A Day in the Life of Milo – WAO Team England

6am, There’s that same tune again that mum plays every morning. It’s getting boring now, I wish she would choose another one. However I just cannot help myself, it is quite catchy after all, so I have to burst into tune just before I make my way over to mums bed to poke her with my wet cold nose, and lick her ears and eyes. WAKE UP, I want my breakfast!!!

Down the stairs we go, I am so excited. I run to the back door, mum opens the door and I run to the outbuilding where my food is kept in a large white container. It’s very, very cold in there. I know this because one day I tried to jump in but mum said I was very naughty and I would have no dinner if I did that again. I love my dinner, so I thought I had best do as I was told, so now I have to jump around the floor, spinning in circles instead. Mum is very slow, I WISH she would hurry up , she insists that she has to dish out all 4 dinners before I am allowed mine. She is so mean she also makes us all sit and watch our food bowls in front of us and we are not allowed to touch it until she says OK.

830am I am bouncing around the garden with the excitement of my pending walk, mum is trying to put my harness on but I cannot keep still. I am so excited, squirrels, rabbits, pheasants waiting for me to play with them, mum says long walks keep me fit and are good for my natural proprioception, which is vital to be a good agility dog. I don’t know what she is talking about, long walks are good for chasing wildlife and getting very, very muddy! My 3 furry canine accomplices are goody two shoes, they don’t want to help me get muddy and play with wildlife. They are a little boring if you ask me.

1pm, we are going out, we are going out. I am jumping around the living room watching mum put her coat on, which definitely means We are going out!!! I am so excited, “ooh we are going in the VAN, I love the Van, I like to poke my nose through the bars and watch everything that is going on whilst we travel. Mum says I am silly and I need to lie down, but I think I need to watch the road because mum has a habit of getting us lost all the time, and I know exactly when we are nearby so I start to whine, and bark which tells mum we are there, and then we do not get lost,

WE ARE HERE|, I am going to play in water. I am allowed because this water is clean, and mum says it helps me keep very fit and get big muscles to make me run faster.  I don’t know why she wants me to run faster because she won’t let me catch the pheasants anyway, but I get lots of treats and attention so I am happy.

5pm WALKIES again, this time we are going down to the canal to chase the ducks. OK don’t let mum see that I said that, I am not allowed to chase the ducks, the same rules as the pheasants, or the rabbits or the squirrels. Mind you Mum is correct, why do I need to catch my own dinner , I can have duck, rabbit, turkey, beef…… anything I want from that big white cold thing in the outbuilding, that I am not allowed to jump into. Tonight I choose Venison, don’t let mum hear me say this, I cannot catch my own venison anyway, I am too small and slow…..

7pm its exercise time, lots and lots of yummy treats, We play on this Purple Wobbly bone a few times per week, doing stretches to help me keep supple and turn tight. It helps with my core strength which prevents injury and helps with my agility.  I also really enjoy it, I love working with mum and getting lots of rewards.

The evening consists of sleeping in my cosy warm bed by the fire, tormenting my 3 furry canine  sisters, and more sleeping ready for tomorrow, I do wonder what tomorrow will bring …..