10kg Mixer Box

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A selection of Nutriment’s complete raw dog food, in 500g trays. Our dog food mixer box is an easy and convenient pack size that gives your dog the chance to try a large variety of proteins. Delivery to mainland UK available, but not included. Click here for our delivery charges.

Working Dog – Suitable for all breeds



A mixer box consisting of 10kgs of mixed complete formulas for dogs. Price excludes shipping.

Our mixer box contains:

Please Note: If we are out of stock of any items, the mixer pack will be made with a selection of the flavours in stock.


This box comes as standard. Requests for substitute products will not be fulfilled. If you wish to exclude a certain variety please place an order for the individual items you require.

For more details on the products, please click on the flavours. Online orders only.

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Weight 10 kg

269 reviews for 10kg Mixer Box

  1. Shaun C.

    Excellent product and choices

  2. Shaun

    Great selection

  3. Ian M.

    All loved by our dogs and a simple choice to always select. Really great service all round, thank you

  4. Stewart B.

    It would be nice to select or deselect flavours.

  5. Ian M.

    Great mixture which makes my ordering super easy – dogs love every last scrap of all Nutriment foods

  6. Anonymous

    This is a great product. My only slight reservation is my dog doesn’t like the salmon and it can’t be swapped for something else. Even mixing it with another box, she won’t eat it. Great product though.

  7. Graham M.

    Great quality, plenty of variety, my dog loves his nutriment, and is so much better-off for eating this as it’s a suitable diet for a dog. Thank you nutriment.

  8. C Hales

  9. Georgia

    Took a while to find a premade raw my dog would eat, he loves Nutriment! He eats every bite with enthusiasm, and I know he is getting a high quality complete diet (meeting FEDIAF standards) which is rare to find in premade raw.

  10. Ian Hargreaves

    Fantastic product my dog loves it the bowl hardly touches the floor before its gone! Great quality, reliable delivery

  11. Anonymous

    We have been using Nutiment with our dog (29kgs) for 4 months and have seen improvement in her wellbeing, her coat and her stools.

    She enjoys the variety and quality of real food that is balanced and quality nutritionally

  12. Anonymous

    Great service, excellent prompt delivery

  13. Anonymous

    My two dogs are on this food. They have their preferences and these are eaten straight away, the others take a bit longer to disappear but they are eaten within the timeframe. I purchased the mixer box and wish I can buy this with other varieties as well.
    My only criticism is the packaging. Although the plastic trays are ideal for my needs they are not recyclable which makes it a waste to have to go to the landfill. I use a tray on a daily basis. The other thing is the carton sleeve. Can this be changed into a sticky label stuck on tray lids. Seems to me to be more economical.

  14. Anonymous

    My Springer Spaniel loves it.
    Even my 11 year old, fussy eater, Jack Russell can’t get enough. He’s always been a take it or leave it kind of dog but with this he scoffs it down and looks round for seconds.
    Delivery was excellent and came exactly when expected.

  15. Anonymous

    Very easy ordering system. Delivery service is good and the product satisfy sour needs. Clear simple, resealable, packaging and easy serve contents.

  16. Anonymous

    Our working cocker Max started out on kibble and was pretty muck take it or leave it when it came to meal time. Since moving to Nutriment he loves this food. Cannot wait to get stuck in. Variety is good too.

    Service is great with first class delivery. Cannot fault it and would recommend to all.

  17. Anonymous

    Brilliant food. Clean bowl every time.

  18. Anonymous

    Fantastic product. Cocker spaniel wolfs it down in seconds. Vet says he is in wonderful condition. He suffers with major stomach issues and this has been the only food which he can tolerate. Very happy fur baby!

  19. Anonymous

    Brilliant food. My gsd loves it.
    Good value for money

  20. Anonymous

    I cannot rave about this food enough. Both my dogs love the variety of the mixer box. They look healthier and shinier then ever. Clean bowls at every mealtime! Easy to order and delivery prompt. Very reliable service.

  21. Anonymous

    Great product and fast delivery

  22. Anonymous

    I’ve been feeding our 11 month old cocker spaniel on nutriment for 3 months now. Since having him, he’s always suffered from a delicate stomach & indigestion which have all been solved.

    He loves the food, with it been inhaled in approximately 5 seconds after his bowl being set down and we get stopped on walks by people complimenting how shiny his coat is.

    One comment is that we do tend to get a lot more chicken & turkey boxes than other flavours but as flavour doesn’t seem to phase my dog, a slightly moot point.

  23. Angela Burr

    Have been using Nutriment since our dog

  24. Jayne

    Balanced food that has everything a dog needs. My dogs are happy, healthy, have beautiful shiny coats, bright eyes and no plaque on their teeth.

  25. Name Not Provided

    it’s quite good for a variety box but it would be better if you got even amounts of the flavours. the last box I got consisted of mainly chicken and Turkey. obviously because these are the cheaper of the selection. to have a couple of each flavour would be better.

  26. Amanda

    Perfect balanced meals for my growing cocker spaniel. He loves them, so must be very tasty. Makes feeding raw so easy for a busy life.

  27. Name Not Provided

    impressed, needed a complete change of food for our labrador Bella due to “allergies”. we are getting there and she absolutely loves this food.

  28. Lindsey Evans

    Amazing Product. Excellent value. Happy dogs = happy me

  29. Harvey

    Our young chocolate lab has grown up on Nutriment as part of his feeding regime. He enjoys it and looks good on it with a healthy coat, lots of energy and good bowel movements.
    The variety pack offers different choices (clue is in the name!) and is an efficient way of purchasing. Nutriment gets 5 stars from us!

  30. Davy

    good value and the best raw dog food-pity about the postage and lack of agents

  31. Kate

    Great product, great delivery

  32. Suzanne

    I buy Nutriment on a monthly basis as my dog loves the food, the plastic containers are strong and sturdy and the food is always well packaged!! I feel the delivery charge is a bit much though.

  33. Stu C

    Had my Blue Staffy Pup Duke on Nutriment Raw now foe about 3-4 month and he absolutley loves it and theres never anything left in his bowl at the end of a meal.. I buy a 10kg mixed bulk order every 2-3 weeks and is great value for money in my opinion.. His coat is shinney and his skin is so clear..

  34. Carol

    Mixer box gives you a great variety and makes ordering simple. One click and done. With four dogs of varying breeds have found a food source they all love. Happy dogs = happy owner

  35. Hollie

    Really happy with our mixer box. We have a Vizsla puppy who is 5 months and he was on kibble up until last month. He can’t get enough of this food and loves all the different flavours. We’ve noticed a difference in his coat, its so velvety smooth and shiny. His stools are also much smaller and harder (so easier to pick up). The packaging also makes it very simple to defrost and use without washing airtight containers every 2 minutes!!

  36. Name Not Provided

    Our dog has been eating raw food for 3 years and she is the happiest, fittest and healthiest of dogs. She does have complete food too but raw is definitely the highlight of her day, after a walk of course.

  37. Allee Portuga

    The food looked a lot in the dish things but was actually very little after it defrosting and I think postage a little steep.

  38. Name Not Provided

    Great food, easy and fast delivery. Our dog hoovers it up in no time and has great energy and a very shiny coat

  39. Carey Barton

    Always delivered promptly and well packaged

  40. Glenn

    I bought a mixed selection of 500g pouches. My Boxer has two a day. This size is great for individual portions and allows him room for treats. He never leaves a spec of food. He has been on Nutriment since he was very young moving to adult around a year old. His coat is always smart and shiny, his energy is incredible, even for a Boxer. I put this down to his Nutriment diet.

  41. Annabel Young

    Easy website
    Quick delivery
    Brilliant product

  42. Sue Dobson

    Very easy re-ordering procedure. The mixer box is good because it gives our dogs some variet. They absolutely love it and it’s a great way of feeding raw without the ness of whole carcasses, plus they get extra vegetable content. Very please

  43. Name Not Provided

    My 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels jump for joy when I get the Nutriment out!
    A perfect complete raw food

  44. Melanie

    If your dog likes all favours, this is perfect. I rotate the different flavours, our Bertie never gets bored and all flavours are his favourite!

  45. Rowan

    We fill the freezer every order. Taking advantage of the free delivery. Really scarce on promotion codes but keep buying regardless. Nice to save some pennies from time to time but quality wins out in the end

  46. Name Not Provided

    These mixer boxes make life so easy. You get a good variety in each box, all of which my dogs love. Ordering it quick and easy and delivery is very fast.

