Cumin Sticks for Dogs 500g


Nutriment's black cumin sticks are the perfect treat for your dog. Whether as a small reward during training sessions or simply to spoil your four-legged friend, the snacks offer the best quality from 100% black cumin.

- 100 % black cumin, gently processed and air-dried.
- Ideal for dogs
- Small & practical - ideal for on-the-go and for training sessions
- Grain-free
- No added sugar
- No preservatives

Nutriment Black Cumin Sticks provide your four-legged friend with a tasty snack for in-between meals. The black cumin sticks are free from additives of any kind and are extremely palatable due to their crunchy nature and size.

Nutriment Black Cumin Sticks contribute to the maintenance of normal liver and kidney function, and black cumin also has numerous health-supporting properties such as immunity and joint health support, .

Several studies have shown black cumin can help against fleas and ticks and at least reduce the risk of infestation.

Feed 1-2 sticks daily.

Black cumin press cake (from Egyptian black cumin)

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 32.2 %, crude fat 18.8 %, crude ash 5.8 %, crude fibre 6.4 %

This is a feed supplement to be fed as part of a balanced diet. Use as a topper or mix into food.

No faff, no prep, just raw

Nutriment complete recipes contain human-grade raw meat and fresh vegetables. Just handle them like you would any raw meat.

Feeding calculator

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Grams per Day

This is only a guide.

Some dogs may need, more or less to maintain proper weight. We recommend feeding any dogs over the age of 6 months twice a day. Depending on the breed of your puppy depends on the age they can move to adult formula, larger puppies can move over sooner, but still feed puppy rations until they are fully grown.

This raw recipe should be stored in the freezer, and can be kept frozen for up to 12 months– the best before date is on the side of the pack. Defrost fully in the refrigerator before serving, and once defrosted, use within 3-4 days.
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