Rawhides; are you still feeding these?

Rawhides are still one of the most popular dogs treats around. All dogs need to chew, it’s natural to them, it provides stimulation and can help relieve anxiety however these might not be the best chew to give to your dog!

Firstly, whilst marketed often as an “all natural” dog treat, rawhide, is NOT raw, it’s not even particularly natural.

Rawhide is made mostly of cattle hides. To remove the hair it’s dipped in a chemical bath which “burns off” the hair- often a Lime solution. After this, the hide gets washed and whitened in a bath of hydrogen peroxide (bleach). Then it will be covered in chemical preservatives and at times colourings and flavourings. Besides this, there are increasing concerns about treats which contain meats from China as was reported by the Animal Health Trust.

The other dangers, apart from the toxic mix above, are that rawhides can present to your dog blockages – rawhide doesn’t get easily digested and can even swell up in the stomach. Large pieces can get stuck in the throat or stomach and cause choking. They are also known to give gastrointestinal upset to your dog.


Rawhide chews contain absolutely nothing of any nutritional value for your dog but carry toxins and dangers. Instead, there are lots of true natural options to consider;

  • Bully Sticks also known as Pizzles; they will give your dog a great chewing workout and are indeed completely natural.
  • Antlers
  • A stuffed and frozen Trachea
  • Raw Recreational Marrow bones where you allow your dog to strip the meat off or get the marrow out before removing it
  • Raw Lamb Ribs

Always supervise your dog when they are chewing.


When you are choosing treats for your dog always look at the labelling, make sure they are not originating from China – if the pack doesn’t tell you to avoid or contact the supplier to ask.

Avoid preservatives and treats where you do not recognise the ingredients to be food.

Avoid cooked treat bones, not only does cook bone have the ability to lethally splinter, they too are often laden with preservatives, colourings and flavourings.
Look for treats with very few ingredients.

Dogs have no need for cereals, so treats made of them are of no benefit.

All the treats Nutriment have on offer are EU sourced and produced, contain no fillers, chemical flavouring or preservatives, are species appropriate and are all TOTALLY natural!