  47. Name Not Provided

    Our two love Nutriment. It’s evident how good it is for them in their shiny coats and great great temperaments. One issue is one of ours doesn’t seem to enjoy the lamb, and would be great if we could swap it out for something else, even the cheaper chicken/ turkey items. Love it otherwise.

  48. Libby

    Extremely good value for money convienient and the dogs love it

  49. Sharon Cundy

    Put both my 11 month old dogs on this food as realised kibble that I was buying was full of colours n preservatives that you wouldn’t give to a child!! I must say my dogs love it and I have found that their demeanour has changed fir the better; although still playful and full of life they are not mad and manic!!!

    Couldn’t recommend it any higher!!!

  50. Judith Clack

    As always great food for a great dog. Always good service and good quality.
    Honey was jumping up and down.

  51. Name Not Provided

    My three miniature poodles have been eating Nutriment since the beginning of this year and their glossy coats, healthy energy levels and improved attention spans are a testament to how wonderful Nutriment is! We have tried other brands but nothing compares. Nutriment is wholesome, balanced food, delivered to your door. Thank you Nutriment!

  52. Name Not Provided

    Have been purchasing Nutriment for about a year now and it has made such a difference to my dog Ollie. Shiny coat, his breath doesn’t smell and his teeth look cleaner. His stomach is calmer and no more watery stools! I thoroughly recommend it. Although he is 10 years old he has never looked so well or in better shape.

  53. Jo

    I swapped my two Shih Tzus over to raw as I’d read that kibble can cause weepy eyes and tear stains. I was worried if I sorted their diet out on my own they might miss certain vitamins etc, so Nutriment fitted the bill. Wow within ten days the gunginess had almost stopped appearing! They were not on cheap kibble either! Their breath is less smelly too. Teeth look cleaner, I must admit I was worried it would stick on their teeth but it doesnt seem to. It didn’t upset their tummies on change over either. Weirdly it takes them longer to eat a bowl of meat than the kibble! One of them had an anti-gobble bowl too…. no longer needed! I would highly recommend you give your dogs a go on this food!

  54. Name Not Provided

    Okay so this is an excellent product.
    Our dog loves it and his coat is fantastic on it. Delivery is superb and you even get a text with the time.
    Only two grumbles are….. one minor, you can’t just reorder your last order which would be great, major…..the first time you open the tubs is very very hard. It often will take a couple of minutes and this is really annoying.
    But as I said everything else is excellent.

  55. Kate

    My dog loves this food and it makes raw feeding so much easier. Only small criticism is that the plastic tubs are sometimes so hard to open

  56. Judith Clack

    As always a great buy, good value. Honey says WOOF WOOF. Than you Nutriment

  57. Leanne Mills

    I’ve started my two on raw and I have to say nutriment is the best around and value for money also I’m defiantly a customer for life!

  58. Name Not Provided

    It’s the best totally recommend it.

  59. Name Not Provided

    Great selection and good quality food! Guinness will happily finish every morsel of food which is brilliant for him! Highly recommended

  60. Name Not Provided

    This variety pack is great. Lots of different flavours for my dog to enjoy. Makes it very simple to order when needed.

  61. Name Not Provided

    This is a great introduction to raw feeding for my six dogs. I’ve ordered more in larger quantities based on this box, as it gave me the chance to see which flavours worked particularly well for us. The dogs all appear to be benefitting from the raw food, and I’m sold!

  62. Jeff Long

    I would have given 5 but parcel arrived and there was no polystyrene lid in the package. A couple of the packs where squashed. Fortunately none had started to defrost. No complaints about the food just the packaging.

  63. Eugene

    Max my working cocker spaniel loves these. It doesn’t stay long in his bowl. Great variety and value for money.

  64. Karen Davies

    This is the only raw food I have fed my dog after he was on kibble for 4 years, I will never look back he loves it, used to walk away from the kibble sometimes, no chance of that with nutrimenent and the variety is brilliant

  65. Susie Yates

    I started having the Nutriment adult food after it was recommended by the breeder. Both my dogs are healthy and happy and have lovely shiney coats. What moe can I say. I am delighted

  66. Name Not Provided

    My lurched loves this.The mixer box provides a good variety which is essential.

  67. Name Not Provided

    We find the Nutriment products are loved by ourcocker spaniel. We love the way we can keep control of his weight without him thinking he is being srarved.

  68. Name Not Provided

    I find this mixer box good value for money with a variety of food, my dog loves it.

  69. C.Clark

    Second time I’ve shopped here now. I buy the mixer box for my French Bulldog and he can’t get enough. Just one batch lasts around a month. Place a new order and it’s delivered the next day.

    The product is packed full of all the goodness your dog needs. My boy only needs out about 3 times a day now compared to the 7 when he was on dry.

    Will continue to shop here for the foreseeable future

  70. Amy

    I order with my sister and friend so have 5 boxes a month – if I had more storage I would order more to get better discounts. I have introduced 3 more friends that I order puppy mix for! I’m very pro nutriment and champion it when I can. Happy healthy springer spaniels here

  71. Judith Clack

    Yet again a great service with great food always of the best quality. Thank you.

  72. Name Not Provided

    A selection of meats to try for a first time purchase, my 4 month old did not like the salmon and maybe fussy with the chicken but she loved the lamb it’s a good way to see what she likes.

  73. Tracy Carrick

    Have been using nutriment for 3 years on 3 dogs different breed & size I have to say it’s the best thing I have done my dogs are so much healthier for it my shar-Pei hasn’t suffered with ear infections since one very happy customer

  74. Angela

    Any opertunity I get to recommend Raw feeding to the Cockapoo Owners Club GB ,where we are members, I recommend Nutriment.
    Service is great.
    Wide selection of amazing feeds.
    Easy 500g tubs that store in the freezer after its been delivered frozen.
    Hygienic to use when kept in the fridge.
    Great value for money compared to most kibble feeds.
    Lots of help & support on web site.
    Easy to follow and understand Raw feeding guides.
    Proof we have that we are feeding the most appropriate Canine feed comes from our 3 year old Cockerpoo Chester.
    He was weaned on to Nutriment as a puppy and his breeder was very passionate about Raw feeding and gave lots of support and help.
    He gobbles up each meal leaving a gleaming clean bowl
    He has fresh breath and clean healthy teeth.
    Bright clear eyes.
    Glossy good condition coat.
    Wet nose & clean ears.
    He passes small low odour easy to pass

  75. Name Not Provided

    Great food, easy ordering online and great fast delivery

  76. Marie Brown

    The best Raw food, my dog loves it and is totally health on it.

  77. Jess & Maggie

    Wanted to switch my dog for a while and after lots of recommendations and research, I decided on Nutriment.

    Ordered the 10kg Saturday, ordered arrived Tuesday morning. Very slightly thawed but still 98% frozen.

    I only have one small dog to feed (Griffon Bruxellois) at 7kg.
    My advice to other small dog owners is to separate the boxes into meals. It may seem a faff but trying to carve small meals out of solid 500g tubs each day is worse!! As other day tubs are a pain but wasn’t annoyed as I had read reviews about that, it wouldn’t stop me ordering again.

    So far Maggie’s had Chicken, Turkey, chicken wings and chicken necks and has loved every mouthful! Can’t wait to start introducing the rest!

    Thank you Nutriment team!!

  78. Name Not Provided

    I think the food is great but packaging not always. Cartons are often broken and there is no need to have a cardboard label for each individual box. It’s bad for the environment and must make the product cost more

  79. Joe

    A great box with lots of variety. My dog loves all of the flavours, even the salmon! Very quick shipping, and very good customer service too.

  80. Andy Siddons

    Very good service / very good dog food / very good Delivery service what more is there to say

  81. Kate Burden

    My dog loves this food. I used to make my own meals and then discovered this company, so much more convenient. Only one very small bad thing is that sometimes the plastic tubs are very hard to get into.

  82. Andrew Carter

    My 5 month old pup loves Nutriment, but seems to have become a little fussy when I give him anything with Chicken in it.

    This 10KG pack is great, but think I’ll need to buy separately to avoid chicken!

  83. Pam, Berkshire

    At 16 months our Cavalier KC is finally eating dog food! He loves the variety Nutriment gives him.

