The Wicked Mischief’s – There may be Trouble Ahead

Let us introduce you to our Band of Brothers. From left to right we have Boba Fett, JJ, Ripple, and Sabre.

(JJ is the only one who won’t be competing in the Mischiefs, but we expect we will bump into him during the season as he is owned by Kevin and Christine Riley from another flyballing family) 

Now we know we may be a little biased, but we really think that Wizz and Jango produced some stunning pups. You can certainly see the similarities even though they are very different colours.

Which one is your favourite?
Perhaps reading a bit more about them might help you to decide. So, keeping in the left to right order, let’s see what their owners say about them.

Boba Fett

Steve, Boba’s owner, describes him as a “ slippery little guy” he is just so full of life, super excited by everything and very keen to say hello to every dog and human that he meets.

Being a youngster though this means he sometimes, as you might say, just lacks a little focus.

He is showing all the signs of a good flyball dog.

He really enjoys chasing Steve down to get to his tuggy and believe you me he can certainly run.


Erica kept Ripple all for herself and you can perhaps see why, just look at those eyes.

Out of the 3 brothers he is perhaps best described as the loveable clown.

He just likes to do everything in his own time and in his own way and that includes flyball.

Some days he will complete the run with laser focus and in super quick time whilst on others it just looks like he has decided he is out for a Sunday afternoon stroll!

This certainly makes training and running him both challenging and entertaining.



Sabre is owned by Mark and Lauren who describe him as extremely friendly, enthusiastic, goofy and super energetic. He gives lots of cuddles and kisses, whether you want them or not! Along with tennis balls and tuggies, he loves a squeaky toy and will talk to it whilst squeaking it! He is however laser focused when it comes to flyball and very quick.

These guys will be hitting the rings for the very first time at our Starters and Intermediates Show being held at Cherished Farm on Saturday 7th April 2018. where they will be joined by Blue, another one of our very promising new team dogs.

We can’t wait to see how they get on. We do have one little concern though in that having been weaned and bought up on Nutriment products we just hope that they are not too distracted by the lovely doggy treats and food on offer in the Coffee Shop.

We will report back.

Until then why don’t you let us know which of these naughty but gorgeous boys is your favourite and why.