We care about… World Food Safety Day
We care about... food safety

At Nutriment, we only promote good food safety and hygiene practices. We want all our Nutriment Dogs and Cats to be happy and healthy. Here are some of the ways we keep your canines and felines in tip-top condition.

Raw materials

The very first step in the process of producing a safe raw pet food is to have the very best raw materials from ethical and conscientious suppliers. The meat and vegetables should be of the freshest class and we have strict quality control documents for the standards we expect. If the materials do not meet our product specification, the delivery is not accepted. This ensures the quality of the highest standard and is part of full traceability from farm to bowl.


All our products are manufactured in a chilled food grade environment. From recipe construction to packaging, the entire area is chilled to ensure the product maintains its integrity and prevents the growth of bacteria. We blast freeze the products to minus 30 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 24hours.

Our machinery is stainless steel and goes through rigorous deep cleansing.

Our products are tested in line with government legislation for Salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae and we have routine inspections undertaken by APHA.


When transporting our finished product, we use refrigerated vehicles or specially designed packaging to ensure it remains frozen. The food is held in freezers that have a temperature down to minus 28 Degrees Celsius.


Being members of the PFMA, we support and adhere to their guidelines when it comes to the handling and storage of raw pet food.

When the food reaches you, it should be stored in a freezer until you come to use it. Storage and hygiene of Nutriment raw products are the same as any other raw meat that you handle within your home.

This includes;

  • Always use separate utensils for raw meat and cooked foods.
  • Keep raw meat covered and store it at the bottom of the fridge or freezer.
  • Open and dispose of packaging carefully.
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat.
  • Always wash your pet’s food bowl in hot soapy water after each meal.
  • Never leave raw meat where it can become warm – always defrost somewhere cool or in the fridge overnight.
  • Use within 2-3 days of defrosting.
  • For Best Before date, please see the label or side of the pack.