  84. Claire

    I have a Cockapoo called Barney who had problems with ear mites. After feeding him Nutriment the ear mites have completely gone and he is a much happier, healthier dog. Would recommend this product.

  85. Rebecca

    With small dogs these Tupperware size containers are just the right size for them to eat and not have to throw any away. My dogs love the variety and I love the fact that I am feeding them something that is good for them. Thank you Nutriment for feeding my happy dogs.

  86. Karen Davies

    My dog has allergies and has had 3 attacks of gastroenteritis, since being on Nutriment his digestive system seems a lot better

  87. Andrew Carter

    This 10KG pack is great value. Milo is 4 and a half months, but feed him adult to give him more variety. He loves them!

    I’ll definitely be ordering again.

  88. Lotte

    We nearly ordered a box of Salmon but then decided to try the mixer box first. Lucky as our German Shepherd lady refuses to eat the Salmon (rather no food for 1-2 days than Salmon) but loves the variety (if same food for more than 2 days – boring and again refusal to eat). All other flavours she enjoyed – beef and venison are favourites though. Next box will be a selection of all the flavours that she likes..

  89. Karen Davies

    After considering changing my dog onto a raw diet nutriment was recommended to me, it has taken all the worry of how to do a suitable raw diet away, and my dog absolutely loves it

  90. Name Not Provided

    Fab service!! always ask for the Lamb to be swapped as I have a fussy girl and 90% of the time it has been, just the odd occasion where maybe my notes weren’t read. Delivery fast and no issues. 1 happy dog = 1 very happy owner

  91. Judith

    As always great products and great service.

  92. Michelle Collins

    This box has been a god send my shih tzu was refusing kibble and I was at my wits end but this mixed box of raw feeding has been a god send he scoffs every bit at all meal times never leaves a morsel and the amount of variety is brilliant plus this mixer box so far is great value for your money ,can’t recommend this company/food highly enough it comes frozen so I just semi defrost it cut it all up and put into freezer bags pop back into freezer and it’s always there for him ,my husband now feels neglected as the pup is eating better than him lol , well done nutrient x

  93. Lorraine Twyman

    My GSD likes this food.

  94. R Findlay

    Having fed our spaniel on dry kibble for two years, he was fit but very lean and quite often had slightly loose stools. We changed over completely to Nutriment, trying the 10 kg mixer box first and he loved all of the flavours. His stools are now healthy and firm and he is thriving. I’d throroughly recommend Nutriment.

  95. Name Not Provided

    I was recommended this dog food and so far have not been disappointed. Both of the dogs are really enjoying their meals and seem to be very happy. I wasn’t happy feeding them standard dog food, it just seems wrong to feed something so far removed from what they would eat in nature. The order arrived beautifully packed and frozen. Happy customers – two leg and four leg!

  96. Libby Wingate

    Raw food – my dog a female white boxer loves this food. It is available in many varieties and the selection pack is very good value. The food is packaged in plastic containers and is really easy to store in the freezer.
    I would definitely recommend this product.

  97. Demi

    Can not fault this product in anyway delivery was quick was next day my dog went from having bloody diarrheoa to having firm poos after just one meal he’s happier and eats every single bit of it he has been on nutriment completes for a week now and it’s so much easier knowing I jut give him this food and he’s getting everything he needs also think it’s very good value for money

  98. Peter.

    Ordered this food a few times and the dog likes most flavours and he looks fit and healthy. The dog doesn’t like two of the flavours in the large box order we do so I always ask for them to be swapped. In the past this has been fine but on this order we received 4 packs of the flavours he doesn’t like so I emailed the customer services and that was last week and still no reply. I did keep the flavours to send back but I have now binned them as no reply. They say small family business so why no reply?? Watch this space.

  99. Amy

    This is not my first review and certainly won’t be my last. My Frenchie has been on Nutriment since 8 weeks old and we have never looked to any other food options. He always gobbles his food up and the variety of this box should not be sniffed at! Only one thing – my Frenchie has wind (whoever knew!) and the beef one is a bit troublesome – this is no reflection on Nutriment though. Buy the mixer box!

  100. Jan Simpson

    Since using this product my Springer Spaniel has had no further “loose” poos. He loves the product ( the salmon being an exception) and gone from a very fussy, dont want dinner dog, to a eat it all up in one go dog.

    I would reccomend trying this.

  101. Angela Small

    My friend recommended this product and as I liked the ingredients I decided to give it a try as my two Boxers were getting bored of the raw meals I had been preparing for them. From the first meal it was obvious that they enjoyed their Nutriment meals. I have just placed a 2nd order for them.

  102. Name Not Provided

    As always a great product for my dog. She jumps for joy when I get it out of the fridge.

  103. Jennifer Bodman

    We have an old English sheep dog and have spent a fortune putting foods in the bin due to her not eating . I was recommended Nutriment and as yet havnt looked back she eats all her food and is always looking for more . We are pleased she is eating well and is healthy and happy

  104. Graham Mcgregor-Smith

    I’m so glad I’ve discovered Nutriment.
    Polo, our 7 year old Westie had spent a year with increasingly pernicious skin issues. His groomer and the WAG facebook group recommended a raw diet, and Nutriment in particular. So I ordered the starter kit in October 2016 and Polo hasn’t looked back since.
    His skin issues have cleared up completely. He’s no longer scooting, dogs are no longer paying an unnatural amount of attention to his bottom, he’s stopped scratching and his discoloured skin has cleared up.
    I’ve been able to stop the regular baths in anti-bacterial shampoo; stop evacuating his anal glands; stop the regular steroid use and have stopped taking him to the vets every other week.
    So this 10kg mixer box is ideal for my dog.
    Plenty of variety, 56 days worth of food, and a stress (and itch) free existence.
    I love it.
    He loves it.
    Nutriment: job done!

  105. Mcbrisbane Bologn

    Prompt delivery.
    The dogs really love the food.

  106. Name Not Provided

    Our two labs absolutely love this food! They have only been on it for a few weeks and they are doing really well. No problems at all with changing from kibble. Good variety and great ingredients. Can’t think why I haven’t tried it before.

  107. Name Not Provided

    Tied this food when our bulldog would not eat dried. Haven’t looked back

  108. Name Not Provided

    My dog Raphael loves all of them! Brilliant product, he can’t get enough of them

  109. John

    My cocker spaniel loves the food and the range of meats in the mixer box. It keeps him healthy and the delivery service has always been excellent which makes it easy to plan re-stocking.
    As he is a poo eater (there – said it) it also helps that it is better than kibble at keeping his digestion from developing diarrhoea when he indulges.

  110. Name Not Provided

    Great product dog loves it and has some incredible ingredients but the delivery charge is so high

  111. Name Not Provided

    My mum has been feeding me nutriment since I was nine weeks old and I am so healthy and strong she promised she would never feed me anything else.

  112. Christine Hawthorne

    I switched my dog to raw arithmetic nutriment few months ago and I haven’t looked back. My dog loves it; where before he was a terribly fussy eater he can’t get enough of his dinner now. He is thriving and is full of energy, couldn’t be happier. Good value for an excellent product.

  113. Amy Johnson

    My dog has been on DIY raw for quite some time but I found balancing his meals tedious and time consuming. It could also be quite expensive. One of my mums dogs was diagnosed with liver and kidney failure so we tried the low purine food from nutriment. Unfortunately he didn’t like it (fussy boy) and we have since sadly had him put to sleep. My dog finished his meals off and enjoyed them so much that I decided to move him over to nutriment. It’s made my life so much easier and he enjoys his meals just as much as he did on DIY.

  114. Louise

    Really good value all the hard work is done for you my dogs love it

  115. Name Not Provided

    Always order box for my 2 dogs – good variety – good value and most importantly they love it!

  116. Nancy Keen

    Great value pack, speedily delivered and packaged fantastically. We didn’t have anywhere to store them all initially so they had to stay in the insulated packaging. . . they stayed frozen for days!

    Office staff are friendly and helpful.

    Will definitely be ordering more!

