partially frozen at feeding time, add some warm water from a kettle and allow to sit for five minutes.

Use within 2-3 days of defrosting.

Serving from our 1.4 Chubbs

The easiest way to serve our products from the 1.4kg chubb is to either:

  • Defrost the entire chubb, snip one end and dispense into a container with a lid.
  • Skin the chubb whilst still frozen and defrost in a container with a lid.

Due to the minimal packaging, we provide our product in the chubbs in order to reduce costs, reflected in our prices.