Nutriment is leader of the pack on ‘All About Dog Food’ supersite

Camberley, Surrey, July 2019 – Nutriment, an innovator in the formulation and production of raw pet food, is proud to be ranked as the highest-rated dog food – across all categories – on the UK’s number one dog food advice and rating website, All About Dog Food.

Established in 2011, All About Dog Food’s creator, David Jackson, intended to create a one-stopshop platform for dog owners who want to know more about their dog’s food. It is completely independent and provides reviews, tips, advice, information and more to its 90,000-a-month visitors. Following a career in canine nutrition, David’s primary objective is to ensure that dog owners across the country are able to make the most informed decision when it comes to the food they give their dogs.

Nutriment’s core product range – with adult, puppy and senior varieties – is the only dog food which has been awarded the maximum nutritional rating of 100%. The nutritional rating represents how beneficial the food is expected to be for the majority of dogs. Foods and ingredients are scored according to a number of criteria, including bio-appropriateness, quality and bio-availability of nutrients, quantity of ingredients or class of ingredients, synergies between specific ingredients, the nutrients they contain and even dog food production methods. More information on the algorithm used to calculate nutritional ratings is available at

“It goes without saying that creating the highest quality raw pet food is a passion for all of us here at Nutriment. As a team of true dog lovers, being able to create raw food which contributes to the health and happiness of our pets is really rewarding,” comments Ryan Winwright, Trade Manager at Nutriment. “Continuing to be recognised for what we do and how we do it is something that makes us all very proud and drives us to continue our commitment and dedication to this industry.”

The recently-launched Nutriment Support range has also been given a very high introductory ranking, with a nutritional rating of between 94-98%. The support range is specifically designed by Nutriment’s in-house nutritionists to provide nutritional support for ongoing canine health concerns and has recently won the New Product Award at PATS Sandown. The range is available in 5 varieties: Low Purine & Phosphorus (98%), Liver (97%), Recovery (96%), Kidney (96%) and Light (94%).

In the seven days leading up to the publication of this release, over 2000 people have viewed the product page of the Nutriment Adult products – making it the most viewed product page across the site. The review given by All About Dog Food is hugely complimentary: “I’m not sure there are enough superlatives in the English language for Nutriment. Each of the Nutriment adult varieties contains a whopping 85% high grade, British meat. Nutriment is not only grain free, it also doesn’t contain any carb alternatives like potatoes, lentils or even peas. Instead, Nutriment uses an excellent array of top-end vegetables. The range and quality of the nutritional supplements is really second to none. Naturally, Nutriment is free from anything remotely controversial and is completely hypoallergenic making it suitable for even very sensitive dogs. Conclusion: Nutriment is raw feeding at its very best.”

Later this year, Nutriment will be exhibiting at PATS Telford and taking part in the PetQuip awards, which is in association with the trade show. The team are hopeful that the success and positive reception that the Nutriment portfolio continues to receive will extend to this event.