  117. Jason Barton

    My wife one a voucher at one of her agility comps for a supply of nutrients food .As our dog was on biscuits I was a bit worried about putting our dog on to a raw diet .what was I worried about the dog loves it we have not looked back he keeps the exact wait for comps his coat looks good and it is pleasant to serve to him .
    All we can say is fantastic service and delivery and excellent product we would recommend this product to anyone wanting to try raw diet once again thank you to all at nutiment.
    Mr &Mrs Barton

  118. Susie Yates

    This food was recommended by the breeder I got my dog from and I dutifully tried it. I was sceptical, My dog loves this food and is thriving. What more can you ask?

  119. Name Not Provided

    My dogs really like this food and I find it of good quality plus conveniet to use.

  120. Helen Arnold

    This was the first time I’ve ordered as only got my 2rescue westies 2 weeks ago excellent delivery time

  121. Jason

    I’ve been using Nutriment puppy formula and just switched to the adult formula. Really happy with the results so far and the great mix of flavours in the pack.
    Have used a few suppliers of this product but this time, direct from Nutriment, the delivery didnt arrive on the scheduled day, it arrived the next dat and was almost thawed. Bit disappointed in the service really, although this is a fantastic choice.

  122. Jan Simpson

    I tried this product on my 2 year old Springer Spaniel whose has had very sloppy poops since we got him. Since using this pruduct I am so pleased to say that this is no longer the case. He eats it up very quickly and I believe thoroughly enjoys his mealtimes ow.

  123. Nicky

    My cockapoo is 5 and for the past 3 years I have been feeding her nothing but ham & chicken breast, having tried ALL types of dog food. I took her to a new groomers lately and was recommended this product, as they stock it in their shop. I purchased 2 from the shop and my dog LOVED them. So I decided to go for it and ordered this mixer box. Well to say she is a very happy dog is an understatement, her bowl is empty in minutes and she seems fuller longer. The variation of this box is great, as it keeps her interested. Not nice I know, but I have even noticed that her ‘poo’s’ appear healthier and are much easier to pick up – gross yes, but also a good thing I would say… 🙂

  124. Lisa Rogers

    I have two German Shepherds and they love the different varieties that are available. They are easy to store in the freezer. I have been ordering from Nutriment for around a year and its great money for value.

  125. Name Not Provided

    I have been feeding my dog Nutriment for a week now and I can immediately notice the benefits. I have never seen his coat as shiny as it is now. So far so good.

  126. Helen B

    I have a very fussy, picky 2 year old girl and she absolutely loves Nutriment. She was weaned on raw and I made up her food myself but noticed recently she was losing interest in it. She was eating less and less at each meal and I was beginning to get a bit worried. A friend recommended Nutriment and although I wasn’t convinced I ordered the mixed box, how happy I am to see her enjoying her food again knowing she is getting everything she needs in a balanced meal. Needless to say we will continue with Nutriment. Thank you Nutriment.

  127. Name Not Provided

    Great product dog loves it!! Shame about the delivery asked for it to be put in the back garden so out of sight, box ended up being left upside down on the door step for anyone to take if they wanted to

  128. Name Not Provided

    We have been using the 10kg mixer bow for over a year, to feed our mini Schnauzer. He loves the variety and eats every bit of the food. He is full of energy, his coat is glossy and he is a really happy dog. We wouldn’t feed him anything else

  129. Sheryl

    I love that nutriment contains meat, veg and super foods. The mixer box is a better value option and provides plenty of variety for my two dogs. The only one I’m not keen on is beef as it has a rather rancid smell – the dogs don’t seem to mind though!

  130. Htempesta

    We had been raw feeding for a few months, but were finding it very difficult as the place we brought from meant we had to mix our own and getting the ratios right was so hard. Then we discovered Nutriment, so pleased we did, really hygienically packaged (so we don’t mind it defrosting on our fridge) the ratios are perfect, Our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier loves it and cannot wait until her next meal, and its easy to feed and store. Thank you Nutriment, so glad we swapped to you.

  131. C. H.

    My dog loves this.The mixer box gives variety,which is essential,plus the content,meat & veg is the natural way to feed.

  132. Janice Heatherbury

    I usually buy the mixer pack of 500grms & my dogs love it. Just a small thing one of the Salmon had not been sealed shut properly in black container & was all mushy & very wet. Tried the buffalo chunks & they were very much enjoyed.

  133. Marian And Glen

    Our dog loves this product. We were struggling with a variety of dry dog food and were recommended this product by a fellow dog owner.
    Will definitely repeat orders.
    Arrived well packaged and I was kept informed by email of delivery date and time which was extremely helpful

  134. Helen

    My young border collie has just changed to a nutriment diet after not eating well on a dry food diet. She looks great and loves the product except the beef, which she refuses to eat.

    It is a shame there is not an option to select the contents of the box, or to omit one flavour. I tried to request the latter but but there was no response and my order included beef! Otherwise a great service and product.

  135. Helen Jacobs

    Very good quality food. Arrived quickly and frozen solid still. Dog loves it.

  136. David Reeves

    We started feeding our mini Schnauzer on Nutriment after recommendations from our daughters who both feed their dogs with Nutriment.
    The food is complete, you don’t need to add any mixer. The one thing to note is to adjust the amount you feed after a while. Our dog gained weight
    Over the first month, but by reducing the weight of food per meal his weight has stabilised. The vet states he is a fine, healthy dog.

  137. Carla

    I was delighted when I saw this online.
    It saves me picking and choosing and the fact it gets delivered means that I don’t have to spend more of my precious time searching out suppliers. It also lessens the rick of it starting to defrost on the journey home.
    This is such good quality food and the flavour still raises the excitement levels for my dogs every meal time!

  138. Kevin Willox

    Out 16 month old westie took to his new diet immediately. We wanted a safe nutritious food for fletcher and nutriment ticks all the boxes.

  139. Ben P

    The product arrived quickly and in good shape but unfortunately my dog wouldn’t eat any of the different flavours !

  140. Kate

    Our dog is extremely happy we chose to get her the 10kg mixer box. She loves all the different mixes and is certainly doing very well on them. Despite the cost, from the moment we started using it, it was clear to us that this was the best food we could possibly be giving her. Having only one dog made this decision easier than if we’d had several canine mouths to feed, as the expense (plus delivery charges) is considerable. But I guess you get what you pay for. My only real niggle (hence 4 stars rather than 5) is that I find the tubs tricky to open which is irritating, but not insurmountable.. and I am getting better with practice. Having got through our first 10kg mixer box, I ordered again and our freezer is now full of great food for our precious hound, a good feeling … thank you Nutriment – really great product. Delivery was great too, order one day, and it is delivered the next – fantastic

  141. Leanne Gosling

    I have been ordering from here for a while now as it’s great value and my Boxer Bella loves it apart from the Lamb which I was wasting. I decided on my last delivery to ask if it was possible to not have Lamb in it and get a substitute instead. I received the delivery as fast as always and Lamb free….brilliant service and a very happy customer.

  142. Rebecca

    The dogs love the variety that the mixer boxes offer so I have continue to buy for them even after a couple of years. Their coats, teeth and general temperament benefit from the raw food – they lap it up every meal time and are always there on time for their next meal. The convenience of the tubs, being delivered to the door and the quick order / delivery system is great, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  143. Mandy

    I’ve had my dog for nearly a year now and only heard about Nutriment because the night before I picked him up, I stayed with friends who fed their dog Nutriment. He seemed so well, full of vitality and coat in a marvellous condition that I thought I’d give it a try. He loves it and is thriving!

  144. Diane

    Nice mix of flavours in the box – both my dogs love it all ! Good value for money ….. and brill delivery service – although would agree with other review that delivery charges are a bit ‘steep’. This put me off for a while and I have been ordering from elsewhere … but unfortunately they don’t always have the variety of flavours in stock. Would love to be able to buy Nutriment from large pets outlets or supermarkets ….

  145. Flora

    I started my pup on this shortly after I got him. He devours it in seconds having turned up his nose at one or two other foods. He had surgery, lost weight and I am now building him up again on this. He is doing extremely well on it. He likes all the flavours in the mixer box.

  146. Name Not Provided

    I ordered from Nutriment as they have a good balance of all nutrients required for a balanced diet including bone. I like the simple tubs which I re-use as I portion my food out for our sausage dog. So far so good 🙂

  147. Llinda Monk

    I read so many great reviews about this brand of raw food so thought I’d let my dog try it, unfortunately he didn’t like it. I think the texture is too soft for him and after a couple of days he turned his nose up. I have to admit some of the flavours didn’t smell very nice and I thought they might be off but that could just be me. Sadly I won’t be buying any more and have gone on to try another raved about raw food which he absolutely loves.

  148. Isabel O’Brien

    My dogs love this food and my 13 yr old Cocker has a new lease of life. Great service and delivery. My only complaint is the actual cost of delivery, it really is a bit steep when you spend so much on dog food.

  149. Ren

    love the variety, so in the end my dog gets all she needs, not to mention that she loves all the tastes and it keeps her healthy.

  150. Donna Newto

    Our three Alaskan Malamutes love it.

  151. Name Not Provided

    Struggled to get me 18 month pup to eat his food till I changed him into this and he loves it.

  152. Yvette

    I usually get two of the 10kg mixer box at a time. Always a nice wide variety and the dogs are all super healthy. They love it.

  153. Rebecca

    My dogs love these variety tubs – at only 5kg each the dogs are able to have a varied diet every couple of days and live each and every taste. Wouldn’t buy anything else.

  154. Lesley

    Love this package as has all the flavours and at a good price ,my dogs eat the lot all flavours

  155. Dulcie Ogilvie

    Dogs didn’t like it and it was a bit dark in colour so I didn’t like the look of it either. They both prefer their raw meat red in colour and I only ordered this make once when I was trying out several products for my new puppy.

  156. Amy

    My French bulldog puppy started on Nutriment Puppy food when he was 10 weeks and now he is on the adult pack. He loves the variety in the mix pack.

    We always get stopped in the street with people complimenting the quality of his coat!

    He never begs for food and always wolfs down his meals.

    Cannot recommend Nutriment enough!

  157. Name Not Provided

    My second mixer box. Brilliantly convenient, and my Lhasa girl wolfs it down
    I do find that I have to mix it as the bone content is a little too much for her, but I just weigh it into the used boxes, add supermarket mince or chunks, and then freeze.
    Also I don’t feel guilty about her little occasional treats, as her main meal is so healthy.
    She has a better diet than I do!!!!!!!

  158. Name Not Provided

    I love how this mixer box just covers everything I need, fast delivery, easy and non leaky to store and so simple to feed. The variety is awesome although i wish it was a bit chunkier (salmon is particularly sloppy due to nature of fish and oils) but would be great to see a coarser version. Happy with packaging too, orders always arrive on time and perfect.

  159. Sylvana

    I find this box offers a good variety and is easier than working out individual requirements which takes far more time for the same results. I tend to buy 3-4 boxes at a time which saves on delivery charges, safe in the knowledge that my dog loves this food and is getting the very best ingredients without the necessity to buy additional oils and minerals as they are all added for me.
    Many thanks Nutriment as I like to feed raw but don’t like the blood and gore of DIY or Prey feeding. Nutriment is easy to use and in my opinion the best there is.

  160. Barbara Lowndes

    Nice variety of flavours at discount from buying separately but means we end up with one or two beef ones, which we don’t like due to the smell, but which our dogs love. One 500g pack does a meal for both of our dogs (lab and spaniel), so very convenient. Boxes store neatly in tiny caravan freezer and can be reused; our council will take them for recycling. No mess and secure double wrapping means that hotels won’t mind storing them for you in their own freezer when you are on holiday with your dog. Would definitely recommend.

  161. Jez

    tried you guys out after seeing you sponsored a Bulldog on the Bulldog rescue website. We used to use one of your competitors but you now have a customer for life. Great quality food, great value for money and the best thing is that the containers the food come in are not filled to the top like everyone else’s so we don’t get mess all over our fridge!

  162. Name Not Provided

    The mixed pack offers a super range of flavours, it gave me a chance ro see if my dogs liked the flavours they loved all of them.
    As Nutriment is an all in one diet I have not had to add expensive additives . Really cant recommend this diet enough. superb.

  163. Simon

    My dog has a very delicate tum, he would go up to 6 times a day. Since feeding him Nuitament he has filled out ( looking good) and his stools are firm. I would fully recommend Nuitament for fussy dogs

  164. David Reeves

    I’ve now used Nutriment for six months, for my mini Schnauzer. He loves all the flavours, there is never any left in his bowl. I add a handful of shredded cabbage to his bowl to stop him bolting the food. I feed him 140g a meal so a 500g box will last three and a half meals. Great value for money, no waste whatsoever. Would fully recommend Nutriment

  165. Janice

    Jasper has been on the raw food diet from Nutriment from the day we “took delivery” last August at Poodle Fun Day. It’s nutritious and contains all the vitamins he needs. There is a varied choice and he loves the food. The delivery is very quick too.

  166. Jenny Keen

    I started our puppy two years ago on Nutriment and she did very well on it. As is often human nature I thought I’d try some of the other companies. I must have tried about 6 or seven different complete raw providers, some were very good, some ok and some not that brilliant. I have now come back to Nutriment and firmly believe it is the best quality offering the best nutrition for my dog and at a very competitive price. Won’t be leaving now, learnt my lesson!

  167. Martin

    Firstly the food is fantastic, cannot go wrong with the food.
    Secondly,my dog loves this stuff, she can’t get it in her mouth quick enough, as soon as I open the container I am about to feed her she is jumping up trying to eat the food, I have to put the dog bowl on the kitchen table to place the food in the bowl if I don’t she will dive all over the food, wee Bela loves this stuff & I highly recommend anyone to buy this food.

  168. Isobel Pinsent

    I met Nutriment at The Pet Show 2015 as I had heard about the benefits of a raw diet. I had always shunned raw before, as I worried about bones getting stuck etc.
    However, When I saw that it was all ground up and packaged in tubs (just like a ready meal) I decided to try it!

    I have been more than impressed.
    A sickly overweight dog with a back problem has now reverted back to his puppy hood!
    His black wire coat is very glossy – people have commented!
    His teeth are lovely and white
    His breath doesn’t smell like it used to
    His poop is not smelly
    I truly believe that the super foods that are added to the diet have also helped him.
    The disadvantage is that a little dog need a very little amount to sustain them, especially when they have been castrated and they will gorge on raw food as they like it a lot. So when I take a tub 500 g out of the freezer I have to re -package it into daily rations of 130 g per day. I aim for 2 to 3 % of my desired weight for him.

    I also give him pro-fibre pellets which are pro and pre-biotics which help older dogs with their regularity and gastric helath.

  169. Name Not Provided

    Our 9 month old lurcher Milly loves this food.
    The mixer box is a great way to make sure she has variety and her diet does not become boring.

  170. Mandy Griffin

    I got my little rescue pup in October 15 and the night before stayed with friends who feed their dog on Nutriment. Fernando has eaten and enjoyed it ever since. He’s full of envy and vitality and his coat is glossy and super soft. The lamb variety smell so good, I almost want to dip in myself. Orders arrive promptly and in good packaging and I think the price is entirely reasonable. I feed a bit more than the recommended weight as Fernando is a bit of a skinny chap and the vet thought he was a bit underweight. He doesn’t complain though. I’ve also messaged the people at nutriment a few times and each time have had a prompt and helpful response.

  171. Vicki Cunningham

    My 3 King Charles Cavaliers absolutely love Nutriment. They have NEVER turned their noses up at it, they just wolf it down. They seem healthier, their coats are shinier and they seem to have more energy. If they’re happy, so am I. Great product. I would recommend to anyone. X

  172. Christina

    My dogs simply love all Nutriment flavours, and are a picture of health. One of my dogs suffered from a skin problem, numerous visits and treatments to the vet did not help.
    After only two weeks of switching to Nutriment, she is fully recovered and no longer scratches herself morning, noon & night.
    I think this product is brilliant and would never feed anything else again.

  173. Name Not Provided

    Expensive but very good, dogs love it

  174. Name Not Provided

    My dogs love this variety pack, not a flavour they won’t eat! So healthy and the boxes are convenient to keep everything clean and tidy! Makes feeding time fun again

  175. Name Not Provided

    This was recommended to me by a friend. I first started to use it on my fussy Pomeranian who loves it. I have also introduced it to my big black Labrador, who also relishes every morsel. Both their stomachs seem to be healthier and they seem happy and healthy.

  176. Iain Somerfield

    In the 10kg mix box there’s a great variety of flavours so the pooch never gets bored. With the 500g boxes it’s easy to measure out amounts for her meal and the containers make sure everything is kept clean and tidy. Only 1 downside, I need a bigger freezer

  177. Carolyn Tandy

    My 2 female Cockapoo age 9 month and almost 2 year old next month love it I been feeding them since they were 12 weeks old

  178. Name Not Provided

    My dogs coat and health have been in top shape since changing to nutriment . Also I know it has all the nutrients I included . So convenient !

  179. Stef Male

    My beardies love Nutriment food, there’s not one flavour they won’t eat – I mix it with tripe and am especially happy that it suits Tiggy who has a sensitive tummy.. so far so good!
    Fantastic quick delivery.

  180. Judy And My Dog Solstice

    My boy eats his food in a way he never eats kiibble

  181. Clare

    The product is really good and the 10kg package was delivered promptly. I can just about squeeze 10kg (in 500g boxes) in my freezer and as such it is very convenient. Brilliant product and excellent service. The mixed packs ensure my border collie pup (19 weeks) does not get bored with his food and there is no mess to have to worry about.

  182. Tanya Ogland

    This mixer box is such a good deal offering a great saving. Excellent selection of flavours and a really good discount.

    It’s so handy being able to choose he delivery date and communication was excellent throughout.

    Highly recommended.

  183. Name Not Provided

    I first tried this food on the recommendations of two of my daughters, who both feed their dogs on Nutriment. We have a miniature Schnauzer, who was the largest of a three pup litter, and loves his food. The beauty of Nutriment is that it’s raw, just how dogs are supposed to eat food. He loves all flavours. One tip. Once you’ve started your dog on Nutriment, keep an eye oh it’s weight. Over feeding will obviously cause your dog to put weight on. The recommended weight per meal are a guide only

  184. Name Not Provided

    We buy this mixer box over and over as it has all the flavours our dog likes and in easy to store boxes. Always comes well boxed.

  185. Name Not Provided

    Excellent product. Ollie’s coat is gleaming, his stools are smaller and firmer and he is not so thirsty. So glad I found Nutriment and ditched the kibble! Lots of variety too – such a better way to feed my lovely dog.

  186. Name Not Provided

    Continued my puppy on Nutriment as recommended by the breeder . Have moved him onto adult also recommended by her. He’s thriving and even though I’m used to dealing with dry food with my other dogs, using Nutriment hasn’t been messy and smelly as I expected.
    The only niggle I have is that the container can be a little troublesome to open with my arthritic fingers.

  187. Name Not Provided

    My dog eats every scrap which he never did on kibble. The only downside is remembering to take it out of the freezer.

  188. Judith Clack

    As always gret food and a great looking dog. Very efecient service and cheerful delivery man.

  189. Jeff

    My little mini loves all the flavours, and is always sitting pretty in the kitchen when it comes to dinner time! There are a couple in there (anything with tripe) that have quite a strong smell, but so happy that she loves it! The plastic tubs they come in are quite handy, and there is minimal mess- which is a big plus. The mixer pack is great for adding some variety & the combinations of flavours certainly keep my fussy schnauzer intrigued.

  190. Donna Best

    Well one and half weeks in and a great success , the 5 of them love it , less water drinking and small poos, life couldn’t get better ! So glad I came across you guys at crufts and the dogs are pretty pleased too , all flavours a big hit and I was so pleased with the low purine range for my old boy as he suffers with bladder stones and wonky kidneys and instead of having to choose a make that deals with one or the other was a horrid choice to make but now he has a food that tackles both , happy days all round xx

  191. Angela Allen

    My French Bulldog Bella has just had her second birthday and is a far cry from the little puppy I collected at 12 weeks old who had serious diarrhoea. She arrived being fed on Pedigree tin/dry food. I changed her over to Orijan but even that did not help. It did seem unnatural to feed dogs only dry pellets of food and so I began researching raw feeding which led me to Nutriment. I phoned them for advice and they were most helpful starting me off and answering any queries I had enroute to my becoming relaxed and confident in the feeding regime. I started Bella off on the puppy food when she was nearly 5 months old. Her bowel movements gradually settled down over the following 2 months and she has never been troubled by an upset stomach since. She loves her food and eagerly awaits meal times eating every meal with great gusto. She is a fit, happy dog and I do put that down to the food. You are what you eat. is a saying that applies to animals as well as humans!! The mixer box offers good value .

  192. Jenny Chandler

    Well my Border Terrier does anyway & if he is happy, so am I! He is a very lively 2 yr old who we have always battled to keep weight on. This is our second order (he has been on Nutriment for a couple of months now) and he weight has stayed constant and he is full of beans, his coat looks good & no more upset tummies.

  193. Janet Rainford

    I have been buying Nutriment to feed my two dogs for some time now. I find the food to be excellent and my two dogs love it. However I have found that there is a problem with the packaging! The 500g Pack comes in black plastic trays which are often found to be broken when the food is delivered. This means I have to pick pieces of plastic out of the food before I serve it to my dogs which is a concern for me. Perhaps a change a packaging is necessary!

  194. Gill

    I buy the 500g mixer packs as I need 1800g per day for my dogs so it works out best to use a 1.4g chub and a 500g slab per day. It gives an added variety to try also and included the venison which is excellent but too expensive to buy large quantities of. My labs eat all the varieties

  195. Sheila

    Convenient for us and our lovely lurcher loves all the flavours

  196. Lottie Busby

    Apart from having a couple of wrong flavours the mixer box us fantastic I have recently just changed my cocker spaniel to raw food and she loves every mouth full thank you

  197. Name Not Provided

    My dogs have thrived since changing to nutriment . It is economical and so much easier than making you own raw and vegetable mix . You know you are giving them the correct mix of nutrients .

  198. Glenda Smith

    The mixer box is very good for my girl lurcher Pippa. Being a lurcher she is fussy, really fussy, but with all the different flavours in the variety box she is a happy girl. if she was to dislike just one I would say the beef took the longest to woof back, normally her food goes in seconds but the beef lasted a good minute. I have tried other raw foods but find nutriment the best and easiest as it is so conveniently packed in little plastic containers which makes feeding the correct amount so simple to do. I have only recently started with nutriment having had a break from raw for about 2 months because of the fussy eater Pippa is. We have been through nearly every wet/dry dog food on the market as well as other well known raw food products but I now feel we have discovered the ideal food in nutriment for Pippa. She is happy, calmer, her coat is beautiful, her eyes are bright and she loves meal times even more these days.

  199. Jennie And Otto

    I have purchased Nutrimdnt twice before – the Just range – and my dog loved the majority of the flavours ( apart from the totally vegetable based product). I wanted to try him on the Complete range and thought that this was part of the 10kgs package but sadly not. However he has enjoyed the selection and the price per kg/ pack is very good. I would still like to try the Complete range. I note that the Just Offal product ( his favourite) is not available at present – hope that this is just a temporary thing?

  200. Gwen Wilkinson

    Brilliant dog food all 5 of my dogs love it and are doing great

  201. Susie Bee

    I was recommended the raw food by Nutriment by a friend and my dog a Westie/Staffie cross has not only lost a bit of weight (which he needed to) but really enjoys the food and is looking well on it. He has a lovely coat, bright eyes and is really content.

  202. Karen (& Mungo)

    Our dog, Mungo, seemingly would eat whatever we put in front of him. I’m happy knowing that he has a good quality diet on Nutriment.

    Great value multipack and good selection of flavours.

  203. Jamie

    By far the best raw food I have bought. My dog, a working GSP has a sensitive stomach. Since starting on the raw diet his skin has improved, no more upset stomachs and a really healthy shiny coat. Well worth the research and money.

  204. Nick Randerson

    I like the variation of this pack but I was disappointed that it included cartons of formula specifically designed for sick dogs. I understand the contents may vary due to what is available but I don’t think the Low Purine and Phosphorus formula should be included.

  205. Melanie And Bertie

    The mixer box is perfect for the dog who lives all flavours like my miniature schnauzer. He loves his food and gets excited when I take the box from the fridge. The portions are handy to measure by eye so no need to weigh for him (.5 box/per day over 2 meals) He never leaves food and is thriving on Nutriment

  206. Kelly T

    We have tried several brands of raw dog food, but have found Nutriment to be the best one for our dog and us. We love that it comes in resealable plastic containers, so that it’s very easy to dish out the exact amount Yogi needs and we can save the rest for the next meal. We had been using another brand, who changed their packaging to a plastic, sausage style container. These made a terrible mess when defrosting and it was difficult to use only part of the pack at a time without making even more mess. So we decided to give Nutriment a try and we couldn’t be happier! Yogi loves the food and the variety of the mixer pack. Thank you!!

  207. Jenny B

    Fantastic box, my Cavalier loves all the flavours and has done very well on this food, would recommend raw feeding to all my friends, there is no worries about mixing etc as it is already done for you, all you do is weigh out the required amount and watch your dog woof if down!
    Have been using Nutriment for the past two years and will continue to do so, the ordering and delivery is excellent as is the value

  208. Louise

    Fantastic quality of food, my cockatoo enjoys every flavour!

  209. Name Not Provided

    Love this pack always buy it my 2 are doing great on it

  210. Nicola Dangerfield

    Absolutely delighted with Nutriment food. Fantastic range of meat including Duck, Venison and Salmon which can be difficult to find elsewhere.
    Would highly recommend to anyone, very good quality and value for money.

    My only negative issue is the packaging. It isn’t recyclable and I hate the fact that it will go to Landfill

  211. David Reeves

    Having recently changed my five month old mini schnauzer puppy onto Nutriment, a started with a 5kg starter pack, we went for the 10kg mixed pack. We were delighted to find it included some of the more expensive packs, such as lame and venison. My puppy loves all the flavours, and has so much more energy.

  212. Gina

    A good way to stock up on your raw food for your dog. My dog has been on nutriment since 6 months and is a very healthy dog at 2 years. A great mixture of flavours to provide variety, although I had a lot of chicken substitutes on this occasion.

  213. Philippa Marrow

    This is such a great idea. I get 20 trays of 500gm food for the 3 dogs, with a great variety of flavours. Beef, lamb, chicken, turkey etc. Knowing that each meal has the ground up meat, bone, offal and additives to keep them really healthy is wonderful. It makes raw feeding so easy. I used to just get the meat and have to add veg and oils etc. Now its all done for me!!! I just take out a tray, thaw and feed. Brilliant. Thank you.

  214. Angela

    Both my German Shepherd and my Staffordshire Bull Terrier love this food and they cannot wait for feeding times! I have also found the online ordering and delivery to be very efficient.

  215. Amanda

    I have spent quite some time looking for a good quality food that my cocker boy can eat without suffering from an on-again off-again upset stomach. This food was yet another change for him but finally a total success. Alfie is now the picture of health and happiness with a beautiful shiny coat and loads of energy. It’s such a relief to have finally nailed it for him and a bonus that Nutriment is affordable. Good mix of flavours, easy ordering, and excellent customer service.

  216. Name Not Provided

    I wish the packaging could be returned to the manufacturer and re used.. I hate throwing away a plastic tub, lid and cardboard surround every day.. seems criminal. Couldn’t empties be washed and returned via the courier who delivers next order? Product seems good – least keen on the Beef which smells a bit. I would also like to see free range and organic ingredients – less cruelty and less hormones and antibiotics entering the dog’s diet via the meat. But apart from these things I’m pleased and my dog is digesting them well and enjoying his meals.

  217. Daisy

    I have tried different suppliers for the raw mix for my 2 Samoyeds and Nutriment is the best (also good value for money). The older one is a rescue and his coat transformed in just under 1 week, he also has more energy to keep up with the younger one. Also their poo firmed up, no more residue stuck on their back end! Both are now thriving on Nutriment and this mix box save me time to choose the food for them.

  218. Name Not Provided

    Zorro (my greyhound/saluki) had gone off his kibble recently. Now he laps up his meals. I was nervous about going raw but this is so easy, clean and gives a balanced diet.
    He seems to have lost some weight so after some advice from the Nutriment staff, I have upped the quantities. Off for a further weigh in on Wednesday. At least the vet says “rather a thin dog than a fat one!”

  219. Shaun Richman

    I have no issues with the food. Both my cocker spaniels love it and it’s gone in a second from there bowls. However I had an issue over the Xmas period. I ordered some food on 29th December before the 2pm cut off. My e mail confirmation came as normal so I assumed it would be delivered either on the 30th or 31st as that was what the web site said. It wasn’t until the 31st when having talked to my sister who had rung Nutriment on the 30th to be told they weren’t as busy as thought and could deliver on the 31st, which they did, that I discovered my order wouldn’t be delivered until week beginning 4th January. I rang to be told nothing they could do but would look into it and as the nearest supplier was over 25 miles away,getting some locally wasn’t an option, they would ring back. Nothing. I rang again on the 4th January and again I was given an apology and they would look into it and ring me back. Still nothing, so I rang again to be passed off with the excuse of “I’m from accounts” and will get someone from sales to ring. I am still waiting for that call but thankfully the food came. I will not order via the web site again but will ring direct to get dates of delivery confirmed on the phone.

  220. Sarah Mitchell

    I didn’t know how my boy would take to his new food a after being on dry food since he was a puppy ,
    But nutriment , is so easy and there’s a lovely clean bowl after every meal

  221. Name Not Provided

    This is the 2nd brand of raw meat I have tried. Very high quality and my fussy dog loves it!

    Only thing I would say is that more eco friendly packaging would be better, both from the space in the freezer and the amount of plastic that is used/wasted. I doubt everyone recycles so this can create a lot of landfill!

    Another note was that veg only were not listed for this product and I received a couple of boxes. I wouldn’t choose veg only as it has little value to add to the existing meals and a bit of a rip off to be honest. Maybe it would be good to add an option to omit certain products?

  222. Name Not Provided

    After a year of trying different products with my fussy French bulldog we have found something that (touch wood) he absolutely loves! He has terrible allergies so one of the reasons I got this food was to help his skin, a bit early to tell at the moment but hopefully soon we’ll start to notice a difference! So so happy I made the switch!

  223. Barry

    Great easy product and my Boston Terrier loves all the flavours! He has never looked so healthy! Glossy coat,perfect teeth and no smelly breath!
    Thanks Nutriment x

  224. Name Not Provided

    After much research I decided on Nutriment for my bulldog & westie, they had both had a sample from a friend and thoroughly enjoyed it, the ordering was easy, delivery was fast, well packed, I ordered the variety box which is great value. Both dogs have been on Nutriment for a week & im looking forward to seeing the benifits soon

  225. Name Not Provided

    Great mix of flavours and super quick delivery and communication. X

  226. Name Not Provided

    Great choice of flavours my dogs love them

  227. Name Not Provided

    Good value ln

  228. Lizzie

    My 2 labs simply adore this food.

    They are used to eating raw food having been on it for many years. However my previous well known brand is not as good as this, so I decided to switch.

    Yes I do pay more from Nutriment but it’s top quality ingredients therefore more nourishing for my dogs and less waste for me to pick up!

    I do have one small niggle though. Since the food has been repackaged into the black plastic cartons I struggle to open them, in fact I have to resort to using a knife to get the lid off. This in no way would deter me from buying more, just thought I would mention it in case anyone else has had the same problem as me.

    I would certainly recommend this raw food to anyone who cares what they feed to their doggie companions……. It is well worth the money.

  229. Leanne

    A great product which my girl seems to throughly enjoy. Fast & reliable delivery. Will be ordering again in the next few days

  230. Emma

    A good mixture of flavours to add variety to our feed.
    Good value way to buy around 1 months worth of food for our Spaniel.

  231. Christine

    Really pleased with this food. The quality is excellent and delivery very prompt. My dog loves them all. The textures vary between meats which gives good variety. I was a little concerned at first that they were all for ‘working dogs’ but the nutritional analysis shows there is minimal difference so is suitable for all dogs. I think salmon is our favourite. The 500g packs are great too as this is a daily allowance for My beagle. This is the best raw food we have had

  232. Dionne Burgoyne

    I have ordered the 10kgs mixer box 3 times now and I have not been disappointed. My dogs lover the variety and it takes all the hard work out of sorting through the different flavours. Easy, simple and quick. Highly recommended

  233. Emma Cook

    I buy it cause it got a food variety of flavours

  234. Diane

    My 2 are thriving on Nutriment – they love it. Love the variety of this box – really good value and lasts a long time. Such good value for money compared with any other food. Brill service for delivery too – I got a text last time to say deliver would be within an hour and it was so I was able to make sure I was around. I agree with other reviewer that containers are a bit hard to get in to – I use flat round-edge knife to open mine. My 2 are crying for their dinner so know what’s coming – I can’t dish it out quick enough! Thank you for brill service and food ……….

  235. Richard Twymany

    We have just purchased our second batch – our lab goes mad for it! Only let down was the speed of delivery . This was explained by the neighbour some 10 houses away who brought it around several days after it had been misdelivered to his front door – he had been away for a week. Good job it wasn’t longer! The food was still very cold if not completely frozen. We live at 165 but they delivered to 155. And left it on his doorstep and went away Also the pPastic containers are very hard to get into, must be another package that works but is easier to access?

  236. Emily

    Incredible customer service and incredible food- my Cockapoo loves his food and I inmeidately noticed a difference in his energy levels and a shiny healthy coat which people even comment on

  237. Name Not Provided

    My dog loves it
    Can’t get enough

  238. Alexia Johnson

    I love this mixer….it’s great value and has a bit of everything! Love how well my dogs are doing since being swapped to a raw diet….and I love how easy nutriment is to handle….especially if your not up to chopping bits and pieces up! Excellent product….excellent service….and superb delivery!

  239. Susie

    This is my first big order from Nutriment. Great selection. My dog loves it, she is excited about mealtimes now whereas she used to sniff her biscuits and walk off. Only eating them when she was really hungry. She seems so well on it too, her coat is glossy and her poo firm and healthy.

  240. Rebecca

    My two dog are both fussy eaters and after trying them on several different dry foods over the years and having no success, i was exceedingly happy to find they loved the nutriment raw food. Every meal they both jump around in excitement and can not wait to get their food.

    The food itself is packaged in individual tubs making it easy to store in both the freezer and fridge, when in use. The smell is very minimal so i dont have to worry about the kitchen smelling all day. The price is more expensive that i was paying for previous foods, however the quality and service makes it well worth the money.

    This is a fantastic product and i will continue to use it for my dogs.

  241. Dan

    This is all we have fed our collie since he was 6 weeks old he’s now 2 years. wouldn’t change it for anything. In fact I think we should get a discount for being loyal to the brand haha

  242. Name Not Provided

    The online offer of this food is such good value and a great way to try out new flavours. We now buy 2 mixer packs to save a litle on postage. That’s our only slight concern – the cost of regular deliveries cost quite a bit over the year.

  243. Ash

    After being let down by two other major online suppliers of complete raw food for my two 11 month old molosser type crossbreeds I found Nutriment via a popular search engine and decided to give them a try.

    The variety pack is most appealing as it means the pups get a nice variety. The order arrived as expected, in under 24 hours.

    After the first meal it was clear that the Nutriment foods were a good choice. All of the flavours have been enjoyed so far and the dogs are thriving. Will definitely be ordering again!

  244. Name Not Provided

    Prepraring raw food was hard but nutriment product was so easy and less time to prepare! Definitely recomment if you are into raw food for your pets

  245. Michelle Alexander

    Fantastic product! A good mix of flavours which my dogs enjoy. Have not found a flavour which they dislike so no waste! The packaging is resealable and easy to store!

  246. Name Not Provided

    Good value for money and more choice of flavours

  247. Philippa Marrow

    The 10kg mixer box is brilliant. Good variety of flavours and enough to last a couple of weeks for my golden retriever and two cavaliers. It makes feeding the best raw diet so easy.

  248. Name Not Provided

    Just transferred my dog from Kibble. He’s like a new dog!

  249. Name Not Provided

    Great selection to try your dog on different flavours… However he seems to quite happily eat them all 🙂

  250. Name Not Provided

    What a brilliant idea!!! Several menus in one box. My dogs love it and I love the fact that I know I am giving them a balanced and varied diet. I fully recommend it! It is so easy!

  251. Gary

    My dog just loves the variety in this offer, and the convenience of the small packs for storage and easy daily use, just work perfectly for our family.

  252. Name Not Provided

    Our Dogs our new to a raw food Diet and now wish we did this years ago. Our old Dog has a new lease of life and our other younger dog who is a very fussy eater gets so excited now at meal times . They love all the Nutrimeat meat combinations. Thank you Nutrimeat for making meal times stress free , a great service, easy to use and Most importantly an enjoyable meal time for our Dogs!

  253. Name Not Provided

    Prompt delivery as always and a great mix of flavours – I just don’t like the smell of the beef one personally and the amount of nails I have broken on the tubs …
    My little lady has loved every one. Some have a more coarse texture but she is happy either way and a happy puppy means happy owners

  254. Vivienne Brooks

    I feed Whistler my 8 year old cocker and day one he sniffed it, day two he ate it and now he’s raring to go, I wish I had done it years ago.

  255. Gary

    Another excellent offer from Nutriment Raw. The speef of delivery, quality of packaging and standard of product leaves me a satisfied customer and a very happy dog!

  256. Dave

    Nutriment products have accounted for about 80% of Missy’s diet for about 12 months, the rest being very meaty and marrow bones both from Morrisons, plus home made recipes when I find fresh meat or fish bargains.
    This selection box was an opportunity for Missy to try some recipes she’s not had before, so far everything has met with her approval and I’m sure the rest of the box will be received with the same enthusiasm. Highly recommended and if the selection box is still available when her next order is due we’ll be getting it again.

  257. Susan Hedge

    Dogs enjoyed the food.

  258. Name Not Provided

    This Mixer Box is excellent as it gives you the opportunity to find out which products your dogs like and which they don’t, therefore not spending a lot of money on items they aren’t keen on. We started on the chubs but found them messy to deal with, whereas the cartons although more expensive were easier and cleaner to use. I have to say they found the Venison not to their liking, maybe a bit rich in flavour as the colour was rich. Overall though a big success.
    A quick note to those finding the cartons difficult to open, if you slide the blade of a blunt knife in between the corner flaps and twist the lid pops off easily, the lid needs to be tight to stop the food and fluid as it thaws contaminating our food.

  259. Name Not Provided

    I order this box each time, it’s a good mixture of ‘flavours’, gives the dogs variety and quick and easy to order. Great value too

  260. Michelle Leonard

    I love the fact that my dog loves this! Knowing he is getting the best in his meals is very reassuring. This came recommended and they weren’t wrong!

  261. Meg And Buddy

    A super product that my dogs love.
    Great quality and value for money. I couldn’t be happier with the food.
    However, although I am delighted that your plastic packs are recyclable, they are extremely difficult to open.

  262. Ursula Hashem

    I originally started using Nutriment with an old dog who was incontinent. It cured that problem instantly.
    I carry on using it for my other spaniel although the old one is long gone because she does so well on it. Normal healthy energy and no hyperactivity.

    My issue is with the delivery company who took it to the wrong address. Eventually late in the evening they retrieved the box and brought it to my door. I had asked for them to leave it in a certain safe place. They did not. The box had been opened and so had the polystyrene inner boxes. I will continue to use Nutriment when they sort out the delivery company.

  263. Jenny Scott

    I tried Nutriment after a friend recommended it. My older dogs seem to have a new lease of life, much more active. Their poos are nicer (if that’s possible) and less of it and no more smelly wind. Every dog should have Nutriment.

  264. Julia

    A box of varied flavours which my dogs love. My boys eat and love all the flavours. My girl is a little bit more picky and her favourite is salmon followed by venison and beef. The only one she won’t eat is duck but the boys love it. Would recommend this to anyone wanting a varied box.

  265. Rog

    Our dogs (two Whippets) love this dog food, since introduce it to them every meal is a feast and welcomed by wagging tails. It is also the easiest way for us to deal with raw food since it comes nicely packaged in perfect portion sizes. The only very small criticism is the sometimes challenging packaging that is really hard to open but that is really the only thing

  266. Helen

    I am new to raw feeding so cannot give it 5 stars as I haven’t had anything else to compare it with. Having said that it is a good way to try the different meats and so far my 3 dogs have enjoyed every flavour they have tried. The only downside is that I find the tubs really difficult to open and had to resort to stabbing it with a knife through the lid last time.

  267. Amie

    This has made it easier for me to pick a selection for my dog and at a great price, this will keep her stocked up for a while! The only downside is finding room in the freezer!!

  268. Beverlee

    great mixed selection & portion size.

  269. Gill

    healthy, happy dog, what more can I say?

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